Monday 9 July 2012

Silver Linings

Well hello there!!!! How are you all doing? It's been a little while since we all had time to sit down and chit chat chatter with each other, hasn't it? We're all here now though, so that's the main thing :-)
So what's new?

I've been going full steam ahead for the last couple of weeks, balancing school and work. I've got to be honest, I've questioned how much longer I can go on like this for. Exhausted is the word that comes to mind, plus I've been a little moody :-S
It's ok though, there appears to be a silver lining to my big tired cloud! It comes in the form of a HOLIDAY!!!
I've decided a week away from German school and work will do me some good. A silver lining in the form of a week in Barcelona with Dennis! I can not wait!!! Just two weeks to go!

Talking of silver linings!! It's been pouring with rain all day here in Hamburg. However, for a brief moment the clouds parted and the sky was a glorious bright blue, scattered with big fluffy clouds. I grabbed my camera to share the loveliness with you all!

What with feeling tired and having lots of other things on my mind It's been tricky to find project inspiration and ideas. Today the 'idea tap' switched back on again and is now flowing heavily!

I picked up some Zpagetti yarn whilst in the city today. It's a type of yarn made from off cuts of cotton fabric. I've been looking at this yarn for months and figured why not give it a try?

I couldn't resist taking a picture of it as if it were actual spaghetti! I'm a geek.......I know!

I haven't started making anything with it yet, but it looks like it's going to be fun to work with. I'll let you know how I get on.

I also picked up some gorgeous bright turquoise lace. I'm going to give making a light lace scarf a try. I was going to go for a more neutral colour but as its for a friend I let her decide on the colour she wanted. It's a very vibrant choice!

I'm very excited to give both of these new yarns a try. They couldn't be any more different from each other. It's yarn chalk and cheese.

One last thing to show......My mum picked up these buttons for me whilst on a trip to Bangkok.
They're so fun!!! Plus buttons are so expensive here in Hamburg, so It was lovely to receive them. I'll definitely put them to good use!

Now that I've shown you all of new yarn and buttons, hopefully I'll have some exciting projects to share with you soon. 
I'm going to go have a play with the Zpagetti yarn for an hour before settling in to bed with my new book. 
A dear frieed of mine bought this for me!!! SOOOOO sweet of him!!!! THANK YOU T.A!!! I can't wait to start reading it!!!

My Silver Linings:

1. Holidays in the sun with Dennis
2. My lovely yarn filled hobbies
3. My gorgeous family and friends
4. Blue skies with marshmallow clouds
5. You guys, our cheeky blog readers......thank you so much for taking the time to visit Dennis and I here on our blog, It means so much to us both!!!

Hope you have a week full of silver linings!!!
Matt xxx
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  1. What lovely things!! I can't wait to see what you make with the different yarns! Those buttons are fantastic, too - they'll really jazz up some projects. Have a nice snuggle in bed with your book - I'm off to do the same! :o) And enjoy your holiday, it sounds like you really need a nice break.
    Maria x

  2. Oh, buttons are very inexpensive here. I will let you know next time I go shopping for fun crafty things and I will send you some. :)

  3. ALWAYS great to hear from you. CANNOT wait to see what you do with both those scrummy,yummy yarns.You will LOVE Barcelona - come back soon. :)

  4. Those new yarns are stunning! You will love Committed - it's a great book. I devoured it!

  5. I really liked. Commnitted too, great listening to the audio book as the author reads it. Are you considering something? ;-) (do I need to buy a hat?!)
    Yarn looks great, you could crochet a rag rug with the cotton or chair pads for outside chairs....or ......
    What lovely Mum. I'm envying your buttons xxx

  6. Love the Zpaghetti yarn! Beautiful buttons!

  7. Oh those yarns look so beautiful! And I LOVED the geeky spaghetti photo! haha. Plus the buttons are great also, specially the letters! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Barcelona, lots of sunshine and happiness... and more silver linings!

  8. Who couldn't love you two???? I mean ...who? Fast becoming one of my favorite places to visit!! Have the best time on holiday!!!

