Saturday 31 March 2012

Y.A.R.N. Give Away!

Hello lovely people!

As promised we're giving you the chance to win some of our favourite yarn!
We have 6 gorgeous cones of luxurious merino wool to give away as a set.

We have picked six of our favourite shades, each one weighing 200 grams.
Certainly that's enough to make something pretty FABULOUS!!! Perhaps a throw? some shawls?........or a gazzilion colourful flowers!

If that wasn't enough, we also have a selection of bright rainbow shades of 'Universal Cotton' by Wolle Rodel.  Which we will be giving away to our second place winner.

We decided to share this cotton with you, because it's one of our favourite "go to" yarns, that we use for small and colourful projects around the house. Isn't it divine?!

This cotton is perfect for bright cheery amigurumi or quick projects, such as these pretty flowers Dennis made using the pattern by Lucy at Attic24.

We have seven vibrant shades of this glorious cotton to share with you, and we cant wait to see what you will dream up and make with it!

Sooo....What do you have to do to win this yummy yarn?

Now we've come up with the idea that to win this yarn, all you have to do is come up with a little poem or a collection of words. The only rule is you have to use the letters Y, A, R and N. It doesn't have to be anything big or crazy, just a little something creative and fun.
So for example:
You could just write four words that relate to your passion for crafting:

Or maybe a little rhyming poem:

Or perhaps something that describes just how much of a crafting obsession you have:
It can be as long or a short as you like. As silly or serious as you like......however and whatever you like! 
You can even get REALLY creative and make your poem/words into a drawing or maybe fashion it out of yarn. You can then send us a photo of it.

Remember though......this is just for FUN!!

Once you have your little Y.A.R.N poem/words/project, you can either leave it in the comments box below or email it to us at:
(If you leave it in the comment box below, please make sure that we have a way of contacting you. Either a link to your blog or to your blogger profile).
We will mail the yarn to anywhere in the world and are quite excited to see where it may end up!
The closing date for your Y.A.R.N entries, will be Sunday 15th April. 
We will announce the winner on the following Monday, once we have chosen our favourite.

The 1st prize winner will win the luxurious Merino cones and the 2nd place winner will receive the playful Universal Cotton.
We are very excited to see what you may come up with! 
We hope you have fun!!!!!!

Matt and Dennis xxx

edit: After a couple of comments about our email address not working, we've changed the link. Sorry for the inconvenience!
This post has moved!
You can read an updated and revised version on our new blog.

Click here to read this post in full at it's new home!


  1. You and me snuggled together, warm, safe and cozy,
    Amazing colours and tender soft yarn,
    Relaxing us under our rainbow striped blanket,
    Nothing cocoons us better

  2. Que preciosidades..!
    Comprendo la mitad de la mitad....creo.
    Pero si acierto a ver que tendría que contar mi historia con la lana...creo.
    Yo no puedo recordar cuando aprendí a hacer ganchillo,asi de pequeña tenía que ser.
    El punto de media fue mas tardío,con mi suegra.
    Pero ni lo uno ni lo otro puedo dejarlo....los hilos me atan fuertemente a las dos.
    Y si todo esto vale,y además en castellano....pues entonces espero que la suerte me acompañe !

  3. Yesterday memories, sat on my Granny's knee
    A needle in each hand, then she passed them to me
    Remembering the steps for each stitch, concentrating hard
    Now I work in a yarn shop, and go through yards and yards!

    Watching my crochet class work each stitch,
    On hand to sort out any glitch,
    Over the hook, pull it through
    Lessons learned, skills anew.

    (I got a bit enthusiastic here guys and included WOOL in there along with YARN in my Acrostic! Hope you like!)

  4. Yarn Rainbows are a beautiful sight,

    'According to Matt' transform them to delight.

    Really wish a rainbow could be mine,

    Now I just gotta get lucky with my little Rhyme.

    (Thanks for the opportunity to win a Yarn Rainbow :) x

  5. What the word yarn spells out for me........
    Years of memories, entwined with every stitch
    A week-long relaxing holiday spent knitting or a quick snatch-moment of crochet before work
    Relishing each row as it grows, yarn over hook, knit and purl
    Nothing is as comforting and satisfying as crafting in yarn - bliss.

  6. Oh my goodness, I have two favorites already. Here is my attempt anyway.

    Dorky I know, but I am dorky. I love the work you two do. Always look forward to your posts.

  7. Y'all know I can't write..

    Adding and subtracting, that I can do.

    Revision of the contest

    Needed. Guess I'll have to buy this yarn from you.

