Sunday 16 October 2011

Picture Perfect Sundays!!!

Ok so it's not so much 'Picture Perfect Sundays' more like look at me with Leona Lewis!
It was a very exciting day at yesterday at work as a rumour that Leona Lewis was coming to pay "Tarzan' a visit was spreading around the cast. By spreading I mean I was telling everybody that this is what I had heard :-)

I was so excited! I'm really a big fan of her music plus I love a bit of celeb spotting!
So half an our before our second show I'm wandering around the corridors at work, looking for Leona Lewis. Now we had not officially been told that she was coming, I guess so crazy people (like myself) didn't creep around the corridors trying to hunt her down.
Suddenly she walks past me. I freeze, say "HELLO" (I must have looked like a complete geek) and she Says "hello' back (I think she was a tad scared of me). I suddenly whip out my camera and flash it straight in her face!!! here are the results!

Some of the Tarzan cast with Leona Lewis that's me in the centre next to her. I think she was particularly jealous of my wig cap!
Fun times!

Have a lovely Sunday everybody!!!

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