Sunday 4 March 2012

Yummy Yarnberries

I love strawberries. I love the color, the taste and the beauty of them! They're not always in season though, and can be quite expensive! So I found my own little solution to always have some at home throughout the year! They might not be as tasty, but they sure are just as beautiful and full of color!
 It was the first time I've tried to knit something tiny and 'amigurumi' style. They are tiny tiny tiny but somehow took almost an hour to knit individually. It's funny how much you can learn from these little beauties. I've used the 'Magic Loop' technique to knit these, which was really interesting and so much easier than knitting with a lot of double pointed needles! I also had to use some 'fair isle' which was fun!
The pattern can be found here: Knitted Strawberries. Mine are not as neat as hers, but I love them anyway!
Have yourselves a lovely week!

Dennis xxx
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  1. Good enough to eat! They're gorgeous. Look very fiddly to work up though but you did an incredible job. Well done.
    Have a great week, Chaps. x

  2. you could sew some little black beads on for seeds!

  3. They are gorgeous! I so wish I could knit :)

  4. I think they are PERFECTION! So bright and juicy and pretty. What a neat idea! Reminds me of my tiny pumpkins I crocheted. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Really sweet: great job!

  6. Really pretty!! What is the 'Magic Loop' technique?

  7. Awesome! These strawberries are so cute!

  8. Very cute indeed! X

  9. They do look good enough to eat! x

  10. I recently tried knitting something small for the first time and it's far more difficult than using chunky yarn with medium sized needles.
    These berries are even smaller, good on you!!! They look great!
    B x

  11. This is SO cute! <3 I love them so much.

    xx MaDonna

  12. Qué ricas fresas! Well done, they look great!

  13. So yummies, I can't wait the strawberry season.
    You have really beautiful works!


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