  8. Yelling...Stay back I'm on the hunt

    Attacking isle after isle

    Reeling my head to and fro..

    Needing to find that yarn I know!

    OK kind of silly but it's me at Hobby Lobby when I am choosing yarn for my projects :)

  9. Yelling with screams of joy
    At the shop with wool aplenty
    Rainbows abound
    Never buying less than twenty!

    Thank you guys so much for the opportunity to win this very generous giveaway! I absolutely adore your blog! ♥

    1. Ik zou dit pakket heel graag willen winnen! Ik denk dat de vertaling niet zal overkomen met de letters YARN! Maar ik probeer wel wat...
      Yes Yes Yes I want to win this
      Adorable give away
      Rainbow colors make my day
      Never forget this words ;-)
      Greets Sofie

  10. Y ou
    A re
    R eally
    N nice

    to do this giveaway- LOVE your blog BTW!!!!

    Tried to email this and it came back undeliverable :-(


  11. Hoi,
    Ik wil wel een bloem winnen!!! Die wol mag je aan de most creative person geven!!!
    Ik haak alleen draadjes voor kettingen voor de kinderen op school!Van wol die je hier hebt vergeten!
    Yes, I like this blog so much!!!
    Allways thinking of you!!!!!!
    Red is my favourite colour!
    Never stop loving you!

  12. Yarn so colourful You have a place in my heart.

    Amazed to have won I just can't wait to start.

    Rainbow vintage stripe my idea for prize one.

    Now, prize two would mean loads of small crochet fun!!!

    Amazing give away!!! Good luck everyone!!!!

    Chris Xx

    1. P.S My email address is

  13. You
    to give away this prize
    to win would make me sigh!

  14. You know, my Grannie taught me to crochet.
    Aunt Shirley is the knitter.
    Really ought to get her to teach me.
    Next time she's down for the winter!

    You know, my Mom tried to teach me and couldn't,
    And so I learned from Grannie
    Reward for being a good student?
    Nice cup of tea and a cookie :-)

    You know, that was many years ago
    Am so thankful for her patience
    Row by Row I recall what she taught me
    Now each piece is a remembrance.

    Love your blog - such an inspiration!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  15. You Are Really Nice to have this give away because Yarns Are Really Necessary. Well pathetic as it is that's my rhyme. Thanks for the giveaway it is really very generous.

  16. Y..UMMY
    R..AVENOUS with excitement

  17. Yellow, red, orange, and blue
    All these colors coming through
    Rainbows at my finger tips
    Nothing can keep me from finishing my wips!

  18. Yarn my
    Addiction, thick
    Roving too...
    Need more now....

    Ask if I'mm kidding but;
    REALLY I'm

    NEED MORE :)

    PS guys tried the email you suggested on the blog but it was returned to me with a 'fatal error message' DO not have a URL so here's my email

  19. aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
    I want to win!!!!!!

    All I want ...
    Running around in life...
    Need it , NOW

  20. Yummy, pretty colors
    Are making me smile
    Rainbows of awesomeness
    Need to be mine =)

    Thanks for the chance to win such gorgeous yarn.

  21. Yet
    Another WIP is
    Resting at my

    craftink on raverly

  22. Yearning for

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. You know, I just learned how to make
    Amigurumis and they are so
    Ridiculously addictive that I
    Need to replenish my stash and winning this would be most helpful.

    PprmntMochaMama on Ravelry

  24. Hoi
    heb je mijn bericht misschien al gelezen bij FRIDAY, 9 MARCH 2012

    Glorious Granny Greatness

    groetjes anita

  25. Ystävä

    You didn't mentio anything about language :)

    1. Should I translate it? OK. It goes like this: Dear friend, I love to knit.

  26. Hello, I'm Betty living in Paris and may be I will be "out" of the game, but I decided to play in french, just for the pleasure !
    I have no blog and I send you an email this morning but it doesn't work, my email adress is :
    So, here it is :
    Youpie! mes pelotes de laine sont là
    A moi les granny et autres amigurumis
    Rendez-vous avec mon crochet
    Nuits blanches à l'horizon !

    Wish you a nice spring sunday

  27. I am not a poet so I am sitting this one out but I just wanted to say that I think this is one of the funnest ways to host a giveaway. You guys so rock!

  28. Yarn, glorious yarn
    All the colours you can think of
    Red, yellow, pink and green
    Not forgetting purple and tangerine

    Yarn, glorious yarn
    always there to tempt us
    really would love to win more
    numerous colours galore

    great giveaway guys!! :)

  29. Yellow
    Navy Blue

    Add one colour or two.

