Thursday 14 June 2012


Hello lovelies! Thanks for all of the lovely comments we've had in regards to our 'Blogiversary". It really is so special to read each and everyone of them. You're all so kind!

Today I've got a quick project update!!! An update on the blanket I'm making for a friend at work.
Look how it's coming along..... a flowing waterfall of rainbowness!!

As you can see, I haven't exactly been sticking to my initial plan of one stripe a day.
Now I think of it, one stripe a day was probably a little unrealistic! When I get the passion for a project, it's very hard for me to ration myself and limit how much I work on it.
So it's been working out roughly two stripes per day. It's so exciting to see how fast this project grows!

I am loving the simplicity of the stripes. It's so easy to sit down at my laptop and do a stripe or two without having to focus on the pattern. It keeps my hands nice and busy whilst I spend a free ten minutes reading through some of my favourite blogs. Very soothing and completely and utterly relaxing!

It just screams HAPPINESS!! The Stylecraft is not failing to impress. It's working up even scrummier than I remember! (I know "SCRUMMIER" isn't a real word, but can we just appreciate that my spell check wanted to change it to "SCUMMIER", not really the best word to describe this yarn :-)).

As you can see it's coming along nicely! I'll keep you updated as it continues to grow!
What projects are you all working on? I bet something Fabulous?!

Matt xxx
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  1. I am also making a quilt like yours! And one of grannies, and a couple of bags ... bufff ... But I think soon initiate a multicolored striped ... because I love! Many thanks for your blog, A hug, Martina.

  2. Pretty!

    I've darned in all the ends on my blooming flower cushion, ordered a duck feather cushion pad for it and am now crocheting some more Spring Flower squares for blanket #3.

    ....well you did ask! :-D

  3. It is looking fabulous!

  4. It's looking good Matt, I love the simplicity of stripes. I'm making dungarees, a crib blanket and have joined a CAL for a granny sampler afghan to mention just a few of my current wips, I have to have a few things on the go at once. :)

  5. I am on my third granny stripe with Stylecraft. Its a lovely cheap yarn and the colours are so vibrant. The Stylecraft wool/acrylic mix is nice too if you fancy a change. Lily. xxx

  6. I'm making hexies and a jinny's beyer garden. Your strips are beautiful :)

  7. Love the colours in your blanket. I'm doing some tunisian crochet to turn into a draw-string bag. And I've just received a Stylecraft yarn pack and want to get started, but I'm torn between making a granny stripe or a ripple blanket. Difficult decision.

  8. This will be so great! I'm working on a countertop runner for the kitchen. Stripey but only five colours. An update is soon to be revealed on my blog :o)

  9. LOVE the first picture. I first thought my browser was acting up again, which sometimes happens when I scroll and the pictures get elongated (don't know if you know what I mean).
    I'm working on too much at the moment and have too little time :(. Just decided to take a couple of weeks off of blogging myself, to get recharged :)

  10. I love your blanket! At the moment I only have 2 projects on the go which is very restrained of me! The first is a knitted baby sleeping bag which is very cute :) and the second is a scarf, which sounds very boring but really isn't!! I bought some gorgeous multicoloured merino wool (just because I liked it) so was on the look out for an interesting pattern to show it off. Then I found a pattern on Ravelry for a knitted ripple (I LOVE crochet ripples and have made 2 in the last 2 months!!!) and so my knitted ripply scarf began! I have to say it is looking rather scrummy already!
    with love
    Karen x x x

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Love the colours! BTW, have awarded you the Sunshine Award cos your posts always bring the sun into my day!!! xxx

  12. Matt that is happiness and full on sunshinyness too, beautiful. Stylecraft yarns really work up well don't they and the colours are pretty gorgeous aren't they! I'm using it to make some cheery bicycle basket bunting at the moment.

  13. NO crocheting here at the moment, :( I've been working on other projects, I've told myself NO new projects until I've cleared all the UFOs...sooon, sooon! Love your blog it make me all weak at the knees, and they're a bit dodgy at the best of times! From a crochety old bag in New Zealand ♥

  14. I love the colors that you used. I made almost the same in miniature(1:12 for my dollshouse) see here: and if you klik on next post you will see the finnished blanket on the bed in the boys room.
    I am not only crochet in miniature but also normal size, i currently work on a shirt made from round in square grannys for the summer see my other blog: and still working on a vest...and there are also miniature crochet project i am working on at the same time. I can not do one thing at a time.

  15. I had some catching up to do at your blog....congretulations with your first year of blogging.

  16. love stripes a lot!!! so even your blanket!!
    many projects on the'll see during the weekend!
    xxxx Alessandra

  17. That's so gorgeous! Lovely! xx

  18. Hello Matt
    Love the combination of colours....bright happy colours.
    I have two makes on the go....some Mary Jane booties for a newborn and the centre piece for an Afghan throw I am making for a wedding present.

