Simple Star

I love making cute and simple projects, and these crocheted stars by Dennis Marquez definitely fall into that category!
They look great as single stars, but look even better in a group, and can be used for many purposes!
Stars are great decorations throughout the year, but I especially love them as Christmas decorations! Why not spice up your tree with some happy coloured stars! You could make them in a multitude of colours or perhaps make them out of more traditional star colours like white or yellow?!

  • Yarn (any yarn will do, although I prefer cotton) in any thickness you want. Finer yarn will produce smaller stars, and thicker yarn bigger stars!
  • Crochet hook (size matching the yarn you chose)
  • Darning needle (to sew in those tails)
  • Basic knowledge of crochet!

Ch: Chain
Sl St: Slip Stitch
Sc: Single Crochet
HDC: Half Double Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
TR: Triple Crochet

Start off by making a magic loop.
Ch 3, 3 DC, Ch 1 into magic loop to form 1st cluster.
*3 DC, Ch 1* 4 times. Slip stitch into 3rd Ch from beginning Ch 3.

Pull magic loop tight!

You should now have a little Pentagon made out of 5 clusters of DC's with a Ch between each cluster.

*Ch 5
Sc into 2nd Ch from hook.
HDC into next Ch.
DC into next Ch.
TR into next Ch.
Sl St into next Ch 1 space*
for a total of 5 times.

In the picture you can clearly see where to make your stitches! Remember to go under 2 loops of the chains your crocheting into!

This is what a finished point should look like, before your slip stitch into the next Ch 1 space.

If you followed all steps correctly, you just ended with a slip stitch in the last Ch 1 space and you should have 5 points to your star! Now to fasten off I recommend making one chain, cut off your yarn leaving a 3" tail, and pull out the loop with your hook. Give a good tug on the tail to tighten the chain!

You did it! Your "base star" is done! Now if you're satisfied enough you can go ahead and sew in the ends, make a hundred of them in any possible colour and star bomb your tree with it! If you want to make your star 'pop' more, follow the next steps to add a simple border!

To make the border you first have to pick out a nice different colour than the one used for your star. Knot the new colour together with the bind off tail from you star, as close to the bind off as possible.

From here on all you have to do is slip stitch your way around the star.
But where to put your hook first? In the picture I've highlighted the loops with green to make it a little more clear!

Put your hook through the backloop of the first Sl St to the left of the knot, and pull your new colour through. Now slip stitch your way up through all 5 chains. These should be pretty obvious since there's only 1 loop there to go under. When you've reached the top, Ch 1.

Now we're going to work our way down!
Sl st through the backloops of the stitches.
They are highlighted again with green in the picture.
Notice there are 5 backloops you can Sl St into?
The 5th one might be quite snug, but with a tiny bit of wiggling your hook, it should work!

Now repeat your way around the star. Remember to always make a Ch 1 when you get to the tip of the point so that you're star will remain pointy!

When you've worked your way around, you can either Sl St into the first Sl St of the round (which would result in a visible join) or you can go a little more 'advanced' and hide the join all together! This is actually very easy to do, but hard to explain. I'm going to try anyway!

This is what your work should look like by now! I went ahead and already cut off the yarn leaving a long enough tail (about 5").
Pull the loop out and thread your darning needle with the tail. 
You see how the tail comes out through the middle of the last slip stitch you've made?

Put your darning needle under the 2 loops of the first slip stitch you've made. Pull the needle through.
In the picture you should see this very clearly!

Almost there! Now we just have to stick the darning needle right were the tail came from. In the middle of the last Sl St you've made of the border. By doing this, you've basically 'faked' the look of a slip stitch so you'll never be able to tell where the join was!

When going through the middle of that last stitch, I like to go through the star at the same time so I'm right where I want to be to sew in the tail.

The only thing left to do, is sewing in all your ends, and you're done!

I always like to pull a little on the points, or make them pointier with my finger tips, but if you really want them to be 'stiff', you can go ahead and block them! You can use basic Starch or put a layer of kid's glue onto the back of the stars so they become nice and hard, without ruining the stitches on the front side! 

I 'liked' making 1, but I LOVED making a lot! Look at them all together!
Hope you have a blast making these fun stars! As always let me know if you have any questions about the pattern, or alternatively you can contact Dennis via his Ravelry page.

Happy Crocheting!!!

© Dennis Marquez  ©



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