Sunday 18 March 2012

The Little Things.

This week, finding time to write a blog post has proven a little tricky. I've wanted to come speak with you all for days, but just haven't had the time.
My sudden lack of free time is mainly down to the fact that I've gone back to school...... well kind of! I've enrolled in a German course that will last for the next six months. Its German for me each morning, Monday to Friday from 8.45 until 1.00.
I started it last Monday, hence the urge to get my Granny Square Blanket finished and out of the way!
My days are proving to be long and I'm feeling pretty tired by the time the day is through. Getting up early and going to school, then straight to the theatre for work, is proving challenging.
My tired brain and body are somewhat rewarded by the fact that I really feel like I'm doing something productive each day. I'm loving the feeling of learning and also the discipline that school brings. Step by step my German is improving and I'm feeling much more confident having interactions with the people I encounter here in Hamburg.

With settling into my new routine, I feel like I've found  a new appreciation for the moments when I can slow down and relax......take a breath ....... before it all starts again! I've noticed it's the little things that are keeping me sane and stopping me from drowning in a haze of tiredness.
It's the little things that are making me feel happy and content. It's the little things that are really making a difference to the routine of each day.

Its the little things that I want to share with you all today! So... Go grab yourself a soothing hot drink and a treat yourself to some scrummy biscuits....... I'm going to share a few of the little things that are making a BIG difference to me :-)

You would have to have been completely oblivious to have not noticed the quite dramatic change of seasons. The air is not quite so bitterly cold. The sun is peeping through the clouds, I just love it!!!
The thing I adore most, is seeing the little sprouts of 'soon to be' flowers poking out of the ground. Tiny little buds on trees and glimpses of colour breaking up the wintery city.
Spring is also gracing our apartment, our little daffodils have blossomed (quite suddenly). They sit vibrant and beautiful in there pot looking out across the bedroom soaking up the early Spring sunshine.


Our orchids are also in full bloom and are looking completely and utterly stunning! What a gorgeous pinky violet they are!! Flowers around the apartment really elevate my sometimes deflated mood.

It was a very pleasant surprise to arrive at work last Friday and see that I had received a big parcel from somebody!
It was from my lovely Mum (Happy Mothers Day MUM!!!!) and couldn't have arrived at a better time! I had been feeling the need to go home and visit my family, to just be connected with them and experience some of the things I miss whilst living away form England. Receiving this parcel definitely made me feel very loved by my family.
Mum had done a great job of sending me all of the things I miss and crave. Not only that, but she had packed it all in this gorgeously fun and bright box. A box that will certainly be at home in our apartment!

My mum must have heard my cravings for all things English. She had sent Dennis and me a large selection of goodies from Marks and Spencers, as well as a big supply of Cadbury's chocolate!

Cadbury's whole nut, Fruit and nut.....mmmmmmmmm.

And my favourite! Cadbury's CRUNCHIE!!!!!!! 
Now obviously its always nice to receive gifts. But it wasn't so much the fact the I had received this package, It was more the realization that the people I love and miss and think of often,  were also loving, missing and thinking of me. It really mad me happy and made me feel very VERY loved.

Finding a moment to get messy always brings me endless amounts of joy! Having my paints, glue-gun, pens and pencils scattered all over the kitchen table as I make a crafty chaotic mess, gives me such a great feeling! It's my favourite outlet and is quite simply a moment of ME time.

As I frantically left the apartment early one morning, I ran out of the door and did my usual quick mailbox check to see if we had any post. I laughed out loud as I saw the words " Bogey face and Poo Head" peeping through the gaps of our mailbox.
It was a postcard for Dennis, from one of his friends. What a lovely surprise!
I just loved how very childish and naughty it was. It really makes me smile every time I read the rainbow of cheeky words. I feel like it really reminded me to lighten up and and not be so frantic and serious as I headed to school.
Try reading it with out smiling, it's hard! It's the 'PLOP' at the end that really tickles me :-)

The final thing that has given me endless amounts of joy throughout my busy week, is our blog.
At the moment our blog tops the list of my 'favourite things' to do. I love the community of enthusiasts that I can connect with and share our work and love for crafting.  I love working on projects with the thought of sharing them with you all. I am also very grateful for the kind and generous messages we have received from each one of you!

So once again Dennis and I are sending a massive THANK YOU for the super encouraging feedback we have received in regards to our work and our blog.
It's these little things that keep me motivated and keep my creative clock ticking along when my mind feels tired. What 'little things' keep you plodding along?
Its the small things that make all the difference.

Matt xxx

P.S It's Mothers Day in the UK, so a Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mums out there! Enjoy YOUR day!

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  1. Do little boys ever stop liking rude words!! My Little Son is highly amused that a grown up would get a postcard with so many naughty things written on it! I completely understand the need for British chocolate. Its never the same eating others. I had a terrible craving for it while travelling in India and managed to get some very expensive 'Cadbury' only to find it was made on license in India and tasted of NOTHING. It made me want to weep! Lily. xxx

  2. I was given a big box of Thorntons this morning from my lovely kiddies but , maybe I'm not posh enough but I do prefer my cadbury whole nut !!! Yuuuum ... Wen I see a post from you guys I always get excited !! Love the blog !