    Amanda :-)

  19. Wat een prachtig fleurig deken word het
    Je word er helemaal vrolijk van
    groetjes anita

  20. Loving those stripes going to start one myself once my next lot of stylecraft arrives, for a baby due in december

  21. Love the blanket, it's so bright and colourful :)
    Maybe I should start crocheting as well? You sould come to the next knit night early July to show me how to do this pattern!


  22. I do love a granny stripe blanket and those colours are just lush!

  23. I also made ​​this blanket! is fun and easy to do! congratulations for this work!

  24. It is looking lovely. Wonderful colours. Rachel x

  25. Hey Matt!

    What an amazing blanket, it's such a pity that my themed link-party ("stripes") is already closed, this would have been a great entry!

    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award over at my blog (
    I don't know if you'd like to play along, but I really enjoy following your blog - even if I rarely take the time to write a comment :)

    Have a great week-end!

  26. Loving the colourful granny stripes! I have three blankets on the go at the moment - a rainbow ripple, shades of grey granny stripe and a blanket for a friend. I'm using stylecraft for them all and it is so nice to crochet with. I seem to have got sidetracked with other projects though and haven't made much progress on them for months - I must be a good girl and try and get them finished :-) Have a great weekend Joanna xx

  27. "They are crochet heroes!" -My 7 year old son

  28. Hello lovely Matt!

    Firstly, your blanket is FAB! It has totally made me rethink this yarn, I bought some to make a crochet bag to hold all my yarn (prompted by a blog post you did a while back asking us what we used to store our yarn answer was a paper bag, so ashamed *hangs head*). Anyways, I just couldn't get "with" the yarn and after trying two different patterns, put it to one side and started on a new exciting project....a KATE DAVIES pattern! Have you heard of her? If not look her up on Ravelry!! My parents live in Shetland and I lived there for a year or two after I finished Uni (we're talking about 14 years ago now sheesh!) and Kate's RAMS and YOWES spoke to my heart so I sent off for some Jamieson & Smith 2ply jumper weight yarn and also purchased some Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift from a local store and away I went....the thing is although I stayed true to the yarn (going with the Shetland stuff) I have totally gone against the natural shades as per the pattern and done this... sheep galore! I loved knitting all the wee sheeps and rams but the border is taking FOREVER! Can't wait to get it finished so I can start my next project (and the Stylecraft is unfortunately still in a paper be continued!) xx

  29. I have also ordered that yarn from Masons. It is waiting for me in London when I visist my daughter in July. Your blanket is STUNNING and I am so excited to see the wonderful colors!

  30. Hi Matt,

    I would love to make a blanket like that!
    The colours are just FAB !!!! It really is a rainbow of colour and it makes me very happy!!!

    Can you please tell me, how many "balls of yarn" (weight per ball),..i need of eacht colour?????
    (single bed, and double bed?????).

    Thank you so much!

    Kind regards from Hedwig

  31. Just found your blog through pinterest (the bunting tutorial, wow...gotta try that one day!). Love the splash of colour on it. You rainbow blanket is just perfect! Funny how recognizable the way you your laptop, strolling through blogs, just like me. What a perfect way to relax! The only thing's so hard to stop, can you really restrain yourself to 10 minutes? Enjoy your day, I'll defenitely be back soon on your blog.

  32. Oh wow, it's gorgeous so far! That Stylecraft yarn does look scrummy, which should definitely be a word. Let's make it a word, officially, right now.

    Good luck weaving in all those ends, ugh! It'll be well worth it, though, that blanket is spectacular. :)

  33. Matt, I love your blanket and I am on with the same blanket with the same wool but I cannot do more than one and a half stripes a night! I have 240 stitches and it is taking a LONG time........ currently on row 49 of a planned 60, but I am determined to keep going and so have not started any other projects for the last 4 months. The thing that keeps me going is the colour. I love the colours and planning which colour comes next makes it an enjoyable (if occasionally laborious) project. Love your blog especially the style of it, fresh, bright and uplifting, thank you. Ali x

  34. Hi Matt,

    Just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for 'the sunshine' award. Full details can be found on my post here:

    I understand that if you have already received many of these types of awards you may not wish to join in, but I hope that the link on my blog brings in lots of new visitors to your beautiful blog. I chose your blog as it always makes me feel 'happy' and 'sunny' when I visit to see your colourful crafty projects.

    Best Wishes
    Fleur xx

  35. I do not NEED a crocheted blanket but I think I might just have to give this a go. I'm a new reader an I'm enjoying your blog, thank you!

  36. That is shaping up to be a very beautiful blanket Matt.

    The colours seem to go together so well, keep it going, cannot wait to see the end result.


  37. I just discovered this blog and I just wanted to let you know that I think it's wonderful. Really awesome project there :)

  38. Parabéns , o seu trabalho é lindo!Vou tentar fazer um também!


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