Tuesday 10 April 2012

This time it's not Granny Squares....it's my Grandad Sid!

Today I have no crafty project or work in progress to share with you, instead I thought I would just come have a natter.

I do hope you are all doing fine and your having a tremendous week?

My week is off to a lovely start. I've been having a truly fabulous and fun time reading all of the AMAZING entries for our Y.A.R.N competition. You guys are so magically talented its just unreal!!!
If you haven't already entered the competition, then don't panic!!! You still have until the end of the week, just follow the link and give it a go!!!
I really am so excited to pick a winner, although I'm just not sure how? They are all so so good!

Yesterday I had a very quiet Easter Monday at home. I watched movies and read and only stepped out of my pajamas when the rain stopped for a brief hour or so.
I had waited all morning for the rain to stop. I had been a little desperate to go outside and play around with my camera. I made the most of the tiny spot of sunshine by running across the road to our local park, camera at hand. 
I wanted to play around with some of the different features and try out a my lenses. I wanted to get to know my camera a little better. :-)
Now I know that I wont be winning any photo awards, but I did really enjoy taking these pictures. It was so nice to be out in the fresh air with the brief appearance of the sun shining over me.

I really loved walking around the park. It gave me a quiet and clear moment to myself. I thought about so many things....about the blog, Dennis, learning German, work and my Grandad Sid.

Now this is not meant to be down or depressing in anyway. So I really hope I don't come across that way.
I had been thinking about my Grandad Sid, as today it has been nine years since he passed away.
As the blog is such an important part of my life and Grandad was also. I thought I would honor my Grandad by remembering him and sharing with you all how much of a brilliant man he was.

My Grandad was my buddy, he was the kindest and most generous person in the world. Grandad was clever and creative, he encouraged me and supported everything I did.
It was Grandad that paid for my early dance classes, he never knew that I got into a dance school and never saw me dance professionally. I really wish he could have seen me.
I hope he knows how much I loved him and miss him. Most of all I really hope I can make him as proud as he made me.

My Grandad was really special. I do hope you don't mind me sharing him with you.

Matt xxx

Make it the best week!!!!! :-)

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  1. He looks like such a sweet, kind man - the kind you can randomly go up and he gives the best hugs. I think you honored him just fine today.

  2. What a wonderful man, and I bet he is watching every wonderful thing you do. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  3. Hi Matt,

    You Grandfather seems like a really warm, kind and open man in the picture and your most welcome to remember him!!

    Some people define your life, and he was one of those who did for you and that is amazing, so keep him alive in your memories is what he deserves,..right?!

    My mum past away last month so, you post speaks to me.

    Enjoy your day!! Let the sunshine in and your grandfather sees everything you do, I think...and ofcourse, he is proud, for sure!

    Kind regards, and thank you for sharing him with us,


    1. Hey Hedwig!
      Thanks for the comment! I'm very sorry to hear about your Mum! It's so true, that the people that define your life always have a place in your thoughts and heart.
      Wishing you a lovely Sunday!
      Matt xxx

  4. Matt,

    Sharing your Grandad is a beautiful thing to do and I can assure you he knows you got into dance school and he has seen you dance professionally! I'm sure you have made him very proud! I lost my son at the early age of seventeen and I feel his presence everyday. He is my Guardian Angel watching over me in everything I do.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the kind and touching comment. I like the thought of the people that have had an impact on us are always there helping us and guiding us. I'm sure your son is there watching over you.
      Happy Sunday!
      Matt xxx

  5. He would have been very proud of you, this is a beautiful post.

  6. I nostri cari sono parte di noi, non possiamo perderli o dimenticarli, le tue parole toccano anche me e complimenti per le immagini.
    Sorry but google does not translate emotions ;)

  7. it's so great to find the courage to share such feelings. I think your grandad was really a great one!
    xxx Alessandra

  8. Matt, my dear,
    i believe he´s watching you... from there, where he is now. Maybe sitting there with my grandma taking a cup of tea, while she´s watching me fighting against cancer. And she says "i´m so proud of my little girl", your grandpa looks at you and says "yep, i know what you mean..."
    Have a good week!!

  9. How lovely - I'm sure your Grandad would be really proud of you.
    Great photos too, by the way!
    Maria x

  10. Beautiful blog and nice photos !
    Greetings from Gran Canaria.

  11. Hi Matt, That was a beautiful post about your Grandad. Thank you for sharing!

  12. What a sweet tribute to your grandad! I am sure he is proud of you! ♥

  13. Aw, that is so sweet. Your grandad really does look like a special man!

  14. Hope it hasn't all been said - your granddad sounds like a man well worth remembering. He lives on through you.

  15. What a lovely tribute to your Grandad who, I'm sure, would have been chuffed to bits that you've remembered him in this way. You're a very good Grandson. My own father passed away 25 years ago yesterday and I have a similar photo of him sitting on his little garden wall.Thank you for sharing.x

    1. It's nice to take a moment and remember the people that have had an impact on us xxx

  16. Ah bless your Grandad Sid he looks everything a grandad should be. I am sure that he will be looking down from somewhere and will be very proud of all your achievements. my grandad too, passed away 11 years ago now and whilst he may have missed some of my biggest achievements (getting married and having 2 beautiful children) he is always with me in my heart x x x Hope you enjoy the rest of your week

  17. Such a nice post about your Granpa.I also love your photo's, especially the firt one is gorgious. I just found your blog and i love it, you are very creative.

  18. You're a good grandson to remember your grandad so fondly. I didn't get to spend enough time with mine as we moved far away from our home when I was 4. So, I rarely got to see my grandparents after that. I loved my grands.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. What a wonderful post, such a great way to honor your Grandad, he would be very proud of you and your achievements, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Gorgeous photo's !!!!!

  20. Pati from London14 April 2012 at 14:07

    What a lovely post of your grandpa... it made me think of my grandpa Emilio, who died 15 years ago and had the biggest heart....
    I'm sure they are there, watching and surely smiling...
    Loved the pictures, Matt especially the blossom.
    Have a lovely weekend, Pati from London x

  21. Of course your grandpa knows you got into dance school - and of course he has seen you dance professionally - and of course he is proud of you! Loved your photos too!


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