Thursday 17 November 2011

Granny Stripe!

The first time I wrote the title of this blog I missed out the 'S' so you almost had a blog entry all about Grannies Tripe! Not sure if that would have made particularly nice reading! So thank God I noticed the missing 'S'!

Well, anyways..... Its here and its done! After weeks of ferocious crochet I now have my first Granny stripe! A delightfully thick and soft blanket to snuggle under and hide from the cold dark nights that are all ready creeping upon us!

You may remember about five weeks ago I posted a little picture of some gorgeous Merino wool I had just purchased at the craft store. Ten yummy shades of Soft Merino by Wolle Rödel and each one of them really was 'Oh so soft!'

 I saw this wool in the store and immediately had to give it a squeeze it looked so luxurious and the different shades available were to die for! The colours were slightly darker than I normally go for. They have a soothing warmth to them and make me feel all Autumny. I couldn't get the thought of having something this soft and warm to wrap up in once winter hits Hamburg.

The problem was that It was so expensive and I really did hesitate before spending a small fortune on wool. Normally I work with Stylecraft, I love to do so because of the great value and vast range of colours. And if I'm not feeling Stylecraft, I would normally take a trip to the wool factory and buy in bulk. Buying at the factory usually comes out much better value than buying 50g skeins on the High Street.
I had a little battle with my conscience and finally decided to go for luxury. It  was kind of a treat to myself since I had just been given a slight pay-rise at work.

So home I went, all ready to start my first Granny Stripe!
I started with the blanket and had decided to give "Random" ago. Not putting the colours in a pattern but having them in random sequence.  This worked out well in the beginning and I was so happy with how it all looked! However, the more I went on the less happy I became. I really didn't want to mess this up!
I found it very hard to place the yellow colour as it would clash with most other shades. I also found  the grey too dark and I really wasn't happy with how it looked compared to the other warmer colours.  I had to make a decision because it was starting to go rapidly down hill. I decided to take the grey out of the blanket and save it for a future project. I also decided to stick to a formation of colours rather than playing chance with 'random'

I 'frogged' my project up until the point I became unhappy.

It turned out to follow a rainbow pattern (how predictable am I?.) I decided to keep the rainbow and started repeating it, but in reverse.

Each night I would come home from work and spend a little bit of time on my blanket. Sometimes I'd pour myself a glass of wine get some snacks at the ready and get down to work.

The thing I loved about this pattern (once again by Lucy at Attic24) was how simple it was and how fast you would see results. In just a couple of weeks I could see I was on the right track towards blanket heaven! It was really nice to work those clusters of double crochet and feel the soft yarn gliding through my fingers.

Each time I would pick up my work I couldn't help but notice a resemblance in its colour to that of the changing seasons out side of my window. It reminded my so much of the leaves that were falling and littering the streets.

Are you ready to see my Autumn/Winter Granny Stripe in full? Here Goes:

90 stripes in total!!! Sounds more than I thought! I may have got a little carried away ;-)

I also followed the pattern that Lucy gave for the border and think that it finishes it off perfectly.

I like how stripy it is, but am totally in LOVE  when it's a pile of stripes rippling over each other in a heap on the floor. It looks so warm and cosy.

This is my favourite picture! It makes me want to jump right on into the stripey warmth. This picture sums up how the blanket makes me feel. I'm in Love!!!

Look how lovely the border hangs over the side of my bed. I think that it looks kind of eligant.
Here it is on my bed with all of the cushions Dennis and I have made! I Cant wait to jump into bed tonight!

Now to crack on with this Bunting........Yiiiiiiiipeeeeeeee!!

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  1. Stunning Granny tripe :) Can't wait to see the bunting.

  2. Stunning blanket Matt! I follow you on Instagram and love what you're doing! By the way, I also can't do Random randomly enough, so I always use Biscuit & Jam's random stripe generator ( It's a godsend!

  3. That is awesome! I love the color pattern. I made a granny stripe for my daughter and she sleeps with it every night. I want one now!

    Enjoy your cuddly blanket :)

    Mary @ Cocheting the Day Away

  4. Gorgeous blanket Matt, I especially love the red/purple combination. It hasn't taken you long to do either. It will be lovely and snuggly on the dark winter nights! x

  5. Stunning Matt simply stunning. Loving the look to your blog with the pictures of your work down the sides, have no idea how you do that. Would like to do that with mine, except mine would be a combination of my gorgeous dog and crafts :)

  6. Just found your blog through Pinterest, and love it, not had a chance to have a real good read yet but ....I'll be back!

  7. You are very talented Matt! I love your work.

  8. Wow! So beautiful! <3 How many skeins did you end up using? I want to finish a blanket so badly -- I've started enough!

    xx MaDonna

  9. It's good to see a close up of the edging as I'm currently making the same GS from Lucy's pattern, thanks for sharing :-)

  10. Hi hi hi Matt!

    I wrote a little poem for your contest. Here it goes:

    Y-esterday I made a Pig
    A-nd then I made a Frog
    R-abbits, Turtles, Mushrooms followed
    N-ow I'll make a Dog!

  11. What a fantastic blanket, well done you!! I also finished my first granny stripe recently and I am just so happy with it. The pattern is great and it goes really fast! I love the colours you picked. And seriously, is there anything better that crocheting with a glass of wine on hand ;-)

  12. Hi Matt, I'm new to your blog and now I'm reading your older posts. Great blog!
    Just wanted to say, this is a beautiful blanket, love the colours! Thanks for sharing, it inspires me to make one myself :)

  13. the room looks gorgeous filled with all those colors! great job, Matt!!!

  14. Simply beautiful. Shared it on pinterest, I hope hundreds more people see this. And I hope, when I make mine, it looks this wonderful :)

  15. Hermosa manta!! Felicitaciones!! Cidalia

  16. Just a beautyful and lovely blanket!!!!!

  17. Just a beautyful and lovely blanket! Greetings from Germany! Kathi

  18. I love everything on this page. The blanket! And the pillows! I want to make them all! So much yarn, so little time. And already own too many blankets...

  19. That last picture with the blanket and the cushions = mind blown!


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