Tuesday 24 January 2012

Food Glorious Food!!!

What a very busy week we both have had!!
Before I've even had time to notice, we've made full circle and are back at the start of a new week!

Dennis has been busy working all week. He was asked to be part of a workshop ensemble with the cruise ship company he works for. He spent the week rehearsing new shows along with a creative team, testing the shows to see if they would work when put onto a ship. It was a nice job for him as it was just one week long. He got to work with some new people and had a chance to catch up with some old colleagues, which was nice. However, I do think he was a little relieved to have finished yesterday, as it sure was a long and intensive week!

I've been rehearsing each day and and then performing the show in the evenings. It was also a bit of a tense week for me as the Disney creative team were in Hamburg for a "clean up" week. "The Disneys" come to Hamburg every now and then from America. They spend the week checking if the show is up to standard and tidying up any messy or unclear parts. It's always a time of hard work and concentration. At the end of the week the show is back on track with a more focused energy from the whole cast.
I've been very much looking forward to my Monday off from work. I gave a sigh of relief once the week was over as the pressure of having the big bosses in town had lifted.

Whilst Dennis finished his last day of rehearsals I spent the day alone pottering around the apartment. I worked a little on my projects, spent some time sorting out neglected chores then took a stroll into town and wandered around the shops.
I met Dennis once he had finished work. We walked around the shops a little more before taking a trip to the grocery store. We headed home stocked up with goodies for a night of yummy food in front of the television.

Once home, groceries unpacked, I got down to making dinner. We decided to have an evening of some of our favourite dishes, a random selection of yummyness!
The food looked so delicious that I couldn't help but share with all of you lovely people! 

I just love how vibrant the food looks. The bright red tomatoes next to the deep green basil!!

 Onions, sliced and diced. A scrumptious shade of magenta!

 Nice big mushrooms, washed, de-stalked and ready for roasting.

Gorgeous Garlic! I know it can be a little stinky at times, but I love nothing more than garlic! Garlic butter, garlic bread, roasted with meats and potatoes. Its just soooooo tasty!

A freshly baked baguette. Warm and crunchy! This is a meal in itself! Give me some fresh bread and a tub of butter and I'm in heaven!

Smooth and creamy goats cheese! 

Once the mushrooms had roasted, I filled them with freshly made onion marlmalade.

I then topped them with goats cheese and roasted them shortly untill the cheese was melted and golden. 
I love how rustic these mushroom always look. They are so yummy! 
Juicy mushrooms filled with sweet onion malmalade, topped with creamy goats cheese!

We made deliciously tasty "pigs in Blankets", (sausages wrapped in bacon) I would always have these during our Christmas dinner at home in England. I don't think they're exclusive to Christmas though?

And finally Bruschetta! Thickly sliced crusty bread topped with a homemade salsa:
Diced tomatoes, onions, pressed garlic, tasty basil, a drop of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper!

A selection of some of our favourite foods washed down with a nice chilled bottle of Rosé......Bliss!!

 All of this scrumptiousness wouldnt be complete without a little something sweet to end.
Cute and highly indulgent cupcakes! DeLiCiOuS!!!!

We sure did enjoy our Yummy Monday! I'm thinking we should probably hit the gym tomorrow :-)

and Dennis xxx

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  1. My mouth will not stop watering. that looks like a most delicious dinner. The cupcakes are ridiculously amazing! They're almost too pretty to eat! Yum yum yum!

  2. Now I'm hungry after reading this! The stuffed mushrooms look delicious and the cupcakes scrummy. Enjoy your week x

  3. MMmmmmmm! That looks so delicious. I think I'll pop in for dinner sometime! The wonder of it is that you both cooked it and photographed it. Many talents indeed



  4. Yummy! And the photographs are true eyecandy <3 you guys have a great eye for colour, light and composition..LOVE!

  5. Love the pictures! seems to be yummy ;)


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