Sunday 9 February 2014

Green Fingers

WOW WOW WEEEEEE WOW!!!!!! What a lovely response I had to my completed Flower Blanket. Thank you all for the kind comments and likes here on my blog as well as over on Facebook, it really means a lot. 

I hope you have all been having a tremendous week? 
Mine has been a good one, although since we last spoke Dennis has left home to work on his next cruise ship contract. I know it's his job and I have my we both love, but it never gets any easier saying goodbye. It will be just over three months until he is back home again and so I've been feeling a tad glum. 

As many of you know from reading previous posts, I like nothing more than a colour injection from a fresh bunch of flowers to lift my mood! So I did what I know best when feeling a little down.... and popped into town for some fresh flowers.

I ended up buying some little pots of hyacinth bulbs. I love to buy little sprouting bulbs, they sit in their little tubs growing rather rapidly from day to day.

I didn't know what colour flowers these hyacinths were going to end up having. It was a nice surprise when the little buds started to open and I could catch my first glimpse of their glorious colours.

White, violet and pink hyacinths!!! Rather lovely! Bright Jolly and so full of fragrance!

It's been a very mild Winter here in Stuttgart and there have been days when it really has felt like Spring already.
It was on one of these "Winter days that felt like a Spring day" that I bought the Hyacinths and decided to continue my quest for colour and also buy some plants for the balcony.

It's the first time I've ever had a balcony and so I've just been too excited to start using it.
Even though I've never gardened before, I felt like a gardening pro! I planted lovely flowers in cute window boxes and hung them out on the railings to my balcony.

I bought some extra seeds and nuts for the birds, to help them through the rest of the Winter months, 

Once I start on something I find it pretty difficult to stop, Some pot plants to sit on the floor!! YES PLEASE!!! I was ensured when I bought these flowers that they were suitable to be kept out in the cold and would continue to keep their gorgeous flowers.

I also bought some Buxus plants to sit happily along the length of the balcony. I hope they grow MASSIVE and  I can carve them into sculptures, like Edward Scissor Hands would!

I'm loving the balcony so far!! I even sat out there yesterday morning with my coat on, drinking my morning coffee. I was FREEZING!!!! But it was good to be in the fresh air.
I'm not quit finished with the balcony!!! I think I'm going to give the pots a crafty makeover of some sort and I definitely need some bunting hanging out there!! That'll keep me busy over the next days!

Happy Sunday!!

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  1. Wow Matt !!! Gardening is an absuloutely heavenly thing to do ! But it is quite a bit of hard work..and if u are treavelling out quite often.. getting someone to water them is another job ! But wow.. what lovely flowers and plants u have bought !
    Way to go !!

  2. Thank you for spreading so much cheerfulness, even though it's not too easy for you having to say goodbye for such a long time. I love your flowers and your balcony!

  3. Yes and a lovely chair or too with a little table!I am looking forward to great balcony photos!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. How lovely to have a will be warmer soon and I am sure we will see pics of you crocheting amongst all those lovely plants....?
    bestest wishes to you today
    Daisy j x

  5. Well Matt as usual your cheery post made me smile!
    I think a visit to the nursery for some sweet plantps is in the offing for me!

  6. Lovely balcony garden. That balcony tub or whatever you call it looks soooo nice. Its mazing how much happiness and peace one gets while being with one's plants. And do you know that by pottering and planting, the negative energies flow into the earth? Yes. They do. So happy gardening.

  7. Caramba que belleza de balcón!! te has convertido en todo un diseñador de exteriores!!
    todas son preciosas!! un bello colorido y las maceteras geniales!!

  8. Thank you for making me smile!! :)

  9. Gardening is a joyful pursuit with glorious return on investment of time and energy. Flowers brighten and cheer and we all need that in our lives. Dennis will be home before we know it; the first weeks are the hardest, I bet.

  10. Balcony gardening is great! I had a balcony for 6 years and I didn't find much I couldn't grow, as long as it's happy in a pot :-) I don't know if you get much frost in Stuttgart but being above ground your plants should fare better. It's just a pain watering them in the summer months but if you get a nice big watering can you'll be fine.

    It's so lovely to have all that colour and once you've got a few things going - annuals which come back year after year, or bulbs, it just gets easier. Keep up the good work! x

  11. Love this! I am feeling the exact same way. Bring on spring