Friday, 25 January 2013

Mood Elevators.

Happy and cheery is how I love to be, especially when it comes to catching up with you guys for a little chit chat. But recently I've been a little lacking in the cheer department. I think I've had the January blues. The past few days I've been feeling a little glum, a tad tired, moody and generally out of sorts. I'm not too sure why I feel like this as I have nothing at all to be down about, It's quite the opposite really. It feels very silly when I sit here and write about it. But a feeling is a feeling and sometimes I think it's best just to let it run its course. So 'GRUMPY' has been my state for the last couple of days.

However, this morning I've had enough! I'm taking a stance against my winter blues and giving myself a spring time colour injection and a jolly old kick up the backside!

I know Spring is still a little while off but I figured I'd give the coming of the new Season a little encouragement and start with a Spring clean of the apartment ( Winter). A little freshen up is what I need and when everything around me is a little more organised and focused, so is my mood.

I popped out to the flower shop and picked me up some mood elevators.  They come in the form of some beautiful Dutch Tulips in a delicious shade of red.

The lady in the shop gave me like a million tulips for 6 euros!!! I'm talking TONS of tulips!! I've scattered them around the apartment and am not only thrilled at how beautiful they are, but find the thought of so many tulips so ridiculously over the top that I laugh just thinking about it!

If that wasn't enough to shake my blues. I've made some more little flower pegs and attached them to a branch that stands in a vase in the living room. 

You can see in these pictures that it was a very grey morning when I woke and put my camera to work.  I think the little flowers really do a marvellous job  of breaking up the dull light of the room.

There is something quite magical about these flowers, I really find them enchanting!

It really is the warmth and light from colours that makes me feel good, being surrounded by luscious vivid colours really is my medicine.  I guess thats why I couldn't stop with the flowers  and continued my energy boost by unpacking the colourful candles my family sent me for Christmas. 

A rainbow of colour with the glow of the flames. Just what I needed!

Finally I threaded some string and added some beads to this little heart that my sister had also sent me for Christmas.

It's constant reminder of the colour and love that I have in my life!

It turns out whilst writing this post the sun has put its hat on and had come out to play! Smiley faces all round! :-)
Hope you're all doing splendidly?


  1. I feel so happy after reading your post! :) Tulips...ah! my favourite flower :))

  2. Hoera... for the dutch tulips:) Just a little bit of water into the vase.... thats what they like! And you know, how can we recognize the highlights in our lives as we are never down?:))

  3. Cheery post - it will encourage me to cheer up my living space.

  4. Hope you'll be feeling better soon with the beautiful tulips! I am Dutch (living in Thailand) so am proud to see you bought DUTCH tulips lol. And yes just a little bit of water because they keep growing in the vase as well....

    Greetings from Marian

  5. Isn't it great how a bit of colour can make such a difference and cheer us all up? Love the tulips - I've just been out and cheered myself up with a lovely bunch of roses, in cheery red, yellow and orange!
    Keep smiling and chase away those winter blues!
    Angie x

  6. Hi Matt,
    I1m from Brazil and i just wanna to say, that your blog is so lovely. I already adore you :)

  7. Wonderful ideas! You have inspired me to brighten up my space!
    Have a blessed day!

  8. Tulips always touch my heart. Love flowers & all colorful arrangements. Thank you.

  9. Loved your tulips so much that I went out and treated my self to some. Sadly here in the UK you're lucky to get 10 for £4 !!

  10. Thank-you for this great post. For my own personal reasons I got a lot out of it. BTW, love your photos.

  11. I think you are doing the right thing. I don't see why we shouldn't have winter cleaning. Cleaning always makes me so hot and sweaty it seems perfectly suited for cold days. (Now if I could only get some cold days)

    I LOVE all the color you have infused into your life. It's one of the reasons that I read your blog. In a short while those tulips will be dazzling!

  12. Well, you've cheered me up on a rather cold day (waiting for snow). Your crochet flowers are lovely and pretty and colourful. I like the stitching on the flowers, it makes them extra nice. Loving all those tulips! Gorgeous flowers and my favourite. You've made everything look bright and happy with your candles and I do like how you have put the beads on the heart (nice sister). Well, that's me all happy, hope you feel brighter and your mood lifts too over the coming days. Spring won't be too long will it?

