Thursday 9 February 2012

Cute And Quick Projects.

Hey there lovely people!! I Hope you are all having a splendid week? 
I'm having a very chilled and leisurely week. Dennis and I had planned on having a little week away from Hamburg. We were thinking of heading to London to see a couple of West End shows and catch up with friends. Unfortunately things didnt go to plan....

After many sore throats over the past few months Dennis finally had his tonsils taken out. 
He went into Hospital yesterday morning and had his tonsils removed nice and fast. He's doing just fine. He cant speak very loud and is a little sore from the operation. But on the plus side, I think hes secretly loving the endless supply of ice lollies he keeps getting from the nurses!

With Dennis in Hospital and a week off from work, I have lots of time to do all sorts of lovely things. I've been strolling around town, I've visited Dennis, had my singing lesson, gone to the gym and I've been able to spend some good quality time on my favourite projects!

Last week I shared with you my fab new yarn. I'm so very pleased with it!

The first little project I had in mind was to cover a plain bolster pillow in something tremendous! I've been experimenting with many ideas. I initially planned on covering the pillow with lots of little squares. I gave little squares a try but wasn't convinced. I tried lines of double crochet, changing colour for each round, but wasn't satisfied! I finally settled on a delicious ripple! I used the neat ripple pattern by Lucy at Attic24. This Rico Baby Classic dk works up a treat and is so lovely and soft when rippled up!

For the ends of my bolster pillow I made a flat circle by using the beginnings of Crocheted bag pattern  also by Lucy at Attic24.

I joined the ripple around the pillow, connecting it with a simple whip stitch.

I then did three rounds of double crochets onto the sides of the ripple. I double crocheted in plain white and added a delicate piece of lace ribbon to finish it off. Finally I connected my circular ends to the double crochets, once again using a whip stitch.

Im so proud of how neat it all joined together and just LOVE the lace ribbon running through the double crochets!
Are you ready to see it in all of its BEAUTIFUL BOLSTER GLORY!......

Without meaning to, this turned into my Attic24 Pillow. Two of Lucy's lovely patterns made into one scrummy pillow! The cupcakes were pretty tasty also! :-)

My next little project was to make a cute cosy for my little teapot. I bought some gorgeous Wolle Rodel's Baby wool purposely for this project.

I gave the wool a try and it was really lovely to work with. I just wasn't happy with the colours I had picked out! I wanted something much brighter. I raided our yarn stash and discovered some lovely and bright creative cotton that Dennis had bought a few weeks ago.

It's so vibrant and fits perfectly with our egg cups!
Do you want to see what I came up with?

A bright and cheery outfit for our scuffed up little teapot.

 Just looking at these pictures makes me feel happy!

I made two identical squares consisting of lines of single crochet. I decreased as I got to the top of the square so the cosy fits the contours of the teapot.
I stitched the squares together at three of the four corners. I added a little popper to the fourth, so that I can take the cosy off of the the teapot when  needed.
To finish it of I added a cute little crochet flower in my favourite of the colours.

Now I'm not sure if this really works as a tea cosy? I think It's meant to insulate the teapot? Either way its a feast for the eyes......never mind if the tea gets cold!
These were two nice and quick projects to give me a break from my mountain of granny squares! However, I must get back to them! I have A LOT of ends that need sewing in!!!

Matt xxx
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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Love the pillow and adore the cozy. Gorgeous colors!!! -Chandi from ExpressionFiberArts

  2. Wow! Stunning!! All your work is amazing, but I have to say I just love that tea cosy!! I need to make one for my teapot so I may *need* to steal your colour ideas ;)

  3. Matt.. first off, please wish Dennis a big **GET WELL SOON** from me! And I love your bolster immensely! The teapot cozy is outstanding.. so bright and pretty.. how it would brighten up a table, shelf or kitchen counter. Bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I just spotted your adorable tea cosy on Ravelry which lead me to your gorgeous blog! I am absolutely in love with your lovely bolster - the colours are beautiful. I can't wait to read through older posts now! Have a fab weekend guys. I hope Dennis is feeling better. Leah

  5. Hi Matt! Great projects! I might do my own twist on the bolsterpillow, but I really liked the way you sewed the egdes of the zig zag together.

