Sunday 3 August 2014

Crocheted Sunflowers

Hello Lovelies!
After being hugely inspired by my trip to the sunflower fields earlier in the week, I thought I'd try my hand at crocheting my very own sunflower.
I raided my craft supplies for sunflower inspired yarn and settled upon using embroidery floss as it comes in some fabulous shades.

From my collection of colours I chose the most sunflower appropriate and settled upon a dark brown, deep green and a rather sunny shade of orange.

Experimenting with the embroidery floss I got to work on creating my very own little sunflowers:

They were a fun project to whip up! 
I think they would look super cute as embellishments to craft projects, clothing and bits and bobs about the home. What do you think?

I got carried away (as usual) and had to make a whole collection of them!

They make me extremely happy!

As mentioned in my last post; I found time this week to jot down the pattern for you all, so you could have a go at making them if you feel like it!?

Now the pattern is pretty simple, I've included lots of pictures to help, so it looks like a bigger and scarier tutorial than it actually is. All I'm saying is don't be put off by the length of the tutorial, it's not as crazy as it may first appear :-)

The pattern can be found in the "TUTORIALS" flip down menu at the top of my blog, its under the name Crocheted Sunflower.

Alternatively you can click on the links here and you'll be taken straight to the pattern page!

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday morning!

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  1. Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. oooooh soooooo nice....Nicole

  3. Thank you Matt,love your sunflowers.

  4. Sunflower ;O)
    Pozdrawiam balerinka - Aneta

  5. Ooohhh! And here also when the sun! Thanks for sharing your sunflowers. I love your work. Have a good Sunday!!♥

  6. Oh you are brilliant!!! These are perfection!!
    Thank you!!!!

  7. Your sunflowers are wonderful! I love your blog here in North Carolina USA...thanks so much!!

  8. So dang CUTE! Just look at those 3D beauties! Now I have something to play with while watching the race today on TV. Sweet pattern. Thanks for sharing. ♥♥♥

  9. I loooooove it!!!!
    I wish you a good summer!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  10. Oh, they are soo cute! Iwill certainly make some soonish! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Take care Anne

  11. Oh my word, these sunflowers are so cute, and also quite like the real thing .. in South Africa we have acres of Sunflower fields, truly a sight to behold .. such happy flowers!!

  12. Sunflowers has always been my favourites, and these are just wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  13. As my grand daughter - whose middle name happens to be Sunflower! - says "these are AMAZING!!!!!!"

  14. Hi Matt! I am a knitter, but love to see your lovely crochet projects. Actually, I admire all of your crafty talent. I love your blog and look forward to reading each entry. Hugs from Prescott, Arizona, USA

  15. Hi Matt, just found your blog through pinterest and looks right up my street!! Will follow along and take a closer look at some older posts! Cheers, J9 x

  16. So adorable, Kudos to you!

  17. Once again a stunning creation. You are so inspirational. Thanks for sharing. X

  18. They are lovely. Such gorgeous colours!

  19. It's a lovely pattern and beautifully explained - I made a woolly 4 ply one here -

    As an aside, your pattern doesn't show up in a Ravelry search for Sunflower - I think it's because the pattern page doesn't have a Ravelry link to the pattern at the top of the description like your other patterns do...

  20. Hi, I love your craft, always to love your crafts, hugs from Brazil.
    Visit my blog - Tita Carr├ę - free patterns crochet


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