    Yarn is a wonderful material I can't get enough. So it would be really really great to win one of your generous prizes.

    I wish you a sunny Sunday (sun on your skin or in your heart or both)


  30. Yes
    No I'm not kidding - I would love some yarn!

  31. Yea, I have followed thine blog in earnest for an
    Age. With great admiration and inspiration.
    Rarely have I seen such beautiful colors.
    Never do I go away wanting.

    sydney.cole at gmail

  32. Your blog is so awesome ~
    Always colourful and bright ~
    Really gives me inspiration ~
    Never fails to delight :O)

    What a fabulous giveaway and such fun to read all the other comments too ~ Hope you both have a lovely weekend :O)x

  33. Your blogposts are so exciting and lovely,
    As Crochet is to me.
    Remembering to check your blog is no pain,
    Not until I stop loving crochet.

    The giveaway looks lovely and really tempting. Hope to win it like all others out here :-)

  34. You know what makes my fingers itch?
    A new pattern, a new technique, another project to finish.
    Row upon row, flat or in the round
    Needles and hooks keeps my world safe and sound.

    Your blog is really nice and this giveaway is great because it's "mouth watering" and it makes you think about what you feel about yarn so thank you for that.


  35. Yoga?
    No thanks. I'd rather crochet :)

    Great idea for a competition!! LOVE the yarn!!!!!
    x x x x x

    1. Sorry - typo in my email address! silly me!!

  36. Yarn and hooks and shears and beads

    All crocheters must have these.

    Reading glasses, too, are nifty

    Now that I am over fifty.

    1. If you click on my name, it will direct you to my blogger profile and you can get my email address there. The yarn is beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Yarn, yarn, everywhere
    Attic, cupboards, under the stair.
    Really I don't need more, I have to say,
    Now I'm entering this giveaway! :)

    Vivienne x

  38. Thank you so much for this lovely give away. If I'd live a bit closer to Hamburg I would definately go shopping for some nice yarn :)

    Years ago, when I was about five
    A thread of yarn came into my life
    Remember the colour it was blue and I loved it
    Never knew I would get so much joy out of it.


  39. What a fabulous give away, thanks so much for such generous prizes M & D!

    Yes to yummy yarn,
    Adorably soft and squishy
    Rainbows of gorgeous colours
    Now I need to be lucky!

    S x

  40. Hi guys ! It's really kind of you to share this beautiful yarn. So...I'll try to write something, it's a bit difficult because my english is really bad. I'm french and live in Bordeaux. Well...this is my poem :

    Yellow for Tulips,
    A beautiful green for Grass,
    Red for Roses,
    Now you know which colors my yarn garden is.

    Or "will be" because I hope to win :)

    Thank you for the game;

    Nothing but my heart ♥ !

    Take Care

  41. Yarn, I love it
    And so it would be
    Really, really, really
    Nice to win your generous giveaway

    Seriously, I'm a mathematician so that's the best I can come up with!

    Thanks for the chance to win, Victoria

  42. You and Me

    great springy colors!
    Un abrazo

  43. Wow, Matt & Dennis, you are both so generous and nice to your readers! I love those colors!

    You artistry is always so new,
    And I love the things you do.
    Red, Orange, Yellow & Blue,
    Needless to say, I <3 YOU!

    Greetings from your friend in Oregon, USA.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  44. Yarn is an obsession I've developed with time,
    Another skein in my basket, the next project's mine.
    Rav helps to find friends as crazy as me,
    Now put on the kettle, crochet and tea!

    Keep up the blog guys your crochet is awesome!

  45. Yesterday I finished a lovely blue sweater
    And immediately cast on for another
    Red fingertips from the numerous stitches
    No sleep will be had from counting the wishes (from others for my sweaters!!!)

    Wow, that yarn is gorgeous!

  46. Yes , I am new to your blog
    And I really don't want to be a hog
    Ravishing colors that I see
    Yet I want them all for me!

    Can't wait to read so much more here. Found you from Crochet with Raymound and attic24 with Lucy. :)

    1. Ha ha, the last line should read:

      Now I want them all for me

  47. I am a new "kid" on the block, in crocheting land,
    just me, my yarn and a cup of tea at hand,
    i am following your blog for quite some time now,
    what you both make and how you live your life,...I take a bow,
    just because it looks so beatiful what you create and having so much fun,
    all those colors, all your humour, just brings out the sun!

