Friday 21 February 2014

Sofa night!

Hello Lovelies!
I've been enjoying a rather lovely evening at home. I took the evening off from work, as I needed a little bit of me time and ended up having a cosy evening on the sofa. 
I lit the candles around the living room, put on my favourite music and spent time making some rather yummy food.

Fresh Salmon with a rather adventurous salad. I put whatever was lying around in my fridge: Mixed salad leaves, rocket, pepper, celery, olives, humous and even some grapes!

It was absolutely delicious!
The food didn't stop there:
I then sat down to a rather intense Greys Anatomy session!
Nibbling on a bar of chocolate with a coffee at hand, it was pure bliss.

 Of course I also had a little hooky something to keep my hands occupied. It's a very jolly and cute project that I'm working on. I'm enjoying it immensely!

I should be finished with this in a day or two as it's only a little project. 
I will reveal all soon..... 
I hope you all had a lovely Friday evening also?

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  1. I love your blog! You crochet the most beautiful items! I recently learned to crochet and am loving it so much. Check out my blog here! :)

  2. Sounds like the most AMAZING me time ever. Good food, lovely ambiance and craft. What could be better.

  3. Calm, quiet, sewed a bit-made two hot pads for cast iron pan handles for a friend from school who was kind last month during an emotional time. She's a sweet nurse who takes care of the tiniest babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Strip piecing and Insulbrite made a pair of cute handle covers. The munchies have tended to be very salty this evening-I wonder why some nights are like that while others have me diving for the sugary treats...
    Life's mysteries waiting to be solved. Happy Weekend, Matt.

  4. Deliciosa velada!! tu proyecto se ve muy bien ya quiero verlo terminado!!

  5. Hace tiempo que te sigo y me encanta ver tus post,son muy especiales y haces trabajos preciosos!!!
    Un bedazo!!!

  6. Tunisian crochet! So excited to see what you're working on, especially after your incredible Tunisian crochet cushion project from a short while back. Looks like some sky and a grassy ground to me, but I could well be completely off...looking forward to the reveal :) Coincidentally perhaps, I JUST finished a Tunisian crocheted cushion and I only started looking into it as a craft after reading about it on this blog, so thanks! All the best to you :)

  7. Dobré jídlo,svíčky a háčkování co víc si přát při pátečním večeru.Krásný víkend.Radka.

  8. Oh how lovely, yes - the food, yes - the sweet atmosphere warming candles, yes the eve of relaxation but more than that - the fact you're loving your current make! I've just posted about my In Progress things and it's a bit on the argghhhhhh side! Oh well, the sooner I finish the sooner I can post about something that's making me feel as enthusiastic. xx

  9. Que noite maravilhosa, tudo de bom, jantar delicioso, café, chocolate e meu blog não coloquei minha noite, mas coloquei minha surpresa matutina, se desejar vir dar uma olhadinha seja bem vindo.




  10. Aahhh! Sounds bliss! Your meal looks delish - my idea of heaven. The crochet project looks interesting - almost like knit..looking forward to seeing what you're making - I love everything you make - love that it's never twee, but super-stylish. Lovely blog. x