Thursday 6 March 2014

Pots of Happiness

Happy Thursday my lovelies!!! How have you all been doing? 
I'm doing just fine! I have my parents coming to visit at the weekend and I am very much looking forward to that! I can't wait to see them!!

With the anticipation of Mum and Dad coming over for a visit I've been sorting out the apartment, so that it's nice and tidy for their arrival.
I couldn't let the week turn into one of only household chores, so I gave myself a fun little project to work on, alongside my cleaning duties.

I've been using my stash of acrylic paints and have been having a rather splendid and colourful time!

I don't know if you remember last month I spoke about adding flowers to the planting boxes and plants to the pots on my balcony? (Here's the post if you fancy a recap)
Well I've been having a crafty time of it, and have been getting all vibrant on those pots that stand out on the balcony.

Would you like to see what I've been doing? it's an extremely easy project that is surely going to bring me a lot of visual joy for months/years to come!

A pot makeover!!! 
It was soooooo simple:
I painted the rim to each of my pots, in a very rough way. I didn't worry about what the inside of the pot looked like, as this will not be seen once they are filled.

I went through my collection of paints and chose a second colour for the main part of the pot. A colour that would contrast the rim of the pot that I had just painted.

I chose a nice bold pink to contrast the baby blue rim of the pot.
I got to work painting the main body of the pot. I really left the point where the two colours meet very messy. I did this out of convenience when painting, as I don't always have the steadiest hand with a paint brush.

Once I had finished painting the pot I raided my stash of "crafty bits'n bobs" and remembered that I had a rather rustic canvas tape lurking amongst the chaos.
This tape is the sort that you can buy in a craft shop for scrapbooking. It has a sticky side to it and is perfect for this kind of project!

I wrapped the tape along the rim of the pot covering that messy join where the contrasting colours met.

I then added some rather lovely felted fabric shapes to my pots.
I love this time of year as the shops start to sell or sorts of wonderful crafty things. Bright, jolly products that are geared towards Spring time, but have a wonderful sense of "homemade".

Alternatively you could also make your own little fabric accent for this kind of project. It would be simple enough :-)
I added a blob or two of glue so that the fabric shapes would stick to the pots.

Finally I coated the whole pot in some varnish that I picked up at the craft store. It was important to add a lick of varnish; not only make sure the paint doesn't come of with bad weather, but to extra secure the tape and the fabric shapes to the pots.

All done!!! I left my pots to dry :-)

Finally I added (of course) the plants to the pots and my makeover was complete!

A bright feast for the eyes!!

Happiness in plant pots!! Who'd have thought!!!

Add these beauties to the bunting I made last week and my balcony is looking rather perfect if you ask me! 

Hope you are all having a vibrant week!!

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  1. Your flower pots are BEAUTIFUL!!! Great Job!!! I love all of the colors!

  2. You are going to have even more neighbour envy now! Such a simple, effective idea - your balcony looks so gorgeous. Your Mum and Dad will be very impressed! Enjoy your weekend with your family X

  3. The balcony looks stunning Matt ... love it :-) love Joy x

  4. Очень красиво получилось!

  5. So pretty and perfect for spring.

  6. Great idea! They all look great!

  7. Looks fantastic! Thanks for another great idea that I can do around the house

  8. How lovely :) Have a great weekend with your folks.

  9. beautiful - so bright and cheery!

  10. They're stunning! So glad you varnished them, as I was reading I was thinking 'eek these are going to look great but not in a year' but they'll probably be okay now :-) So much more cheery huh?

  11. Fantastic. I love your flower pots. Well done Matt!

  12. These look amazing Matt, thanks for a wonderful idea and all your inspiration.
    Have a great weekend with Mum and Dad.

    Chris Xx

  13. Hi Matt, these look colourfully wonderfully brilliant! Gorgeous!! thanks for the tip and sharing your ideas!! Enjoy your family weekend.Karen xx

  14. Hola Matt !! preciosa entrada!! tu balcon es una belleza!!
    te han quedado geniales tus macetas, una excelente idea
    muy original !! lucen preciosas!! que pases un excelente fin de semana
    con tus padres disfruta la visita al maximo !! un abrazo desde Mexico.

  15. Yesss!! Adding spring to the spring to come...

  16. You clever thing! The pots look absolutely fab! A BIG splash of colour adds more than a modern fantastic look, it adds a BIG SMILE on my face! ;o) Thanks very much for sharing this truly lovely project! Best wishes, Jay x

  17. what gorgeous pots, and as spring appears to have sprung in England, I may just have to rustle up a few for my deck!

  18. That is a stunning way to brighten the balcony; I just love the inspiration you bring to us with your lovelies.

  19. You are such a clever man!! Love them!

  20. nice pots i want to used it once ha ha

  21. Can you come and do some for me please? :)

  22. it looks great, so simple, and such a big result. have a nice time with your parents.

  23. Beautiful! I am curious about the paint you used. What brand are they? I am in love with the colors and the glass jars.