  9. Hi Matt, tell Dennis hello for me. Can't wait to see what you do with both yarns and all those buttons! I hope you visited my blog.. I put up a bunch of photos of our 4th of July parade here in the wild west of Oregon countryside!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Hi! That´s all so wonderful! I love the yarn and the colours and can´t wait to see what you will do with it!
    I´m new here on your blog and fascinated by the all these stunning ideas and well made things!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  11. What crazy buttons. I love them.


  12. Hi! If you are looking for some inspiration for the zpagetti, check out they sell zpagetti and patterns and you can see examples of things made with it. I made a basket with it, a pillow, a coronet (don't know if its the right word...)and a heart-shape bag. Have fun with the new yarn and have a great holiday! Best wishes from the Netherlands,


  13. Oh just loving the vivid bright beautiful colours.

  14. The buttons crack me up - between the cheese cracker and letter motif, I can't imagine what creative genius will come from them. Oh, and as far as feeling a bit down and burned out - I have a cute game that I play to bust out of funky moods. For every negative thought and grumpy gus moment I have, I try to find one good thing, no matter how ridiculous. Just like yesterday, I was in a foul funk because of a headache and every time something snarky came to mind, I followed up something ridiculous - Hobbit was holding a live concert in her room which didn't do much for a pounding head, but I could video tape it and use it for blackmail when she's going on her first date... Pokey was talking too loud while playing his online video game, so I responded with nonsensical banter that confused him... a random rude gentleman shoved past me to scoot in line just before I arrive, knocking into poor little Hobbit, so I explain to her that we had to allow for others since it was apparent we lost the memo regarding the shift in the world's orbital center... see - you just have to make your own happiness, no matter how silly it is. (And sometimes, snarky is silly and makes you smile)

    Have a happy day and I can't wait until you come back to visit again!

  15. Great silver linings Matt...essential for everyone's well being! When the going gets tough I glance to one side and spy my clear bag of very very bright Rico Creative Cotton waiting for me....a bit like looking forward to a holiday or break, the anticipation is almost as good as the real thing!

    Fiona (who lives not far from Malmesbury!)

  16. Have a great trip. I have to admit, I'm kindda jealous. Barcelona is lovely.

  17. Your blog is always so fabulous which is why you're on my Lovely Blog award list.
    Thanks for sharing all your silver linings and colourfulness.

  18. I wouldn't miss reading your blog for the world, I do look forward to it x x My local yarn shop has the T-shirt yarn just in, I've been thinking of giving it a try. Can't wait to see what you come up with ;)
    Much love....Esther

  19. Oooooooh, adore those buttons and yarn. Turquoise is becoming one of my favourites too! Hope you have a lovely holiday - I shall be in Barcelona in a fortnight's time too - although just passing through en route to an enormous cruise ship! Can't wait!!

  20. i love your posts! so beautiful.

    My parents have just come back from a norwigian cruise .... i wonder if dennis was on it!

    Kate xx

  21. Oh, I've wanted to read that book forever, but I'm waiting for a copy to come into my local used bookshop. (Tons cheaper, plus I should catch it considering I work there.)Have you read Luca Spaghetti's book, Un Amico Italiano - Eat Pray Love in Rome? A good read, like reading part of the same tale from a different point of view.

    Yarn looks like fun too!

  22. Hi Matt,

    May you have lot's of silver linings in Barcelona with Dennis !!! and I hope he can cheer you up and you two can relax in the sun, en enjoy each others company there!
    I LOVE the buttons and given your "track record", you will find the creativity in yourself to put them to good use! They are smashing and in The Netherlands, buttons are expensive too! (too bad!)...

    as for your zpagetti adventure,.. do you need a nice rug anywhere in your house? or a new seat on a wooden stool maybee?

    Hang on a bit longer, with work and school and then,..... HOLIDAY with Dennis!!


  23. Hi Matt,

    I came along this webshop in the Netherlands,
    Look in the category, kinderkralen/childrensbuttons, and there you will find some nice buttons, not too expensive!
    From the Netherlands, maybee shipping will not be that expensive...
    From blogposts i read he has excellent service.
    (for clearity, i do not know the owner in any way, so this is not a selling-thing! just a tip!).

    Kind regards,

  24. "Committed" is an amazing book - just as good as "Eat, Pray, Love" - you will love it! Enjoy that and your week with Dennis!


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