Monday 27 October 2014

Autumn Walks and Wild Flowers

Hello there!!
A big thank you for all of the lovely comments I received on my last post. It really means a great deal hearing from each and everyone of you! 
Today was a truly magnificent day! An Autumn day with a rather fresh breeze and a glorious dose of sunshine. Nothing I enjoy better than a clear blue sky and a strong fresh air to clear my mind. 

Instead of heading into the city (as I usually do on my day off), Dennis and I decided to go for a nice long walk, armed with our cameras. 

It was rather tremendous! With the sun shining and the leaves changing shades and falling from the trees, everything appeared to be gleaming a rather yummy caramel colour. 

The ducks were splashing about, enjoying the day as much as I was! 

With a little exploring the dried out remains of Summer could still be found.

We spotted the crisp remains of the sunflower fields, along with glimpses of dried out corn that hadn't been harvested. That shade of yellow is rather amazing, like gem stones! 

Yes the remains of Summer could be seen! But Autumn was bringing it's own fresh delights. 
Bright magenta berries...

Vibrant flowers....

and nothing reminds me more of Autumn than a big bold pumpkin!

It was a lovely walk, it really was!
On our way home we stopped of at a field close to out apartment. It is a flower field, where you can cut your own bunches of flowers and pay for the flowers you have cut. A rather fabulous idea, if you ask me!

There was a knife lying at the entrance of the field so you could easily chop the flowers you so desired.

Despite it being colder, there were still a lot of very gorgeous flowers growing in the field!

Dennis and I picked a small bunch of pretty flowers and placed our money in the slot at the entrance to the field. 

What a beautiful bunch of flowers we have! So vibrant, with great variety to the different types of flowers. Far better than buying from the supermarket!

They look rather lovely at home and bring a warmth to the darkening days.

I'm a big fan of this time of year,  even if it makes me feel like hibernating under my duvet all day long!!!
Hope you are all having the most glorious Autumny week! 

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Monday 13 October 2014

Crochet Flower Lamp

Hello People!
I've been having a rather splendid time over the past week or so, making dozens and dozens of bright and vibrant crocheted flowers.
The pictures I took of them kind of make my heart skip a beat! Aren't they lovely.

I've been making these flowers with the idea of transforming the ikea lamp that I have hanging in my bedroom.  

Honestly, I was not totally convinced if this project would work? Nonetheless, I thought I'd give my idea a whirl and see what the outcome would be.

For about three years now, I've had this plastic rings sat in my craft box. Dennis bought them on a whim whilst out shopping and we have never found a use for them...until now!!
I thought they would be perfect for this project, finally a chance to make use of them. 

I crocheted around the rings to create these cute little flowers. I crocheted with bright shades of cotton, that would later complement the equally bright buttons I was going to embellish my flowers with.

One I had finished making my flowers (84 in total), I sewed in all of the pesky ends. 

Isn't that just dreamy? I could make bright pretty flowers all day!

I then organised my buttons, so that each flower would have a button of contrasting colour.

I cheated a little here...
I threaded my buttons with the matching colour of yarn to the flower I was going to place it on. Then instead of sewing the buttons onto the flowers, I used my hot glue gun to attach them. 

Final I placed a blob of glue onto the back of each flower....

and attached the flowers to the skeleton of my ikea lamp.

TAAAAA-DAAAAH! I'm awfully happy with the outcome!
Bright and bold and it just ooooozes Spring time, rather lovely for these grey Autumn days.

It hangs beautifully in the bedroom! Very over the top, but original and one of a kind! It makes me 
rather giddy looking at how very extravagant it is!

At night the flowers glow warm and delicate. Magical flower shadows are cast upon the walls.

I'm rather smitten with this crochet makeover.

It's the simple things in life......

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