Thursday 3 April 2014

Enjoying it while it lasts!

Good morning gorgeous readers! how are you all?
Guess what I have....two glorious weeks off from work!!! isn't that amazing! 
I originally had the next two weeks planned as a vacation spent with Dennis' on the cruise ship he works on. Two weeks of travelling around the Canary islands and spending time with him in the sun. I've been looking forward to it for months! 

Things didn't quite go to plan as Dennis came down with a nasty bout of kidney stones and had to come home from the ship. :-(
The plus side is that Dennis is all fine. The kidney stones are not yet out, as the procedure to remove them didn't quite got to plan. He will have a repeat of the procedure in a few weeks, but thank God he's no longer in any pain. He's definitely on the road to recovery.
Of course the down side is that I didn't get my much longed for vacation, but I have to say things are turning out rather splendidly. I'm spending some time at home with Dennis (which was the main point to the holiday anyway) and am rather loving the long days I get to spend at home and out on the balcony, talking, crafting and eating the hours away.  

We have Spring weather! The sunshine makes me feel like a totally new person. Basking in the sunshine is not only doing wonders for me, but also for the plants I potted a few weeks ago. I'm rather enjoying watching the progression I see from day to day as another leaf, flower or sprout appears.
I couldn't resist taking some pictures to show you all. I'm simply adoring having an outside space to call my own: 

Along with the flowers I've also started growing some Strawberries. They are only little at the moment, but I hope they will grow big and have sweet red strawberries to munch on!

Also, I'm growing tomatoes! Again they are only tiny at the moment, but I'm hoping they will grow deliciously tasty fruits so I can make some Summery salsa.

Not only do I love the colour and vibrancy having a little garden brings to my life but I'm truly enjoying the maintenance part. Watching over my plants and watering them when they need, is becoming a sacred moment to the day. A time to be alone with my thoughts and ponder life as I tend to my thriving plants.

It's rather precious having this unexpected couple of weeks to spend at home.  I'm allowing myself the time to  take it slow and enjoy every moment of the day, to indulge in the things that I sometimes take for granted when busy with work.
Alowing myself the time to sit and sip tea out on the balcony, watching the day go by is such a luxury and something I would not normal plan as a way to spend my free days.

Maybe Dennis' kidney stones were a blessing in disguise? Of course not for him, but maybe for me? They've allowed me a time to enjoy the days as I please, no obligations, no schedule to follow, no boundaries as to what I can do for the next two weeks. That's rather lovely feeling! I'll enjoy every minute whilst it lasts!

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  1. I love your balcony and all the plants. I hope you keep taking snaps of how the plants are growing. My daughter and I have a patio that is rather large and can't wait to get our plants. It will be our first year here in the summer, so we have a blank slate (Patio!) to work with! I'm glad you are getting some time at home. Hope Dennis feels better soon. Have a lovely vacation! Oh, do you know that Mikey at the Crochet Crowd listed you in his Top Ten crochet blogs? I agree, you do have a wonderful blog.

  2. Beautiful pictures of your growing plants Matt ☺ Do send good wishes to poor Dennis and those kidney stones to GET bro in law had them and it is no fun at all. Nice to spend a relaxing time together, take care xo wendy in oz

  3. Oh Matt, you are SUCH a breath of fresh air. I've been following your Blog for a few years now but this is the first time I'm leaving a comment! So sorry! In the meantime I've been inspired by you ( and Dennis, of course ), in so many ways. I COULD count the ways but the list would be very long. :-) Do keep being you, and thank you for being so diligent in your Blogging. I know it's difficult sometimes and requires a constant commitment ( which you certainly have in abundance ). You're a daily inspiration. Much appreciated. Hugs from, Jen in Cape Town, South Africa.

  4. Hi Matt,
    enjoy your days off.

    I just sent you a lengthy PM via Ravelry regarding a wool festival etc.


  5. Poor Dennis. Enjoy your break and be well soon.

  6. Ooooh such a lovely balcony!! :) You have to go to the Canary Islands someday, they are really wonderful and unique islands, full of interesting people! But maybe I'm not very objective because I'm from Tenerife hahahaha..
    Hope Dennis feels better soon and enjoy this sunny days in Stuttgart! Ich wohne auch hier ;)

  7. You are a nice man Matt. Love reading your blog. As usual filled with lovely things and thoughtful writing. Enjoy your holiday. Good wishes to Dennis and fingers crossed those kidney stones will be history very soon.

  8. loving the flowers and I do love Bellis, I have some growing in my garden from last year. Amanda x

  9. I absolutely love your photos x

  10. Oh dear....kidney stones are the worst! Glad to hear they've stopped the pain though. All your plants look amazing. We're still in the throws of Winter here but it's nice to see it's Spring somewhere. ;-)

  11. Mr Green Fingers! X please give Dennis a hug from me, poor love.

  12. Your plants must set off the pots you decorated so beautifully a bit ago.

    Isn't an enforced va-cay sometimes just the needed element !~!