    (never ever wrote a poem, let alone in english....) LOL!

  48. Wow what a fabulous giveaway, such scrummy yarn and a poem to do too :-) xxx
    Heres my little

    Yes I need YARN
    And pretty colours too
    Rush to knit and crochet
    New FO`s to do !

    Hugs to you both xxxx

    Angelfee on Ravelry

  49. You

    if I win this give-away (fun)

    chris in de haak

  50. You really cant imagine the UFO's that block my door
    And i really should finish them, before i start some more
    Red yarn, blue yarn, yellow yarn and green yarn its everywhere
    Needless to say im a yarnaholic and i dont really care!

    awesome idea for a giveaway guys!

  51. Your vibrant colors make me swoon
    All that loveliness makes me giddy, sends me over the moon!
    Rainbow afghan, a shawl, perhaps a spectacular throw?
    Now my wishful heart begs to be heard; your softness, will I ever know?

  52. Youpi !
    Abracadabra ...
    Nouons, Crochetons tous ces beaux fils pour en faire un joli ARC en ciel !

  53. Yes I believe that dreams come true....

    Always if you really want it.....

    Remember my name when you decide the winner

    Nobody else wish it more than me!!

  54. Here via MySistersKnitter!


    Hahaha. Thanks for the great giveaway. While the cones would be nice, the cotton seems perfect for some little knits for all the babies that are arriving this summer. I'm bigblueice on ravelry.

    and I just scrolled up and saw someone stole my brilliant poem, so I'll leave you with another attempt...

    You and I together quietly, and
    And I listen to your heartbeat, readily
    Readily you share your breathe, it's nuzzling
    Nuzzling my neck, so softly.

    Thank you.

    1. p.s. I just realized all those cones of merino would allow me to make another awesome rainbow grannie square. I made one for my godson 18 years ago out of red heart. Somehow, i think one with merino would be 10x more awesome. So awesome, it might not make it to a baby. :)

  55. You know you're a

    Yarnaholic when you ...
    Always have more than one WIP on the go,
    Ravelry is top of your favourites bar and you
    Never leave a Yarn Shop empty handed.

    My name is Joanna and I'm a YARNaholic.

    (JoannaDonaldson on Ravelry)

  56. You just made my day
    All the yarn looks so great
    Ready to give it to me?
    Nothing more would please me!


  57. Yarn I used to knit your blanket, to cover you in love
    A short moment you where mine to hold
    Reasons why you had to go? I do not know
    Now, I knit blankets for other mums who have to let go

  58. Oh my!!! Those are gorgeous!!! All my favorite colors :)

    My little rhyme:

    Yarn and needles,
    Are all I need to
    Rest my mind and set it at Peace...
    Needles and yarn, grow a beautiful mind.

    Thanks for the giveaway ;) BTW My profile has a link to my email

  59. Yearning

    Its how I always feel about my crafting. :)

  60. Hello Matt!

    You are the best to write such
    A nice comment on my blog. I
    Really appreciate your thoughts about my
    New colourscheme.

    I thank you
    So much.

    This give-away
    Honours all
    Energetic crafters the best way.

    Being the recipient of this
    Enormous amounts of yarn would be
    Such a delight and I
    Truly hope it will be ME


    1. Ooooops!!!! This was actually intended to be addressed to the both of you. Sorry Dennis!!!!!!!!! You wrote the incredibly nice comment. I can't do anything than apologize once more :-(

  61. Yes I can knit
    And crochet for hours while I sit
    Relaxing in my favorite chair
    Not having a care!

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Yearning for yarn to crochet
    A lady named Barb said hey if I
    wRite something sweet that Matt thinks is neat
    New yarn will be mine tout suite!

  64. Young or old
    Acrylic or wool
    Ravelry provides
    Neverending possibilities.

    thank You grandma
    for sharing A love of yarn.
    when i Reach for my hook
    it is as if you are Next to me
    guiding my hand.

  65. Yeti's Are Rarely Narcissistic
    They live alone in sleet and ice and snow
    Bright colours and warm decorative clothing
    Are not the usual things that they would know

    One day, when trudging through a heavy blizzard
    A Yeti (name of Brian) found some cones
    Merino wool with shades just like a rainbow
    And irridescent gorgeous jewel-like tones

    "This looks like Yarn" thought Brian, with excitement
    "My crochet skills are zero, that I know
    But some colour would most definitely suit me
    And I think I know the ideal place to go!"

