Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lets get connected!

As you all know, over the past few weeks I've been having a big sort out of........everything! This includes the blog. 
The title picture has changed and I've simplified the side bars. I've also added a couple of buttons down the left hand side, in that hope that we can also connect in other crafty, convenient and fun ways. 

I've just set up an "according to Matt" facebook page with the idea that we can also connect on there.
I know many people use facebook so I thought it would be a convenient place to chit chat chatter, ask question and share ideas.
It will be a faster way for me to reply to questions, post videos and see what kind of projects you guys are all up to.
I'm hoping to add little things to facebook often. Nothing like the posts I'll continue to add here, but little daily doses of inspiration.

So if you're on facebook and fancy connecting with the "according to matt" page just click the facebook button in the lafthand side bar. Or follow this link to the "according to Matt Facebook page".

I'm also on a few other social networking sites and have connected with a lot of you through these sites already.
You can find me on Instagram as: Accordingtomatt

One of my favourite sites for inspiration...Pinterest! I'm also: Accordingtomatt' on Pinterest. 

The website us Yarnaholics couldn't live with out.....Ravelry!! I'm Matt- on Ravelry.

Finally, I can be found on Twitter as: Mattscraftyblog (the name 'accordingtomatt' was taken!)

As said before all of the links to these other sites are on the left hand sidebar. I hope to connect with more of you on some of these other sites really soon. Exciting!!!
WOW so much technical talk though, I'm going dizzy!!! I hope I didn't overwhelm you all. I promise something a little less technical and a little fluffier next time! I think I need it :-)
Until then!!! Have a WICKED WEDNESDAY!!!
Matt xxx


  1. Well done, Matt! Among your favorite blogs I was glad to see three of my favorites too: Teresa Kasner, The Life of a Queen and Cozy Things. All of you inspire and instruct me. Thanks for making the time in your life to post. :) Gracie

  2. Just liked your page on Facebook. As I'm on there almost everyday, this will be a great way to keep up.

    Have a great day, Matt.


  3. Ok, Matt!
    Vamos ao Facebook!!


  4. Hi Matt, I hooked up with you on most of those places. I love being "wired". I hope you pop over to my blog and see the beach photos I put up! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hi Matt - looks like you've got a prescence all over the web :-) I've just added you to my Raverly friends (I'm on as loopyjess I love looking at your project page - it's so very bright and colourful!

  6. I am doing a cowl as well - looks similar to yours. Going to add buttons to it also.. Love your work! you are extremely talented!

  7. I'm not nearly as far as you on the web thing...I hope I will someday.. ;-)

  8. Well done, Matt!
    When life seems like a load of balls, you find they're yarn balls and crochet with them! Next step you'll be teaching workshops in Provence...

  9. Well that's four ways of following you I have now! Goodness you a tetchy clever guy. Mind you how will you fit in all these places to post/follow and do lovely craftyness let alone your amazing day job!

  10. Oh gosh, I feel like a stalker right now! :p I've been reading your blog for a while, but never commented before, I think. And now I just liked your page at facebook, added you to friends on Ravelry, and are currently following you on Pinterest. I'm just fascinated of how creative you are, and how you are not afraid of using and combining colours. :) Keep up the good work! :D

  11. Oh you've been sooooo busy, I'm jealous I never seem to get the chance to concentrate on all my pages. My ravelry page is a disgrace I never seem to upload anything!! but you have inspired me...will pop over and find you on facebook etc.

    Have a fun week .
    Fleur xx

  12. I just liked your facebook page! Glad we can connect in other ways! I'm fussy1 on Ravelry!

  13. Matt are you planning to take over the world?! Well done on the organisation, I'm dead impressed.

  14. Hi
    I really like your works and cheerful colors you select
    I just followed you in instagram but seems that you made it private

    Good luck!


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