    Happy study time Matt and thanks for the comment Dennis :)

    Wishing you both happiness , health and wealth xx


  3. I love the 'Poem' and the finality of the onomatopoeic 'Plop'! I may have to write my own, in Rainbow pens too, the last word will have to be plop! What a great friend to send such joyful, naughty nonsense. :) x

  4. I've been long delighted to be able to find Crunchie Bars here in Canada!!! Mr favorite. I'm also delighted to have been directed to your blog! :)samm@ravelry

  5. Just saying hello as a new follower! hello!

  6. Funny moment have to share with you.

    I'm happily sitting here reading your blog as I do as much as possible on my lovely wifee bought me as an awesome surprise Christmas present. She peers over says "what you looking at?" as she just caught sight of the two gorgeous bars of chocolate and Chrunchie! "A craft blog" I say.

    What keeps me plodding along is definitely my knitting/crotchet in times of stress & our dogs. We had one our three dogs pass away last week but having the other two definitely helped with the grief we felt for her lose.

    Sara x

  7. Hahaha! I love that postcard - It is full of the naughtiest swear words my 7 and 4 year old could ever imagine. Enjoy your chocolate!

  8. Hey Bogey Face, great post as ever.Thanks for sharing and good luck with the German lessons. x

    ps It's been Mother's Day in Scotland too!

    1. Hey POO HEAD! Sorry for making it all about the mothers in England! My mistake! I do hope you had a lovely Mothers Day in Scotland? Thanks for the comment!
      Bogey Face xx

  9. Great post.. love the daffs and especially the exotic orchid! Did you buy it in bloom or did you raise it to bloom? I had one once but it never flowered after I got it.. Can you believe it's snowing today in Oregon USA? On my daffodils.. poo. I totally agree with you about how my blog makes me happy.. to connect with new friends around the globe is quite simply amazing. I'm so glad you have such a loving family. I think I need to put a box together for my daughter and granddaughters who moved 2000 miles away. I miss them so.. it's broken my heart beyond measure to have them gone. My small pleasure definitely includes chocolate. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I love your postcard - i remember doing silly things like that with my friends! My little boy is learning to read and we always laugh at one of his words "but" as it sounds so naughty to a 5 year old even though he does not understand the difference between but and butt. Hope you have a fab week and you never know, it may become easier this week.

  11. *small whisper* "it's mother's day in Scotland too..... xx

    1. I didn't mean to leave the Scottish mums out!!! ooooops! My mistake. I've changed the post! I hope you had a tremendously lovely day! Matt x

  12. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums!!!! I have 3 children (8,7,and 2) and I feel like every day is Mothers Day in my house. I am an avid crocheter, and my 2 daughters have become quite crafty. There is always a new hand crafted surprise waiting for me somewhere in the house. Although I am new to your blog I have to say I really enjoy it. You guys have amazing talent and amazing love for each other and the things you do. I hope one day I can find the time in actually creating a blog but for now, I'm more than happy with the glimpse into your life. I'm definitely not ready to put mine into writing...

    Keep up the amazing work!!!

  13. Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful creations with us. Blogreading makes me specially happy, seeing all those crafty people out there just inpires me and makes wanna keep crafting! By the way... Viel Erfolg beim Deutsch lernen! :)

  14. I just discovered your blog reading Isabelle Kessedijan's blog... I just love it ! ... don't know if it's a good thing : might be I'm gonna spend a lot of time reading it ! Have a beautiful day !

  15. I just started reading your blog a couple of days ago! I am amazed at your handiwork ability!Ich kann ein bischen Deutch auch!Viel Erfolg!Indeed little things make the difference!AriadnefromGreece!

  16. I just adore you both! So happy to read your blog together and to see so much love! I wish I had someone to crochet/knit with. :) Look at all your craft stuff!!! So fun :)

  17. And by the way, I've never had those candies before! They sound delicious. :)

  18. hmmm... your blog makes me happy, always. Thank you for being such a love. x

  19. What a fantatic read, so love coming here for a good fun time.
    Colourful and yummy too. That postcard is like something and my younger
    brother would still do if he was here, but definitely with my son now lol lol.
    love to you both xoxo

  20. Surfing on the net I came across your blog and loved it immediately. You are so creative and I love that. BEing creative relaxes me. I´m now into crochet again after knitting for years. I´ve just finished a wooleater blanket and am now working on a granny square blanket. Still have about 100 squares to do LOL
    Anyway, your blog and stories are a true inspiration. I will surely read it lots and lots :) Keep up with the German (I had German at school, good for you to learn it) Anyway, thanks for all the lovely things you write and show.
    Oh about that candy, I have a candy shop in Assen ( The Netherlands) I would love the candy your mom sent you in my shop. I will try and find a way to order it online or something cause I know it is delicious :)


  21. Your blog makes my early morning less tiresome today. Plus the sunshine and crocuses peeking up through the Boston soil. Happy first day of Spring (in the U.S.)!


  22. I tried so hard not to smile at that last bit!


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