Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tea Party

This morning I've been busy sending out the last of a large batch of invitations.
Dennis and I are throwing a BIG party at the weekend, we have hundreds of guests coming and are both super excited!
I'm not quite sure how everyone will fit in our tiny apartment? But I'm sure we will make it work :-) 

What? You've received one of these invitations!! Then quick, open it and let's read what it says.......

I really hope you can all make it!!! See you on Saturday!!!
Matt xxx
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  1. You've no idea how I wish I could!!!!! Would so love to meet the two of you!!! Hope it's the party of the year !!!!

  2. thank you for thje kind invitation!!! I'll be there!!! Fancy some tiramisu'??? ;-)))
    xxxx Alessandra

    1. MMMMM! Tiramisu would be lovely! X

  3. Oh! How I wish I could attend your lovely tea party. I would really love to meet both of you. So I will do the next best thing and wait for your wonderful post. Please have an extra slice of cake for me!! Regards.

  4. too bad we live so far away! I would love to meet you both.
    Have a great party!

  5. I just made a 4 tier lemon cake, each tier a different shade of yellow, with homemade lemon curd inside each layer, and cream cheese frosting in an ombre style (yep, you guessed it, four shades of yellow!). Shall I bring some of that? ;-) I do so love a good tea party, will be tuning in to take my mind of my real life, an unseasonably cold Australian winter with two small sick children...

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  7. I''m going to need pictures, because I live far, far, far away!

  8. Oh, I wish I could! I gave a cake party last Sunday and it was so fun. Enjoy yourselves :o)

  9. Gosh I could really use a tea party! Wish I could come! :o( Im in Florida.

  10. Oh! I'll pop by when my girlies are taking a nap! Can't wait to see what you guys have planned and I'll make a nice yellow bundt cake and some tea with lemon. Yum! I can't wait!

  11. Would love to attend (especially as we'reliving in the same town) but I'm a bit out-of.order due to a bike accident last week :/


  12. Sounds lovely, wish I could be there but just a weeny bit too far, have a lovely day:)

  13. Pictures Pleae and any leftover cake!

  14. Pati from London8 June 2012 at 14:58

    Wish I could go... I send a bit of Moet your way.... fizz fizz fizzz...... xx Pati

  15. Enjoy the party to your fullest! Hope both of you have lots and lots of fun :-)

  16. Loved the party, thank you for inviting me ;-p xxx

  17. It sounds like a great party...although I live too far I'll be there in spirits. Woul love to meet both of you n see all yr creations in person!, I'm sure it was a wonderful evening! :)


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