    With cones, he raced at speed to Matt & Dennis
    Who crocheted whilst they sat and had a laugh
    Creating an enormous Yeti tank top
    With tea-cosy (plus socks and hat and scarf)

    Yes, Yeti's Are Rarely Narcissistic
    But now there's one exception to the rule
    Cos Brian wears his Matt & Dennis tank top (with matching accessories)
    And I have to say..........he looks extremely cool!

    p.s. He would have loved a tank top made from Universal Cotton just as much, but you try getting that to rhyme!!!

    B xx

  66. YO

    -- these are just some of the words that got completely new meanings in my mind since knitting came into my life. Thanks for such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed... :)

  67. Hello from Paris
    I have tried to send you an email but failed. I never win anything but enjoyed writing these few lines and I love your blog and yummy yarn!

    Years of knitting and purling I have happily spent.
    A few stitches I have learnt, frogging, increasing and decreasing painstakingly.
    Ribbing row after row as the pattern of life I followed, always trying to get the
    gauge correct
    Needles and balls galore always tempting me to cast on for a new project
    Skeins and stash to my heart's delight I have bought, before finally binding off.


  68. Yore does tell of a Pirate King
    who liked to knit and sew,
    whilst knitting a scarf or
    a bobbly hat he skewered many a foe.

    Against all odds he never did drop
    a single stitch nor miss,
    a line of his pattern or the turn of a heel
    to wear his socks were bliss.

    Rum were his deeds in battle at sea,
    but his cables were a dream to be sure.
    they ran right through his mighty black beard
    and the crew his creations they wore.

    Now a day did come when he ran out of yarn,
    oh woe! what a terrible day.
    when he heard a whisper of a prize to be won,
    so he turned his ship that way.

    Yo Ho! what a sparkly glittery prize,
    I needs this treasure I do,
    for I'm half way through a sail for me ship
    as a nice surprise for me crew!

    After days of turmoil and a great big storm,
    land came into sight.
    with a smile on his face and his goal in view,
    the king slept soundly that night.

    Right and left and 5 steps there,
    and onto the X on the map.
    I see that golden yarn in me hands
    I feel we are closing the gap.

    Nobody knows how the story ends,
    for the teller of this wooly tale,
    was eaten by a one legged glomping bird,
    which looked oddly like a gigantic quail!!
    The End....

    Sing to your favourite sea shanty ^_^

    Fabulous giveaway ^_^

  69. You make my head spin like a skein of yarn
    Yarn that's spun round and round into a ball.

    Around the world your willing to ship
    Across land and sea to a new land and welcoming arms.

    Rainbow of colors I've dreamt so many dreams of
    Rainbow made of yarn that ends in my project bag.

    Nothing would thrill me more then
    Nights spent crocheting the Happy Flower from Attic24.

    I've really been wanting to make the Happy Flower ever since Lucy first posted it. I don't have the yarn for it though and I'm unemployed at the moment so I've had to cut back on my yarn spending. Thank-you so much for doing this giveaway!!!

  70. Yesterday i saw your smile,
    After that moment i was in love,
    Remembering that smile is what i want forever,
    Never forget that moment of luck.

    thank you!

  71. Oh my!!!! I've been having a look at the entrys, how on earth are you going to choose???

    Yummy yarn, fantastic colours,
    Always a hook in my hand,
    Really, you should send this yarn to...
    Nottingham, England (Robin Hood Country) that would really be quite grand x

    Love you guys and your blog x x

  72. You know you love yarn when you're
    always stuck on
    now isn't that true! xxoo

  73. Here's mine, I'm sure it's dreadful, but I did my best.

    Yarn uplifts the darkest of dooms,

    And enhances the brightest of blooms.

    It soothes the spirit and the mind.
    Craft and love it does bind.

    It is a simple thought.

    In elegance and spimplicity it is wrought.

    In a brigh or dull array,

    It enhances every day.

    1. I am an idiot. Please, please, pretend that I put my email address at the bottom of the email like everyone with half a brain did. I'll go give myself forty lashes, I deserve it.

  74. Yes, each night I knit and crochet,
    After working a long hard day.
    Remembering each stitch with loving care,
    Needles flying as fast as I dare!

    thanks Guys, This has been fun.

    I also emailed it to you. Barb

  75. WOW ! What a gift !! I'm Astonished !
    YARN hmm
    Yarn, year after year
    Astonished by you possibilities every time
    Ravishing meters, endles possibilities, ...
    Nacreous is your GA, just a beautifull as a pearl

    It is not quite a poem, but I tried to define what yarn is to me. Btw I'm from belgium so this was a good excercise for me ;-)

    Keep up the fabulous work ! I love it !
    Greetings Hellen

  76. Here's my attempt at a haiku :)

    Color in your hands
    Beauty forms before your eyes
    Yarn, rainbow goodness

    You guys rock!


