Thursday, 23 February 2012

Instagram Addict

Mobile phones are the best. And the fact that they're made for calling goes without saying. But let's focus on the camera aspect. I'm out and about a lot, and of course don't always carry my heavy camera with me. So my phone-camera is the perfect solution, I don't have to miss any beautiful moments! I quickly pop out my phone and take a picture.
Colombo - Sri Lanka
In the window of a store in Hamburg
Taking pictures on your phone is fun and all, but there's so much more that you can do with it, right on your phone! I'm especially in LOVE with the Instagram app for iPhone. You can take a normal picture (in square format) and edit it right away.

The idea of the app is that your pictures end up looking really vintage! I've also uploaded a lot of other pictures to my phone to edit them with this app. The results are very interesting!

Oslo Harbor
There are many other apps you can use to edit pictures. In the next picture I went a little crazy with editing. One picture popping out of the other!

Me and my collegues at Geiranger Fjord, Norway

I also love taking pictures of trees! One click in Instagram, and they all look like this:

Trees in Hamburg
And now it gets a little bit crazy! I love Instagram so much, that I've crocheted some Instagram-inspired accessories. I found this tutorial on the blog of Isabelle Kessedjian, for an Instagram iPhone case. Isabelle also has a fantastic photo feed on Instagram! I went ahead and made one right away! It's supposed to resemble the logo that Instagram uses for their app. I think it's a brilliant tutorial and I love the result!

Now I could have stopped after this iPhone case. But I still had some yarn left in the same colors, and went ahead and improvised a needle cushion! Simple rows of single crochet, some stuffing, and VOILA: a needle cushion was born!

It was super easy to make! I had never seen a camera shaped needle cushion before and thought, why not?!

I'm very happy with my new functional and cute 'Insta-Products'. What's next? An Instagram blanket?

Dennis xxx


  1. I love the camera on my phone and its true what they say 'The best camera is the one you have with you' and its so very true!
    I am also an Instagram addict and I have recently become VERY addicted to Pinterest as well.

  2. Hoi Dennis, wat leuk dat je een berichtje achter liet op mijn blog ( van de wybertjes)
    Ik heb je een poos gevolgd maar toen jij ging varen en mijn laptop crashte en ik verloor je uit het oog.
    Af en toe dacht ik nog wel eens aan die 'varende jongen die ook gek van haken is' :)
    Nu een blog samen met je vriend...slim en gezellig, ik ga jullie creaties volgen hoor!
    Groetjes Jellina

    Ps De update van de wybertjes komt snel hoor!

  3. I love all your beautiful pictures and your Insta-Products are Too Die For!!!

  4. Im a massive insta-gram fan too and most of the pics on my blog have been taken with my phone app.
    Im loving your pics Dennis and the products are amazing too!
    What a great imagination you have:)))
    Best wishes

  5. Hi Dennis.. I love your photos and your crocheted camera things.. you're amazing! I got insta-gram since you recommended it but at first "play" I'm not having much luck figuring it out! I'll try some more. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Hey guys, I just stumbled across your blog last night and BOY am I excited about it. You both do such awesome crochet and knitted projects and your photographs are fabulous too. What also drew me straight into reading months worth of your posts is the "connection" I have with you: I am a born and bred Hamburg gal, living in England. I crochet and knit and work for a cruise company...spooky, no?
    Anyways, I ramble - look forward to your next posts

  7. Love the case and the pin cushion, they are awesome. - Annie

  8. Hi I have just discovered your blog via Ravelry and I have really enjoyed having a look through your archives. We learnt how to crochet at the same time. I think you have a wonderful eye for colour and your felt tip art is fabulous...


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