Sunday 22 July 2012

Knitting challenges!

Hello everyone!

I'm home! After 4 months on board I'm back in Hamburg with Matt!
It's been a great time but I'm happy to have a little break! And little it is, I have 3 and a half weeks holiday before I start rehearsals again for my next ship! I'll be leaving the 1st of September, and will be going to the USA and Caribbean on my next contract!

I have never sailed this route so I'm very curious! We'll be visiting New York, Baltimore, Port Canaveral, Miami, Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Tortola, Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad, Grenada, Isla Margarita, Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba!

But enough ship talk, time for some projects!

Before I left for the ship I did some major knitting again! Well, it was pretty major for me, because I made my first ever sweater! I decided on a pattern by Jared Flood called Cobblestone.
It's a pretty basic sweater, but I really liked the way it looks and it didn't look too hard, all though I was a little bit scared...

So, I bought some lovely yarn from Cascade Yarns: Heathers, in a very muted blue color. Off I went to knit, knit knit! I knitted hours and hours in a row because I was so excited, and I have literally no patience at the beginning of a project! I got most of it done within a couple of days, but than I got a little bit lazy again. I find it hard to do something twice, for example the arms. After making one arm, I could get myself to make the other one, which is quite essential ;-) But I pushed through and got it all done!

The receiver was of course Matt! So I really hoped it would fit! And it did! A little bit of pulling it in shape on his body and all was good! He wore it for days in a row! I was so proud having finished my first sweater, and having Matt wearing it as well!

Another project I've made is a shawl. Another pattern I chose by Stephen West: Vulpix. I was so excited after seeing the pictures of this scarf, that I had to make it! I bought some yarn from Malabrigo: Arroyo. It's a little bit heavier weight than sock, but comes close. The feeling of the yarn is just amazing, and the stitch definition is beautiful! And than there's the rich and warm color of the red/brown!

The challenge of this scarf was working with Japanese short rows! I had safety pins hanging everywhere on my work, but somehow it all came together! The color work also wasn't as hard as it looked!

I started my Vulpix about a week before going on board, continued on the long bus ride to the ship and finished it in the first week on board! What a pleasure! Too bad that I had no room to block it on board, so I had to wait till I got back home! Yesterday evening I did my little blocking process and today it was already dry in the morning because of the sun shining through our windows!

It was a little bit hard to photograph since it's a very big big big scarf!

I actually did some more knitting and crocheting on board but I sadly have no pictures of my finished projects since I gave them away! I already asked one of the girls to send me some pictures of the product I made for her! The other girl I will see again on my next contract and will take some pictures of her wearing her new scarf then!

I'm going to enjoy my free time now and look forward to our holiday in Barcelona!
Have a lovely sunday everybody!

Dennis xxx
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  1. The scarf is stunning. I am totally with you on having to do things more than once. I just had to paint three coats of emusion in my bedroom. I was almost screaming with boredom by the third! Enjoy Barcelona. Lily. xxx

  2. Wow! You are a proper pro at it! The scarf is amazing!

    Have a great time in Barcelona! We just went .... you most definatley have to do some art galleries. We did about sx in one day with a barcelona card which is the cheapest way of getting around (free transport) and also free attractions.

    Kate x

  3. Hi Matt, I have a little surprise for you...go check it out on my blog :)

  4. Gorgeous projects!! I think Matt should model the jumper for us, so that we can see a picture of him wearing it! :o) What a lovely gift for him! I'm glad you two are back together, and hope that Barcelona is great!
    Maria x

  5. Really lovely makes - both are completely stunning. I am in awe of your talent, Mr. Dennis!Those girls who work with you are so lucky - I bet they get some lovely things from you. Have a fab holiday, you two, and lovely to see you back in Blogland.x

  6. Dennis Your work is stunning! Perfect. I envy your talent.

  7. Goodness your friends are so lucky you make amazing beautiful things to give them, I love the colours and construction of the scarf.

  8. Hi Dennis, your sweater is absolutely magnificent. I'm with Dinki Dots, I hope you have Matt model it for you and show us the photos. I hope you two have a fantastic holiday together and also that you show us some photos of your trip. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. That scarf is AMAZEBALLS! And I'm totally with you re making yourself finish a project. I have exactly the same probs with granny squares...yawn. Well done, enjoy your break x

  10. Wonderful knits Dennis. I do like Jared Flood's designs.

    Enjoy your hols in Barcelona :)

    Ruby x

  11. Beautiful knits Dennis and yes need to see Matt in the jumper lol
    I knit socks and have to force myself to complete the 2nd sock.

  12. Hello Matt and Denisse, I have a little surprise for you...go check it out on my blog :)

  13. Wow Dennis, you must be the fastest learning knitter in the world! Such brilliant projects! Have heaps of fun in Barcelona!! x

  14. Å very nice sweater! I guess Mark was really happy with it :-). My grandmother taught me a trick. Knit the arms first, when you still think the project is the top of the world. Then when you knitted the body and are a bit bored, it's totally done. :)

  15. Not sure whether it is Matt or Denis that likes the Doodles, but I came across this great site wanted to share with you.

  16. The scarf looks sooo complicated to make! I love it and the jumper. :-)

  17. Lovely work! I left something for you and Matt on my blog. XOXO

  18. Hi Dennis and Matt,

    WOW Dennis, you rocked both projects!!! It looks Fab!!!
    Have a lovly holiday with Matt, enjoy each other and have fun!


  19. its always a pleasure to look at you blog.keep up the great work guys love it alana

  20. I looooove the scarf ... Iand you did a wonderful job with the sweater . I might try this one some day... Hope you guys have a wonderful vacation in Barcelona.

  21. Your knitting looks great Dennis, no need for you to be scared of approaching any project you want!

  22. Hell Matt and Dennis! I love your work, how very talented and awesome you both are. Thank you for your lovely posts.

    I also love your photographs so much! I have been trying to achieve a pure white background like yours for ages, would you share the trick? I'd so love to know.

    Keep up the great work! We all love it!

    Best, Eva

  23. Hi Matt & Dennis :) What an awesome blog, I have bookmarked it.
    Dennis, lovely knits! That scarf is gorgeous.
    Happy traveling! Thanks for stopping by my blog Matt :)

  24. hello!
    Very nice sweater, I love the color and style!
    Congratulations on your lovely blog!

    Québec city


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