About Me

How nice of you to pop by!! Let me introduce myself......

I'm Matt, a twenty something year old guy with a passion for all things crafty!
I love nothing more than to spend my free time painting, gluing, cutting and crocheting my days away. I have a real passion for vibrant colours and love the inspiration that they give me.

I'm originally from Bristol in England but now live in Stuttgart, Germany, where I work as a dancer in Disney's Musical Tarzan.
I love my job! For me, nothing is more rewarding than performing each night in front of an audience.

I live with my very talented boyfriend Dennis, who also happens to be pretty handy when it comes to crafting. He's the knitter and I'm the crocheter and together we fuel each others creative energy!

I started my blog back in 2011 and have enjoyed every moment of it so far.
It's become a diary of my creative endeavours and a personal account of my exciting journey through a very colourful and crafty life.
I look forward to sharing with you and giving you a glimpse into my world.... according to Matt.

I've been lucky enough to have been featured in a variety of fabulous publications, including: