Friday 23 March 2012

Sunny Pictures (Part 2)

What a gloriously sunny day it’s been in Hamburg!!

Its amazing just how much the sun influences my mood. I went to German class and had such a lovely lesson, learning all sorts of new things.  The sun was shining through the open classroom windows and a breeze was lightly blowing on my face, as I did my best to take in all that the teacher was saying.
German finished and I walked through the city wearing just a t-shirt (first time this year) and enjoyed the warm sun shining on my arms.  I couldn’t help but notice that I wasn’t the only one to be energized by the perfect weather.

Making the most of my afternoon before work starts, I came home and gave the apartment a good and thorough clean up. Scrubbing every little nook and cranny. With the windows wide open and my music playing, it almost seemed like I wasn’t doing chores. I really quite enjoyed myself (first time for everything!) 

I’m now sat at a cafe writing this blog post whilst our washing dries at the launderette.
I notice that I've been on the go all day, but somehow the sun makes me forget how hectic the day has been. And things really don’t seem that chaotic at all.
Yesterday whilst at the supermarket I picked up some nice new colouring pencils, and for the bargain price of 1 euro!

I put my new pencils straight to use, working on a bright and cheery picture. I forgot just how much I love to draw. Making happy places come to life with bright colours is a true passion of mine.
I remebered all of the pictures I had drawn last year and decided that I wanted to share them with you once again.
Now I’ve shared these pictures with you all before, but since the blog makeover at the end of last year the picutes are no longer on the blog. I thought today I would share them again with my blog friends. So if you've seen my "SUNNY PICTURES" before....... I'm SORRY :-/ If your seeing them for the first time, then I really hope you enjoy them!!

If you haven't been lucky enough to have the  gorgeous weather we've had, then I do hope that my pictures bring a little bit of sunshine into your homes!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!!!
Matt xx
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  1. Beautiful! What a treat. :)

  2. So colorful & joyful! I want them all!!!!

  3. Real sweet, perfect start to my weekend :D
    Karen x

  4. Gorgeous pictures! They made me smile =)

  5. Hi Matt...I am a new follower as of today! Back here in Ohio we are having such warm and wonderful weather! So unusual for March. I am a crochet enthusiast so that is the reason I started following you. Your blog seems to be a pretty happy place!~Hugs, Patti

  6. I love them, especially the Sunny Pictures with Sheep! :) x

  7. The sun shining makes all the difference I find.
    And, your pictures are amazing. You should be illustrating children's books. I love the one with the lighthouse.
    Have a great, hopefully sunny, weekend.

  8. WOW! You are really a great artist! I wish I could draw like this. Do you have any videos published on the net where I can see what you do as a dancer or singer?

    I would like to share a link with my work. I play on the two top links (Lonely and Two stones). BTW, I've also designed and programmed the website...

    Have a lovely weekend in springy Hamburg! Here above the Arctic Circle, the winter is stilling cramping on.

  9. Your pictures are wonderful! I especially like the sheep, being a knitter and all. :) I'm glad you shared them. samm

  10. We had sun today too and I so agree, it makes a world of difference. I love your drawings.. reminds me of the 60s.. :-)

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Hi Matt

    Wow!! What joy of colour!!! Your pictures are A M A ZIng!! I love them! Could not get enough of them. Thanks for sharing. I'm on the most southern point of Africa and we going into winter. Winters are very mild here, like your coldest day in summer, if that. I am enjoying the cooler days. The sun never stops shining here even in winter!
    Thanks again

  12. Hi Matt and Dennis, I have been following your blog for a while now and I love it! Your drawings are so beautiful and happy and your crochet work and knitting is colourful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!
    Yaya from Italy

  13. Matt these are amazing - I would love to have these as pictures around my house. You should sell prints of them; they are excellent. Did you draw them first and colour in after? Are they painted or pencil coloured? Lily. xxx

  14. LOVE these pictures, and just what I needed on a very bleak and rainy morning in Auckland :0) xxx

  15. OMG! These are SUPER! You should definitely sell prints. I'd buy one, or a few... Thanks for brightening up my night. :D

  16. They are so beautiful. I am having a love affair with color these days! (And, I used to favor pastels.)

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  18. Loved the pics, certainly put a smile on my face - all that colour, GORGEOUS!!! Any chance you can make them into fabric?? Maybe use fabric paint and make a cushion cover ....? I know the perfect chair in my house for such a thing.... lol xxx
    p.s. I deleted my first comment as there were too many spelling errors and then I knocked over my coffee all over the keyboard... hey ho!!!

  19. Matt,
    I really think you could sell these! They are quite good and the colors are amazing!

  20. I love your pictures! So colourful - enough to brighten up anyones day! Thanks for sharing :) Maggie xx

  21. Wow! I realy love your pictures! Those colours, the meaning! They are just one of that kind which make everybody just happy. Thaks for sharing!

  22. Wow, such beautiful pictures!! I think you can easily sell these! Very nice! Liz

  23. Those pictures are great! I love your little sheep and octo-thingies. Wish I could draw 1/10th as well.

  24. Matt !
    My heart filled with joy after seeing these pictures drawn by you !!

    Lots of love


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