Friday 13 March 2015

Works In Progress

Hello there fellow hookers! How are you all doing?
I'm doing great! 
Today I finished a commissioned project that I've been working extremely hard on . It's been taxing work, but I was extremely proud of the results and mailing the project off to its recipient gave me a great sense of satisfaction. 

This commissioned project was a rather fun one, as it was candy inspired. A project that had only a theme as a guideline and the rest was left up to me to do as I pleased. 
Jolly exciting for two reasons:
1. because I love to crochet and 2. because I have a rather sweet tooth and looooove candy!!

I had fun coming up with designs and playing with the vibrant mercerised cotton that I had chosen to work with.

I made all sorts off sweets and made sure to include my favourite sour cherries and gummy fried eggs. Not to mention also making chocolate truffles, boiled sweets, liquorice allsorts and swirly lolly pops.

This candy project has kept me busy, but I had to keep a couple of other projects on the go at the same time. I didn't want to get bored of working on one project now did I ?! :-)

I've also been working on a couple of pillow cases for a good friend of mine. 
Truth is they have taken me far too long to make (I was asked for them months ago!), but I am almost done with them and should have them completed within the next few days. 

They are very simple,
Rows of thick Tunisian simple stitch, in a deep navy blue:

And some big bold buttons to finish them off:
I'm looking forward to having them all done, not because I haven't enjoyed working on them, but because I'm embarrassed at how long my friend has had to wait for them. 
Oh well!!! The wait is almost over Sasha!! 

Another project swimming around in my brain, has been one of a team effort with Mel from
Mel sent me this glorious Merino yarn that she has hand dyed in a rather scrummy shade of grey. 
Its so luxurious! I love receiving yarn all wound up in a skein and then enjoying unraveling it and winding it up into neat little packages.

I'm very much enjoying playing around with it and can't wait to share with you all what I've come up with. 

Finally my last W.I.P is something I've been spending a lot of time on and am very excited about! You may have notice in the left sidebar, a button linking to my "crochet library", well I've been hard at work on it and hoping to have it fully up and running sometime next month.

Its a helpful video resource, containing helping hints and tips to help with your crochet work. At the moment it's very basic and mainly showing people how to begin crocheting, but I do plan on working on some more advanced techniques as it progresses.

It was very daunting standing in front of a camera and filming myself. A little frustrating and awquard at times, but I hope it's a way to interact with you all and for you all to put a face to the person writing this blog.
Heres a sneak peak, its my introduction video to "The crochet Library". I'd love to hear what you all think?

Sooooo....As you can see I've been busy. I'll share each of these projects with you in a little more detail once they all near completion. Until then.... Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. so nice to read you again and to see all this beauty! The sweets are gorgeous :) and yummy! warm greetings :)

  2. Great videos with great explanations! Many thanks for sharing with us, Matt!
    Love you! Have a nice day and kisses from Catalonia!

  3. Wow Matt! What amazing blue eyes! Forget the crochet - I just enjoyed looking at you - only joking. I love crochet too.

    1. I thought the same thing about his blue eyes! lol Anytime I see Blues on the TV to I just stare haha.

    2. My goodness, yes, those are some of the bluest eyes I've even seen. Great job on the videos, Matt!

  4. Matt you are a natural behind the camers. Just watched tutorials just fab. I can do very basic crochet but would love to do much more. Will be popping back to learn. Love your sweets.

  5. Ok, I love your videos! I am ever amazed at how much you accomplish - the performances, the beautiful projects, and now videos. Your bright creative spirit brings inspiration to us all.
    Sheri in Sacramento

  6. Hi Matt.. I look forward to watching your videos.. the family are watching the news on TV so I will have to wait. LOVE your crocheted candies! I volunteer behind an information counter at Multhomah Falls and met a young man who was trying to learn to knit - I told him about your and how great of a craftsman you are. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Hi Matt - it's great to see your little video, and you seem just as I imagined! :)
    Love your sweets - they look just right, and that tunisian crochet is gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the grey yarn.
    Looking forward to seeing more,
    Maria x

  8. The Crochet Candies are GREAT!!! LOVE them. I know the recipient(s) will be VERY happy! The tutorials are great also!

  9. Great explanation of the magic circle -

  10. Those candy colours are amazing!

  11. You sure were busy! I love the idea of crochet library

  12. Matt, those sweets look good enough to eat! Very nicely done. I think the crochet library will be quite helpful, especially if there are patterns along with the how-to-do's. The magic circle is fantastic! Everyone that crochets will certainly benefit from that, along with the other lessons. Thank-you so much-looking forward to more things in your library.

  13. Hmmm, for some reason the video played with no sound. Which is a shame, because I'm sure I'd love your accent!

  14. Wow you are fantastic!!!

  15. That liquorice allsort looks very tasty!
    My aren't you posh having that wool wonder. I still have to put it around our chairs. Certainly miss my Mam she always used to hold the wool for me when I was young in the days all the wool came in hanks. My how times change.

    Love those cushions. Definitely worth the wait!

  16. Your videos are wonderful! I look forward to seeing more from you!