  77. You Are Really Nice

    You fell soft and warm,
    An artist use all your colours,
    Reflecting a bright light,
    Narrating a poetic creation.

    PS : I'm French, It's a big pleasure for me to participate.
    Thank you Matt and Dennis

  78. Yellow, blue, purple green
    All the colors are calling to me, urging me to
    Reach for my needles, my hook
    Nice! Look what I've made this time.

  79. Uh oh... I think I posted my YARN poem in the wrong "comment" area. Could you be a love and pretend it's an Easter Egg hunt and help me find it? <3 Please.. oh.. please.


    p.s. I really really really love all the other entries. Good luck everyone!

  80. olleke bolleke knol,
    if you want to make a doll
    use the merino yarn in red, blue or green
    It will be the most beautiful item you've ever seen

    ps till the 6th of April you can make a chance at my give away

  81. Yarn makes happy,
    rainbows do too!
    Nifty :)

    Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway! I'll be passing the word on to all the yarnaholics I know!!

    My email is in my Google/Blogger account :)

  82. wow this is amazing!

    Yarn bliss and comfort
    All year long bringing joy
    Reminding me of home and happiness
    No wonder I'm so addicted!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. Yarnaholic
    (but fails dismally)

    Believe me, I was born a crafter not a poet but at least I'm honest!!! Love your blog, love the yarn, love you both. xxx

  84. Tricia Corrales / tcyarnnut6 April 2012 at 18:01

    Yarn so beautiful, surely to bring happiness to someone in need

    All the lovely scarves to make and deliver to ones without

    Ravelry patterns in abundance to help with ideas

    Now if I win I could donate more to bring happiness to others in my small way!

    I know this is sort of dorky, but I do alot of charity knitting/crocheting. This is a great thing you are doing. Have a Happy Friday!

  85. Yummy, scrummy colors
    Are making me smile
    Rainbows of delight
    Keep me happy for a long while

    thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous yarn :)
    Jade Monzo

  86. Yarn is a very big problem of mine
    And most people know I think it's divine
    Roaming through craft shops you'll usually find
    Nicole (and the Bee) trying to make up her mind!

  87. Yawning because it's so late
    Again, I've stayed up knitting
    Regret it in the morning?

  88. You taught me how to knit
    when I was just a little kid

    After years of practice
    I learned hot to knit a cactus

    Ravelry soon became an obsession
    it has left a deep impression

    Needles, hooks and wool
    make my handbag full

    Years have passed since I got hooked
    yet my obsession is never overlooked

    Alpaca, charmer and merino
    Mi piace! says bambino

    Raglan, socks and a hat
    are all approved by my cat

    Next I want to combine
    all my knowledge and design

    thanks for the awesome giveaway, I've had a lot of fun coming up with this little poem :)

  89. What makes me happy?

    grannYs stripes
    hAts for children
    fingeRless gloves
    a geNerous yarn giveaway

    Thank you Matt and Dennis!

  90. Y am I spending all my precious time and money crocheting?
    And where do I think I will put all these bright, fluffy skeins?
    Really, I am a quilter...
    No, really, a quilter, who now spends all her money buying yarn and time hooking.

  91. Hi Matt and Dennis - what a fabulous give-away!

    Here's my hopeful entry:

    Yes, had I some wool, perhaps I could make
    A great big squishy cushion ‘cake’,
    Rainbow colours all clear and bright,
    Keeping me comfy all through the night.

    Although, failing that, had I some cotton,
    A Lucy bag, with an endless bottom…
    In pastels or patterns, like the big bag of Poppins,
    A special place to store yarn, or buttons, or bobbins!

    Rico, King Cole, all wound in a mix,
    To be conjured by the magic of hooks or of sticks
    Granny squares, pretty flowers or neat little ripples,
    Make me smile more than several small tipples (hic!)

    Now ‘Good Luck’ to all that enter the game
    Of getting Matt and Dennis to notice your name
    You think your idea is the best of the bunch –
    Who knows, you may be right – just follow your hunch!

    * * *

    In the very unlikely event I'm successful in your draw, you can contact me via my Ravelry ID LorraineWebb

    Oh, and Happy Easter to you both - and all of your followers x x x

  92. Years of knitting love
    Always with colourful results
    Row after row
    Never bored, but simply overwhelmed!!!

