Tuesday 15 October 2013

Stress Free

Hey there!!
How have you all been?
Seven whole weeks have past since my last post! On one hand I can't believe just how fast time has gone, but on the other, I look back at the past seven weeks and realise just how crazy full and busy they have been.

Rather like the post (the catch up) I wrote back in July, I find myself coming back to my blog after a long break with a strong desire to fill you in on EVERYTHING.
It's almost hard knowing where to start, so much has happened yet the time has passed in a heart beat.
I guess the easiest thing would be to travel back to when I wrote my last post and over the next few days catch you up to todays date.
That sounds like a good idea! There is far too much to squeeze into one post, not to mention I would hate to overload you with pictures and blabber on way too much!! :-)

Way back in August I told you about the guest blog post I wrote for Somerset place. Around that time I was also asked to guest post on a couple of other blog and to share my work with the readers of Inside Crochet magazine. Naturally I was very flattered and very happy to oblige! I love sharing my work and to do so in a magazine was a dream come true.

My article for Inside crochet magazine was published in this months edition!

I'm very happy with it and feel extremely proud to have my work spread across two full pages.

It was around the time I committed to writing these guest posts that my work load at the theatre (where I work) suddenly hit a rather epic high. I was working full speed ahead trying to rehearse people ready for the show and barely had any spare time to work on my blog. When I did have some spare time, I was either too tired or had to spend my time to meet the deadline of the guest post I had committed to writing.

As well as trying to balance my work schedule and my other commitments,  Dennis and I had to start thinking about organising our apartment for a big move of cities.
Tarzan (the show I work on) was due to close in Hamburg and move to Stuttgart, about 650 kilometres south of Hamburg. This meant that we had a lot of organising, arranging and preparing to do.

On top of working hard with rehearsals, stressing about the move and still dancing in the show each night, I ended up getting ill. A sinus infection that I kept working through ended up spreading to my lungs resulting in a rather nasty sounding cough. Stupidly I continued to work. Dancing in the the show and coughing resulted in my ribs became dislocated and a lot of pain! Silly me!!

If anybody had asked me seven weeks ago how I was doing? I would have smiled and said great! That would have been a BIG fib! It's clear now I'm looking back that I was struggling trying to balance work, commitments and my health.  It was my health that ended up giving way. It really is a lesson learnt and next time I will slow down a little sooner than I did.

I'm back to good health now and am fighting fit again!!! Dennis and I have had a little holiday visiting family, We've moved from Hamburg to Stuttgart and I now feel stress free and rather happy in our new apartment.

So that's a quick explanation as to why I haven't been posting, I hope it doesn't sound depressing or like I'm having too much of a moan. I'll be back in a few days with some pictures and tales of our big change of cities along with some lovely holiday snaps!

Speak really REALLY soon!

Lots of love from (a now stress free) me! :-)

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  1. Oh Matt.. sorry to hear of your illness! I am having a similar bronchitis.. but it's improving the littlest bit. I'm excited to see your new apartment and surroundings. Will you miss being nearer to the sea? My news is that our son's family is living with us, so we have our 2 little grandsons with us. I do hope you have time to pop over to my blog when you have a chance. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Glad you're feeling better Matt! Looking forward to the rest of your catch up!
    Maria x

  3. Hola Matt felicidades por el articulo de la revista!! realmente bien merecido tus trabajos de crochet son preciosos y me encantan! realmente ha habido muchas cosas en tu vida en estas ultimas semanas lo mejor de todo es que te recuperaste y ahora estas bien de salud gracias a Dios, espero con ansias esas prometidas fotos de la ciudad donde ahora vives!! y ya que empieza el otoƱo ver algunnuevo trabajo tuyo en crochet, un calido saludo desde el norte de Mexico.

  4. Wow-that's quite a workload! Glad that you're better now-hope the stress is at a minimum now :-) Look forward to reading more updates soon x

  5. Wow, what a stressful couple of months...you are strong and it's so nice to look back and say you are feeling so much better now. I'm glad your move worked out nicely ( mine was much crazier and I'm still living in an apartment waiting to build my house - ill be happy when it's all done ). Congratulations on the magazine article... What a great accomplishment. I'll look for the magazine to read it in person. :)

  6. Gosh that sounds very hectic, and I'm not surprised something had to give. I'm glad you are feeling better now. Why do we make our lives so hectic at times?
    Take good care of yourself and looking forward to seeing your pictures x

  7. Welcome back!Nice to know you will have news about a new place and city!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. Good to see you posting again, sorry you've been unwell. How's your new city? I don't know it at all.
    Well done on Inside Crochet, love that pattern for the JDs. Look out for the next issue won't you? ;-)

  9. Poor you!

    Glad you're feeling better now - don't work too hard again!


  10. Great article in Inside Crochet! I was wondering where you have been :) Good to have you back.

  11. well deserved on getting published again..sorry to hear about your chest infection but glad you and Dennis have now settled down in stuttgart..I always enjoy visiting your blog for inspiration

  12. So happy that you are well again. Doing too much seems easy at the time but then it catches up to us. So glad you are better and settled. Looking forward to seeing the new surroundings. Love the magazine spread.

  13. Nice to hear you are healthier!
    Congrats on getting published!
    I totally get u when u talk about not writing all the time, but hey! Whenever u do its great and inspirational!!
    Enjoy the new city, I am sure there is lots of places to explore!! ^^
    So, relax and keep moving :)
    I'm sure I won't stop following u =P

  14. Hi!
    I often read your blog and love every of your project and the sense of happyness they give (I wrote to you several messages, in the past). I've seen a pattern on Ravelry just now, and I thougt "This is Matt's taste". So, can I segnale it to you, in case you like it?
    It's here:
    (I dont know personally the author, and I haven't any interest about it. Only, when I have seen these colorful squares and this object so cute, I thought to your wonderful blankets: it will match them so well!)
    Congrats for getting pubblished and for the new city!