Tuesday 17 January 2012

New Projects (and fake Tulips)

It may have been very rainy in Hamburg, but that hasn't kept us from having a very productive day!
We've received a lot of positive messages about the new design of our blog, which has not only made us crazy happy, but it's also fueling our creativity and encouraging our work here on the blog.
A big THANKS for all the lovely comments and support! We really appreciate it.

We've both been off from work today, and ventured into the city for a hardcore gym session. With the depressing weather it seems that much harder to push ourselves to get to the gym! However, once we were there with our headphones on and our favorite music playing, it didn't seem all that bad.

After the gym we've had a lovely afternoon at home, finishing old projects and starting new ones.

Dennis finished a blanket. It's actually the 'neat ripple' pattern from Lucy at Attic24 but with a little alteration. It's worked through the back loops only, making the waves pop! Another thing you might notice is that's it's in one color. Not very common for a ripple, but I believe it works just lovely and makes it a very calm and 'neat ripple' ;-) The measurements are about 1,80 by 1,20 meters which doesn't really show on this picture. This ripple actually worked up very fast, using quite a thick pure merino yarn, and an 8mm hook!

 And here is a new addition to our apartment, some lovely Dutch tulips...

 ...which are as fake as they could be, but we still love them.

Don't they fit perfectly in our new milk jug?
Notice the little brown boxes full of Matt's current work in progress?
Wanna see what's inside?

A million trillion gazillion granny squares! Made with the fabulous wool received at Christmas.
More on this project as it continues to grow...

Here's a little something Dennis has been trying out. It's not very often he pulls out the knitting needles, but once he gets an idea in his head!

Another thing we're both VERY excited about, and that's an understatement, is the announcement of Sophie Kinsella's new novel! We've both been obsessed with her books from day 1 and we're always the first in line to buy her newest additions. If you haven't read any of her books, we really recommend them. They are one hilarious read and can't wait until next month when this one is released!

Hope you all had a lovely Monday?

and Dennis xxx
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  1. Oh my what a delicious post! First of all the grey ripple.. it's perfect.. I was thinking of making one in various shades of grey, but all grey.. now there is a beauty! Followed by all that colour.. perfect little squares and a lovely...um.. can't remember what that knit pattern is called...anyway, the colours are magical! :)x

    1. Thanks for your message, and I think the name of the pattern you were looking for is called: Entrelac ;-)

  2. FANTASTIC doesn't seem a strong enough word to describe your blog. It's so full of life and colour and inspiration. The Ripple Blanket is just stunning and of course, I just love the knitting!Which pattern is it? Even your fake tulips are lovely!Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for you lovely message! In regards to the knitting pattern: I followed the tutorial on youtube of Very Pink Knits of knitting an Entrelac Scarf, but I made mine a little wider since I've made it into something else! Very easy to follow and works up quite fast!

  3. Oh you guys are TOOOO talented :)

    The knitting looks adorable such gorgeous colours but equally I so love the one coloured blanket. Something I'd not thought of but it works so beautifully.

  4. I also just wanted to check that it is ok to use your gorgeous images as I love the photography/colours and post it to my pinterest board but always put a link to your site. http://pinterest.com/textureknit/crotchet/

    If this is not ok please let me know on textureknit@yahoo.co.uk

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Textureknit!

      We're thrilled that you would want to use our images on your pinterest! I just joined myself, and still completely new to the whole experience, but it looks like fun! Thanks for the message!

      Matt & Dennis

  5. I just found your beautiful blog via Instagram! I'm now following you on two sites, haha! Your crochet/knitting FOs are awesome! I can't say enough nice things about your blog, it's simply wonderful to read!

  6. Wow, look at that ripple! Definitely not the obvious choice to do it in one colour, but the crocheting through backloops only gives a stunning effect! The entrelac knitting looks gorgeous (although a bit complicated, I'm a humble beginning knitter :)), what a stunning yarn! I've been pinning some of your projects as well :) http://pinterest.com/treehousehooks/
    Have a beautiful day x

  7. love the 'neat ripple' blanket, I will have to go over and visit Attic24 for this pattern and the project that Matt is working on looks gorgeous love those colours and Dennis your knitting looks fab, I have tried kitting a few times but I just cannot get to grips with it so I will be sticking to the crochet.

  8. Hello Matt and Dennis, I love the work you two do and I love your blog. I was surprised you have less than 200 followers, so I gave you the Liebster Award.

  9. I love your grey ripple, the fringe is great. Also your granny squares and Dennis's knitting are gorgeous. I'm always amazed at how quickly you make things - it seems to take me forever to finish anything lol! Look forward to seeing more of these projects. xx

  10. Great blog Guys, I've just found it via Kashi. I'm doing Lucy's 'neat ripple' but I love how you've used one colour, it looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Deb xxxx

  11. I love, love, love this posting. The tulips are just what I needed here in snowy Washington State, USA! THe ripple blanket in gray is beautiful and you've given me the inspiration to try to learn entrelac knitting.


    Betsy http://betsy-thesimplelifeofaqueen.blogspot.com

  12. Hi my friends! That's neat that everyone loves your new "decor". The all one color ripple is so classy! I did the old fashioned ripple in years past and it was always in the back loop to give it more texture. I also forced myself to go to the gym today and swim for an hour. NOT easy as it's freezing rain here. Can't wait until Spring! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. What a lovely projects you are working on!
    And the ripple blanket is beautiful!
    A few months ago I was thinking about making an all white ripple blanket,
    but I thought it wouldn't be 'special' enough in one colour.
    Too bad i didn't think of working in the back loops only!
    It looks great! Maybe I'll make an all white blankie after all, once I finish my african flower hexagon bed blanket. It's nearly finished, only 6 hexagons to go!
    Have a great weekend! xx

  14. Hey! I found your blog via instagram and now i am so happy! Thank you for sharing photos and inspiraton :D

  15. Oooooooooo Im off to have a peak on youtube now dennis;))))
    Not that I need another project but.....well this does look very new and exciting!
    The pile of squares is growing too-keep up the great work peeps!
    Best wishes


  16. Love the monochromatic ripple!!! Why haven't we all thought of this before? It is gorgeous!!

  17. Absolutely love the ripple afghan in one color worked in back loop! And can't wait to see the granny square project done up, not to mention what's on the knitting needles. Wow! You guys have really got it going on!!! I too am recently addicted to Sophie Kinsella and am ~as I type~ listening to her audio book "Remember Me?" My daughter is a librarian and started bringing her books home for me this Winter and I am whipping through them!

  18. I also love Sophie Kinsella - I often cry with laughter reading her books!! You two are great, I'm so glad I've found your blog! Your projects, colours and styling are just brilliant!!
    Maria x

  19. Love the single colour ripple, the texture works so well to stop it looking lifeless - inspired! A brilliant interpretation of Lucy's pattern.

    I've been yearning to make a ripple blanket for our bed but couldn't find a colour combo that worked for me & went with the decor but having seen your beautiful result I think I'm going to try it in a plain cream aran with the textured finish.

    Thanks for sharing. X

  20. I LOVE that grey ripple! Superb.

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