Tuesday 18 February 2014

Roses are red.....

Good morning Lovelies!!! 
I hope your week is getting off to a great start?
I've only got time for a very quick hello, but I just had to come share a little bit of sunshine with you all.
On Friday I arrived at work nice and early in my usual state of sleepiness, deep in thought about the day ahead. As I arrived at the stage door the lovely lady at the reception called me into her office. I had no clue why, so I was a tad confused.

Imagine my utter delight when I left the stage door with the biggest, most luscious bunch of roses!!
They were from Dennis of course, a gift for Valentines Day!

I simply had to come and quickly share share some pictures of them:

I find Roses soooooooooo GORGEOUS, they are just too perfect.
The variety of colour they come in, inspires me.
I love how when you look closely you see more than just an "Orange rose". The petals ooze  from red through to yellow, making the flower glow with a bright intensity.

Perfectly formed, The petals rap around each other. I could get lost for days in the swirly petal formations.

So elegantly they sit on their long slender stems. It's really no surprise they are a symbol of love. How could you not love them? A feast for the eyes and a banquet for the nose!!! They smell heavenly!

I'll be enjoying these beauties for as long as I can.
They sit in a jug on my dining table, giving me so much joy each time I pass them!

Thank you Dennis!!!

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuw how cute :) beautiful roses too !

  2. Oh how lovely! They are so beautiful, and so is your appreciation of their beauty.

  3. WOW Matt!!! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous expression of nature and love. Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  4. methinks someone crafty could make a throw inspired by these beauties......

  5. Is he great, or what?! thanks for sharing.

  6. How sweet and thoughtful, and what beautiful roses! I love that they aren't the usual all-new kind. Love your blog, Matt. :)

  7. Oops, meant all red! :$

  8. how sweet of Dennis, the roses are lovely.


  9. WOWWWWW!!!! ...Que belleza y que hermoso detalle!! felicidades!!

  10. Congrats on receiving such beautiful roses.. you are loved! I hope you sent some to him, too!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Be beautiful roses, your fella has brilliant taste, I love the pictures with the background cropped out. I'm a bit in love with roses at the moment too, just found a lovely rose bush with pale bluey Violet flowers, are you planning on planting any on your balcony? Xxx

  12. I love roses too, Matt. In fact, I think they are among the most perfect things in creation. Those beautiful velvety petals, the infinite varieties and that divine smell!

  13. My goodness those are beautiful. This post inspired me to buy some for my partner Josh. Not only is he really loving them, seeing them change every day is so life-enhancing!