  13. Lovely.

    I bet it had something to do with the low light levels of January and the cute guy leaving on a ship ;-)


  14. Hi Matt,

    Once again a great post.
    It's a me post if I'm honest.
    Flowers, candles, crocheted flower, I love it all.

    My son bought me some tulips today two bunches in red and white.
    And I love the idea of adding beads to your heart hanger.
    I make hearts like these from clay, and believe it or not I'd never thought of adding beads to them, great idea!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    Chris Xx

  15. Alas, you're not alone; those mid-winter blahs are the dickens, but we all have to deal with them to some degree. What beautiful flowers, and hand-made flowers, and candles and beads, oh my, they really are uplifting!!!! Hope you get past the mid-winter blahs; Spring is not too far away! All the best to you!

  16. There isn't always a reason why we feel how we feel. Looks like you've snapped out of it quite well ;-)

  17. Off to the shops with you and buy some Seville Oranges to make your own marmalade! The colour will cheer you up alone.Loving those petite flowers. Have a cheery weekend, Matt. x

  18. The human response to color and light changes is so interesting. Today I swapped the woolen Royal Stewart blanket I had on my bed as a bedspread and put on a patchwork quilt that is still cozy for Winter while somehow promising that Spring is coming :) My little pot of crocus I bought a few weeks ago is in full bloom! I am crocheting some more cup cozies for a retreat in March and am going to Google to find a crochet dishcloth pattern I can whip up as a gift. Happy weekend, Matt, and thanks for another beautiful post!

  19. yes, colours!!!! they are a good medicine for our mood!!!
    happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  20. Hi Matt.. it was neat to see your mood change as you wrote this post.. from grumpy to happy! That's what color and flowers will do for you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  21. colour is important in life..I often wear an orange top if my mood is low. Those tulips are beautiful..glad you are feeling better now

  22. I'm soooooo ready for spring! I've recently found your blog and love it! :) x

  23. Beautifully inspiring, Matt !~! You have encouraged me to break out the pin-basted quilt and try to get it started with my machine. First try-hold a good thought for me if you can. Many thanks for your lovely blog, it truly delights as is evidenced by the comments above.

  24. Haha since it started being above 0 degrees today here and everything started out grey, I totally relate to your post Matt! It seems that there will be nothing but grey skies and rain for the coming weeks, so time for some hooky therapy (and a bit retail therapy doesn't hurt as well ;) )!

    Love, Kirsten

  25. Hola Matt! creo la depre nos dá a todos por igual en invierno, asi he andado yo tristona, afortunadamente los dias helados nos dejaron descansar un poco y hemos tenido dias soleados y más calidos lo cual es muy gratificante para mi corazón, hermosos tulipanes! y las flores de crochet me han gustado mucho eres muy bueno con la aguja! espero que estes mejor de animo no falta tanto para primavera! dias calidos de salidas a sitios agradables, si estas lejos de tu familia eso influye mucho en el animo pero sabes tienes una amiga muy lejos de ti del otro lado del charco! pero muy cerca a la vez por este medio recibe un calido abrazo desde Chihuahua Mexico animo amigo!!!!

  26. Ik kom je even mijn link brengen.
    Want ik heb het idee dat hij het niet doet op mijn blog.

    Zou je mij ook willen linken?

    Alvast bedankt!

    Groetjes Ingrid.

  27. Very nice and cheerful! Now I feel cheered up too. :)

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  29. I love flowers too:) your choice was great to pickup red tulips! We started having rainy days here, so I might think of flower option to lift my mood too:) The peg flowers are cute little things!
    Have a sunny day, Matt!

  30. Love the blog. Have nominated you for a Liebster Award. If OK with you let me know and visit my blog for info.

  31. I have just discovered your blog and it is filled with everything I love!! color, crochet, flowers, hearts, blankets and I LOVVE it!!!!! Will be visiting your blog regularly.

  32. Gotta get me some tulips...and lots of um! lol x

  33. Just about 2 weeks later but who cares, right? First of all; i love the things you make, they are stunning! Second; tulips always work. Atleast that's what I've found out. Luckily I live in "tulipland" so I can by tulips all over the place - something I tend to do a lot ;-)

    Anyway- thanks for sharing your creativity! Enjoy your Sunday!


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