    Thank you for this opportunity, xxx Alessandra

  93. Yearn for the soft comfort of fuzzy warmness
    Always possible with the clickety-click of my needles
    Retro, modern, regal, cute - creations all the same
    Never a day goes by when I don't want to knit!


  94. In the flavor of "Food, Glorious Food" from Oliver!

    Yarn, sumptuous yarn!
    All fibers stimulate
    Rolled hanks and reel’d skeins
    ‘Ncite me to create

  95. Yes...of course I love yarn the best, that is instead of the drugs most certainly really keeps away the bugs should try it instead of your pills'll see it can cure all your ills

    avennett AT verizon DOT net


  96. Dear Matt & Dennis

    cant say much about my attempt to win those lovely yarns.

    just trying to make something different & of course the one that can steal your attention...

    have to be different, have to win.

    but, along the process of making this work of mine...
    I realize that this is beyond winning a giveaway or lovely yarns..

    it's about passion... and connection.
    sharing it with others really a compensation of your daily routines.

    Time & distance really are no boundaries for this kind of thing.

    Glad I participate on this, glad to feel this feeling within and

    Hoping you guys feeling it too...
    and of course decide to make me the winner ahahah... ^_^

    please cek out my blog,


  97. Hi Matt & Dennis

    should I share the story ?
    almost forget ^_^

    I decide to combine crochet, scrap book & digital retouching.
    ( since I'm an artdirector in advertising)

    thought it could add a value to my effort. the poem itself wasnt so special or artistic...

    well, this piece of work resemble my life's.
    - passion.
    - art & design
    - computer & digital artwork
    - crochet
    - and splash of rainbow colors

    please cek out my blog,

    or my facebook

    I also sent you an email with attachment in it.
    which ever comes to your eyes first.

    thanks again!

  98. Hi boys!
    Those threads are wonderfull and I would like to participate in the giveaway.
    Im bad at poetry and even less in english but I want to try some in spanish
    Hugs and Thanks for both of you.

  99. Hello...I'm new to your blog and LOVE IT!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous yarn! I've sent my entry via email.

  100. Yellow submarine, Orange crush, you beauties - I will love you forever
    Al Green put it nicely, when he said “let’s stay together”
    Red red wine, my best friend - let’s do this again
    Never without my true Blue dancing in the Purple rain

    (when you read this, imagine that the "yellow" is SUNSHINE YELLOW; the "orange" is BRIGHT ORANGE; the "green" is GRASS GREEN; the "red" is RACY RED; the "blue" is CORNFLOWER BLUE, and the "purple" is fit for a PRINCE! - now you're seeing what I am!)

    You guys are awesome, so inspiring! Thank you
    Love Maryanne /

  101. Yes, i just found your blog
    And i am not really good in English rime
    Rotterdam is where i live most of the time
    Now i am your new follower, because i like your blog.


  102. Young and playfull
    Amigurumi's can be
    Round Round all around we crochet
    Never will it stop : addiction ;)


  103. Yes
    Really likes
    Nothing better than YARN

    Loving the blog, and this prize is fantastic, can't wait to see your next creations.


  104. Yearning for some brand new yarn
    A jewel is each bright skein
    Red and yellow, green and brown
    Needles click without disdain

  105. You've trigged emotions in me I didn't know existed.
    Already this old man's heart races with anticipation!
    Really, my darlings, your allure I never could have resisted.
    Now fly, my yarny loves! Come to my place of habition!

    Thank you for a fun contest, and thanks to everyone who entered their great poems! It's been a blast reading them. Should I be lucky enough to win, I can be emailed thru my blogger profile.

    1. You've trigged emotions in me I didn't know existed.
      Already this old man's heart races with anticipation!
      Really, my darlings, your allure I never could have resisted.
      Now fly, my yarny loves! Come to my place of habitation!

      Thank you for a fun contest, and thanks to everyone who entered their great poems! It's been a blast reading them. Should I be lucky enough to win, I can be emailed thru my blogger profile.

      Sorry, just had to correct that.

  106. You give me yarn!
    And I make you Dinosaur suit.
    "Rawr rawr", you say, and then
    Nom nom we eat!

  107. Pati from London14 April 2012 at 13:59

    Dear Matt and Dennis,
    Thank you so much for organising such a fantastic and generous giveaway!!

