Sunday 2 November 2014

Mini Hoop Flowers

Hello Lovelies!! 
I do hope you're all having a jolly good week?
Over the past couple of days or so I've received a lot of questions about the crocheted flowers I made for my Ikea lamp. I thought I'd take a little moment to answer your questions and hopefully help those of you out who are interested in making some of these flowers to embellish your own projects.

Now these flowers started out as some plastic rings that Dennis and I bought ages ago and never got around to actually use them. 

The rings I used are 26mm flat profile crochet rings by Prym. They are available in many different sizes. It could be fun to play around with some of the larger sizes, but for this project I used the smallest size.
I've had a little look online and found some similar versions of the crochet rings that are available in the same size (26mm) as the ones that I used, check out these websites:

As for my choice of yarn; I used Cottonell by Wolle Rödel, an aran weight yarn. It's a very easy to use, no fuss cotton, that comes in some lovely vibrant shades!
This yarn along with a size 4mm crochet hook and I was ready to get to work!

The buttons were purchased here at Depot, a German home and interior store.
There are lots of great alternatives online for buttons, Why not have a look at the websites also?:

I hope this answers a few of those questions you had about the materials that I used. Of course you probably want to know how I actually made the flowers (that would be helpful), so I jotted down the  pattern. You can find the tutorial for these delightful flowers along with lots of other fun things to make, by clicking on the tutorials link at the top of the page. Alternatively to go straight to the flower tutorial you can click here.

I hope you have fun making these little flowers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

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