Tuesday 29 July 2014


Today, my day off from work was a day of long walks, sun and contemplation.
I was looking after my little puppy pal, Hayley, and I've been enjoying her company immensely.  
I love having a dog about the house, she wakes me up with her huge amounts of energy and gets me out of the house to experience the early morning sunshine, that I so frequently miss.

Today we went walking through the fields behind the my apartment. The fields line the landscape like a patchwork blanket. Vibrant blocks of colour that spread all the way to the horizon. 

As I was walking towards the fields, I noticed that they had changed colour since my last visit. No longer a dark shade of green, instead a golden ocean awaited our arrival. 

The sunflowers were in full bloom and how magnificent they looked!
So big and so bold! I was happy I had brought my camera along for the walk.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the radiant glow of the flowers. The bees were having a swell time!

I let Hayley run around for a a while and I sat down in the field amongst the flowers. I enjoyed being outside, lapping up the rays from both the sun and the flowers.
Hayley would come and sit with me and stretch out on the grass. It sounds weird but I enjoy having a little chat with her.

I've had a weird week at work, I was tired from performing in the show and my mind was swimming with the events of past few days.

Over the past week I've had close friends lose family members and I've tried to comfort and console them as I see them deal with their heartache and loss.
I've also had a friend give birth to a beautiful baby boy.
Today I found myself amongst the sunflowers contemplating, how strange it was that people had left us so suddenly and new life had greeted us so miraculously fast.

It was good to vocalise my thoughts to the ever faithful dog.
I like how she listens to me, her eyes lift and her ears twitch. On top of her cute characteristics, I find that her silence seems to answer my questions and thoughts.

The sunflowers were glorious and (I know this is deep) but I appreciated the moment as I know they won't be around for too long.

Here's a little quote from one of my favourite movies, Calendar girls. It's about Sunflowers and I think rather special:

"The sunflower...During the course of the day the head of the sunflower tracks the journey of the sun across the sky. 
A satellite dish for sunshine. 
Wherever light is, no matter how weak, these flowers will find it and that's such and admirable thing, and such a lesson in life" 

After a morning in the Sunflower fields Hayley and I headed home. We had a nice drink of water sat out on the balcony. I was thinking about the beautiful Sunflowers in the fields and was pleasantly surprised to see that the Sunflowers on my balcony had also opened up.

How lovely they are!

Inspired by the flowers I got to work on a quick little hooky project, keeping the theme of my morning. Here's what I came up with.
I'll jot the pattern down for you all over the next few days. So we can all have a little trinket to keep the sun shining all year round.
I hope you all have a lovely week. Lets keep it sunny like a Sunflower would!

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  1. A very thoughtful post and pretty sunflower photos. You should get your own dog!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. That's lovely, Matt! I love sunflowers too and had them in my bouquet when I got married. Thanks for sharing some sunshine! Lizzy x

  3. Yeah! Fields and fields of the lovely things here in France too!

  4. A lovely thought provoking post!!!! Lovely photographs too!!!! My friend's brother was also just in a massive car accident and their 8 month old baby girl died in the crash!!!! His wife is OK but there's still a lot of surgery lying ahead of him!!! I know how you feel!!! Have a happy week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  5. p . I do enjoy following your sunny site its just like the yellow sun flowers. Eveangeline

  6. very nice, I love Sun Flowers.. can't wait to give it a try.. thank you for sharing with love Janice

  7. Only recently came across your lovely blog. Love your thinking and crocheting x

  8. Gracias por compartir tu luz. En el invierno de Buenos Aires se extra├▒a el sol y su tibieza.

  9. I love your sunflower photos! I just got a "good" camera and am learning to use it. SO much better than iPhone pictures. Who knew? LOL.

  10. Howdy from a German girl living in the Midwest USA.
    Oh! Gorgeous photography and lovely crafts. This blog is going in my 'Blogs I Love' bookmark folder. I'll be back for sure!


  11. I was hoping to see a picture of your little friend Haley as well.

  12. The sunflowers are stunning. And your crocheted ones are just too cute!

  13. Very Nice work,you are really a great artist of everything,your work is awesome and appreciating ,keep doing it .Thanks


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