Friday, 7 October 2011

Blankets Galore

Hello lovely readers!!
It's me! Back again! I've had a lovely weekend away visiting my family back in England.
It was a trip I should have made months ago and really was long overdue! I had such a lovely time, I got to see my family and top up on all of the home comforts I miss whilst living Germany. I took lots of pictures to share with all of you and will talking about my visit home very very soon!

Now I'm back in Hamburg feeling a little recharged (mum fed me up with all of her gorgeous baking!) and ready to go once again!

I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday and have mainly been sat at home nursing my swollen face!! Its still pretty swollen but definitely on the mend. I was really scared of getting this tooth pulled out, I have never had one done before. I do have to say though, it really was not as bad as I had thought. The worst part was probably the anticipation of getting it done and the horror stories people had been feeding me.
I was supposed to have it pulled out the day before I went to visit my Mum and Dad. I changed my appointment at the last minute. This was a very good move on my part, as with the amount of swelling and bleeding it would have really ruined my lovely weekend with the family!
I have very little pain and the swelling is going down slowly but surely!
I still have a couple of days free before I go back to work so I have a little time for some serious blogging and hooking time!!!

On my return from the dentist I got straight on with working on a little project I started last month. My blanket!!!

As you know last month I made a trip to the wool factory and bought a big skein of gorgeous thick white wool. I have been working on this project for a little while and am so happy with how it is going. A couple of progress pics are needed, I think:

As you can see, I have kept it really very simple. Just very large granny squares joined together and then I am probably going to add a boarder and some tassles.

I have also had a play around with adding a flower to the centre of each square and maybe some buttons? I'm still deciding on that at the moment.

I'm really loving how this project is coming along. However, I do have to be honest with you all. Keeping this project very simple has also made it the most BORING project I have ever made! This is why I have needed a little side line project to keep the crochet bug satisfied!

Here it is! My side line, secret project! My "Neat Ripple Blanket"!!!!!
This is another one of the patterns from Lucy at Attic24. A pattern I have been meaning to try for a very long time.  Want to see some pictures?

I used Style craft DK and once again was not disappointed with how the colours worked along side each other.

The ripple pattern was very easy to follow. I did however find that the moment I switched off I would forget which part of the ripple I was on, so I had to pay attention!
There is something very comforting about these soft waves of yummy colour. I am so in love with this blanket!

Once the main blanket was done I then added a border and a simple shell edging to finish it off. 

And here it is all finished on my bed with some of the bright pillows Dennis and I have made between us! I'm so so happy with this and will definitely make another one some time soon!

With another gorgeous blanket finished, I could not resist putting all of them together for a group shot!
Here they all are, the blankets Dennis and I have made over the past year!

It makes me want to dive into them and snuggle up with my swollen face and a couple of pain killers!! Bliss :-)!

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  1. I can so relate on the white blanket. I asked my nephew and his wife what color they wanted on the baby blanket I was making for them and she said WHITE! For their Christening. It was the most boring project ever and I promised myself never to do a one color blanket again. I want to do a colorful neat ripple too. You've done a great job on yours!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hi Matt, hope you are feeling better. I can sympathise as I am one of those people with a horror story about wisdom teeth - I had to have all four taken out and had to stay overnight in hospital - you can imagine the swelling from that, not pretty lol! Your blankets are beautiful, you and Dennis have been busy! I really want to do a neat ripple blanket, love the colours of yours. Have a great weekend. Joanna xx

  3. Such beautiful photography and crotchet.

    Glad you had a lovely visit to home land of England.

    I have done my blog on Ally Pally maybe you will make it one day.

  4. Beautiful work, beautiful colors, beautiful blankets :) That group shot at the end is pretty impressive.

  5. Hi , just a quick hello to say what a great blog !!! Love you're style of writing and all the gorgous pictures:) Very inspiring !
    Have a wonderful Friday !!

  6. love your collection photo at the end. makes me want to make a pile of blankets now!

  7. Hi,
    I absolutely adore your creations! I just started to crochet again, after a hiatus of about 25 years. I am halfway done with my neat ripple and I am on the hunt for the perfect next project.
    I saw your hexagon blanket on the last picture here, the one in white and blue and was wondering if you could tell me what yarn and colors you used.
    Thank you for coloring my days with your work:)

  8. Hi,
    I found your blog just now. That´s amazing!!! Everywhere a lot of the beautiful colours, patterns...I absolutely adore your blankets.
    I´m glad to meet you here, because crocheting and knitting - that´s my mania and I like meet people with the similar hobbies:-))


  9. Magnifique!
    Bonjour de Belgique,
    Belgium! Your realisation are all so beautifull!

  10. Hi Matt, your blankets are fantastic! I'm currently doing a ripple myself and was wondering if you could post some instructions on the shell edging?

    1. Hey Becky!I LOVE working up a nice ripple blanket! Bet your enjoying it also!?
      I'm not going to be able to get around to posting instructions any time soon ..wish I could! But time just seems to vanish!
      In the mean time you could take a look at Lucy's edging at Attic24. She has some really great edging ideas and the patterns are readily available.
      Is there something special your trying to achieve or having trouble with? If so drop me a private message ( maybe we can figure something out together? Matt xxx

  11. What colors on these afghans, so gorgeous! Are patterns available on ravelry (or something close to it) if we decide to give any of them a shot?

  12. wow!! i dicovered your blog this morning and I love it!!! now it´s one of my favorites!!! a big hug from Mexico!

  13. so pretty, love your blankets!

  14. love your blog.

  15. love your blog - it's great and your pattern instructions are so clear....can you do a Japanese flower instruction? The pattern is beautiful - love the scarf for your Mom.


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