Monday 30 January 2012

New yarn......I couldn't resist!

As last year came to an end, I made a little promise with myself to finish off projects before starting new ones.........that hasn't lasted too long! OOOOOOPS!!

Throughout January I've been working ferociously on a project. A bright and coulourful project, made with the yummy yarn that Dennis gave to me as a present for Christmas.

So far it's a mountain of glorious granny squares! I've been very good at sewing in the ends as I go along, something I'm not usually very good at!


Its coming on nicely but I do find that things can get a little boring when working on a project of this scale.
I've decided to break the sometimes monotonous cycle of granny squares. A couple of side line projects to keep my hunger for new creativeness well and truly satisfied.

At the weekend I went into the craft store with a gift voucher I had also received for Christmas. I spent it entirely on new yarn!!!!! BRIGHT, SOFT and UTTERLY GORGEOUS!!!!

I saw these delightfully bright shades of Wolle Rodel's Baby wool. I couldn't resist buying a selection of vibrant rainbow colours.

When purchasing this lovely wool, I had an idea in mind of making a tea cosy to fit our new teapot. I have to confess I bought this teapot especially as I wanted a try making a tea cosy. Dennis and I tend to prefer coffee over tea!

It is very cute and matches our lovely milk jug.

I also chose 6 shades of Rico Baby Classic dk. I went for cooler shades of blue, pink and purple, plus a pure white to break up the pastel colours. I also bought a plain cushion so I can already start to dress it in these lovely colours.


I made a start on my cushion this morning. I've started with a ripple and am going to see where it takes me!

Isn't it so nice starting new projects. I love the feeling of knowing that you can create anything that your mind conjours up. I also love how rewarding it is when you finish a project and can sit back and admire your work! To say "I made that" is such a great feeling!

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  1. This post is the most exciting. How many granny squares do you make in a night? I wish I was faster.. I'm currently at square 60 of 210-ish. I was doing SO good at weaving in as I went, but then I broke my needle. :( Trip to the store tonight! :)

    xx MaDonna

  2. All that lovely yarn! Baby wool quality is my favourite. All my pillows are made of Baby Wool from Dale of Norway. Thanks for the lovely comment btw. I knit on a circular needle whenever it' s possible. It's easier to maintain a nice tension when you don't have to worry about purling. I even knit my potholders round and round. Afterwards I crochet them together. The potholders become thick and insulates well.

    I only have one New Year's resolution this year, and that is to sew in the yarn ends as you go. So far I've managed to keep it. :-)

  3. I love the colours!! and the granny squares (circles) look beautiful. I am not very good when it comes to large projects and so I tend to stick to making small crocheted items such as baby booties and hats so the Baby Rico wool you have above is perfect, I may have to hunt some of that down in my local haberdashery.
    Your blog is beautiful

  4. Hi guys! Omgosh.. those colors on the cones are so vibrant! What thickness and material is the yarn? I also love the pastels you got on the last trip. I always say.. YUMMY for colors! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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  6. You guys make yarn look good enough to eat!! I love the colours you have choosen and the granny blanket squares look like lots of smiles all stacked together :D

  7. oooohhhhh - yarn envy! Can't wait to see how they come along :) The granny squares look so colourful x

  8. Please please please share where you got that lovely yarn, the ones you're making the granny squares, from? The colours are so rich and vibrant, I've got a serious case of wanties!

  9. my goodness, how divine your blog has become, your photos are incredible!!!!
    Lovely, lovely, I am so happy visiting with you Matt......give a big smooch to your Dennis from me too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. What gorgeous colours I spied when visiting your blog.Have come for a look after Teresa was singing your praises on her blog. Lovely to 'meet' you. Anne x

  11. I found you through Teresa's blog. Ya'll are both talented! Great blog...I'll be back. :o)

  12. Beautiful yarn you've bought and received as present!!! Wow! I wish I had such huge yarnspins like that too! Unfortunatly, the yarnshops in my area don't sell them.. Where do you go shopiping for yarn?

    Love your pastel ripple as well, so calm. Well done!

  13. Hi Matt, I'm so sorry its taken me ages to get back to you to thank you for the Leibster blog award that you gave me. That's really thoughtful of you and I'm glad that you like the blog.

    Gorgeous shades there - in both the granny squares and the yarn buys. I can't wait to see the finished project too!


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