    Yarn to make me feel cozy on a cold winter night
    According to Matt to put a smile on my face when I feel sad
    Rainbows and sunshine to remind me of what I left behind
    Needles and hooks for this new stage in my life

    Thanks once again and have a lovely weekend
    Pati from London xx (pibarrola at yahoo dot com)

  108. I should not have looked at the other entries!!! You have some really talented blog readers!

    Yes! I want to win this wool!
    And crochet it into something cool!
    Rhyming however is not my forte...
    Now please let me win so I can play...

    There I've entered. Gotta be in it to win it huh!

  109. dYed in a prism of light
    of fibeR
    become a chaiN

    to hook into a fabric of love.

    as are we: each of us a strand
    knit into
    a community.

    Thanks Matt and Dennis!

  110. (Y)arn--Yummy it is
    Y(a)rn--Ah, I love it so much
    Ya(r)n--Right, the more yarn the better
    Yar(n)--Naw--you can never have too much

  111. Thank you both for this wonderful opportunity! Very exciting! Here is my poem...

    Yep, what can I say, I love to knit but have just learnt to crochet!
    Addicted already to this fabulous craft, so proud of myself for learning so fast.
    Reading your blog is such a pleasure, full of inspiration, knitting & crochet treasure!
    Never made something before with yarn so devine, really want it to be mine x

    My e-mail is


    Fiona (from Scotland)

  112. Hi! I emailed this to you last week, but I thought I'd put it on here too - just in case it didn't get through!!!

    Yell and whoop with joy, make some noise!
    A stash of yarn from two generous boys!
    Ready to make a blanket, cushion, amigurumi cat...
    No end to the options... thanks Dennis and Matt!

    You need to choose who will win this treat,
    Assessing these entries is no mean feat!
    Really hard to pick a winner from all this...
    Never mind... it’s ME! Thanks Matt and Dennis!! ;o)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, as this is such an amazing giveaway!! Thanks so much for the chance to win, and such an interesting entry idea!

    Thanks again!
    Maria x

  113. Y oh why did I visit your page,only to wish I were still your age
    Almost escaped,just about to turn in...
    Really my brain couldn't fit any more in!
    Never imagined there could possibly be,one more project that I didn't yet see
    Then out of the corner of my dreary eyes,I found the magic of you two guys!
    Now my life will be forever changed with the prayer you may remember my name..
    I live only now to smile and laugh;I wish you would hire me as part of your staff
    For then I would not have to compete,for the use of your yarn making my stash complete!

    Adore you,

  114. Oooh, the yarn is so pretty!

    Yodling for joy, I just found the perfect yarn
    A big blanket would be delightful to make
    Really going to need some magic to get this done
    Needing some sleep now, I just spent all day crafting away!

    Y is for, well, YARN
    A is for how ASTOUNDING it is
    R is for the RADIANCE of this blog
    N is for how much I NEED that yarn! ;)

    Is it okay if I do two :) Thanks so much for posting the giveaway!!

  115. Ok guys - a little late, but here i am: (Please take a look...)

    My email-adress:
    I would crochet a shawl and something "BUNTES"... :o))))

  116. I just found this TODAY, the last day to enter!!! So, I quickly came up with this:


    I know it does for me! LOL

    Karen aka purplepenguin on Ravelry.

  117. Yearning for yarn as I fall asleep
    An ache in my heart, oh so deep
    Red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet, and green
    Never have I dreamed such a wonderful, colourful dream!

  118. Y is for Yacking because I cannot stop yacking about my yarn stash to everyone I see!

    A is for Abbreviation because I know all the abbreviations needed to crochet with my beautiful yarn!

    R is for Radar because its like I have this radar that can detect where yarn is being sold and then I am drawn to it.

    N is for Natural because working with yarn, especially crochet, comes naturally to me.

  119. Yarnovers flip like eggs over easy
    Aran stitches tend to get crossed
    Reversible scarves are naturally agreeable while
    Nupps resemble little balls of yarn

  120. Yarn is such an important thing in my life. It allows me to be creative, imaginative and lets me loose myself in something other than everyday life.

    A couple of years ago I was made redundant and had no direction in my life. I was out of work for 9 moths and picked up my needles again after a very very long vacation from them (18 years).

    Ravelry came into my life at that stage and I joint the Staines knitting Group and discovered other like minded people like me who loved knitting. I was also introduced to the wonders of Attic 24 and crochet. I taught myself to do it through Youtube videos and havent looked back.

    Needless to say, the people, place, creativity, happiness, wonder and journeys that I have taken because of yarn have filled me with so much happiness that I am truly thankful to have yarn in my life.

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