    Give my regards to Dennis! I also had a tonsilectomy scheduled, but the surgery interferred with a perfomance of the Dvorak octet, so it was cancelled. Luckily the tonsils hasn't bothered me since :-)

    Have a nice weekend! :o)

  6. I already told Dennis that bucket loads of ice cream will help his throat - glad he's got a supply of ice lollies!Get Well Soon, Dennis. As for you, you're a marvel!What absolutely gorgeous projects and I hope you don't think I'm being rude when I comment on seeing such big hairy hands doing such pretty and intricate work!lol(if that sounds sexist, it's not meant to!).Keep up the good work, Matt - it's ALWAYS delightful to visit you here.Have a great weekend, both of you. x

  7. Oh wow - that bolster cushion is to die for! I love the little flash of lace around each edge - so beautiful! Hope Dennis feels better soon and you both have a great weekend x

  8. What a truely delicious feist of colours. I love both projects so skillfully made.

    I hope Dennis is back to full health very soon xx

  9. Hi Matt, I already had a sneek peek over at Rav of your gorgeous bolster cushion, and your tea cosy must be the brightest, happiest one I've ever seen :-) Keep the granny square mountain growing, and lots of get well wishes to Dennis! xxxx

  10. I LOVE your yarn colours Matt:))
    And best wishes to Dennis too-my 12 yr old lad had his tonsils out on Monday and is still a little sore too:(((
    Heres hoping next week brings a speedy recovery to them both ♥
    Best wishes

  11. I can't get over how cute the pictures are! I love the colors and the bolster cover as well.

  12. Get well wishes flying out to Dennis from Washington State USA! And to you...congratulations on two b-e-a-u-t-I-f-u-l projects! I love the pillow and your teapot looks so cozy. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your days off.



  13. Hi. I found your blog by following a Pinterest link. Your work is gorgeous. Like the others, I hope Dennis recovers quickly. I've heard that chewing gum helps a sore jaw after tonsillectomy. And painkillers, lots of those!

  14. Oh my. Matt your bolster is Gorgeous (and yes, you have to say it with a capital G)!!! I may have to make one - would you mind? I have a weakness for bolsters - they just always look so stunning don't they? As for your teapot, well, I would have to have tea at least 1000 times a day just so I could sit and look at it! Hope Dennis feels better soon. lol xxx

  15. Ooh, I had seen your projects on Ravelry, they are both gorgeous!
    The colours, the ripples, the stripes, beautiful!
    They will surely brighten up your home! :)
    Beterschap Dennis!
    Have a great Sunday! xx

  16. I love your ripple bolster! and the cozy is so bright and cheery,may I ask what brand and where someone could get it?

  17. All my best wishes to Dennis for a speedy recovery from his op. Your bolster cushion is gorgeous Matt I love the colours you have used. I also loved Dennis' knitting from the previous post. Have a good week x

  18. Hi Matt and Dennis. I'm really loving your blog. So much that I blogged about you guys in my blog! Here is the blogpost:

  19. This must be one of the prettiest teacosies ever. Might have to do that for my red enamel pot!

  20. Hi there, I've tagged you in one of theose blog tagging games! Pop by and have a look!

  21. hey Matt and Dennis,OMG do I love you two,and the degree of talent here is OMG,double OMG-wait make that a double triple OMG,so,I'm sure you already know her,Sarah London,and who doesn't,but in the just in case possibility that you do not,or the inimitable Crochet with Raymond,you need to check them out!!!Forgive me if I've spelled anyone's name wrong-I'm still suffering from too much envy and jealousy seeing your granny sq blkt....I'm not sure I can live without it?? You must save me,I am begging you;I could almost be happy with one little cone of that amazing merino you got for Christmas.......

  22. Hello Matt! Great Blob!! Just loved it!! Take a look at

  23. gorgeous! marvelous! astounding! fascinating!
    I'm sure there are more adjectives that can describe how lovely are these works you have done...

    Good luck:)

  24. I just came across this site I'm in Ireland and starting crochet about two years ago I'm only a novice what you have done is amazing so inspiring I hope to try the tea cosy I'm doing a blanket for my 5 yr old

  25. Matt,
    You are a pleasure to follow. I always look forward to your posts. Thank you so much for these. I made a tea pot cozy last year and it did, surprisingly, help keep it warm longer :D A nice perk to doing something fun and pretty. The bolster is lovely as well, the pastels are so nice. Great inspiration! Thank you.


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