Friday 29 June 2012

My life on board!

Hello everybody!

Finally a blogpost from me, Dennis! Sorry for the huge delay! (Especially sorry to Matt, whom I promised to write this ages ago!)

As you might have read, I'm working on a cruise ship at the moment. Since 2 and a half years this has been my job, ever since I left the musical Tarzan where Matt is still working. It's been a big adventure in many many ways!

The first amazing part about this job is of course the travelling! I've been so many places over the last years. I started my first contract in Asia and visited Thailand, India, Malaysia, Brunei, Sri Lanka and we made our way to Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Jordan. After that we went up north to Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

I've also been sailing around the Canary Islands, Madeira, Lisbon, Barcelona, Mallorca.

The contract I'm doing now has taken me to Iceland, Norway (even the highest point, North Cape) and Scotland.

Our ship from a distance in Akureyri - Iceland

Besides the traveling I also love my job on board!
I'm one of the 6 lead singers on the ship. Three girls and three guys. Besides that there are 8 dancers, 3 artists/acrobats and 2 actors. Together we're the show ensemble. There are 4 shows played every evening, of which I normally only play 1 and sometimes 2.

As a singer you have about 14 shows to learn, and this happens in Hamburg, where we have our rehearsals before going on board. In 6 weeks all the shows have to be in your head, which is quite crazy and intense!

Bergen - Norway

I sing many different styles on this ship, from Meat Loaf to Phil Collins, from Bon Jovi to the Beatles etc... It's such a great challenge to perform something else every night! 

Me in my Solo Show

Besides all these shows I also have a show all by myself. Each of the singers have to create their own solo show, in which you can perform the songs you like best. My solo show is very much Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, and Josh Groban. I'm always very very nervous before performing my own show, but afterwards I feel great!

It's a great experience to work on a ship! I've made a lot of great friends and I'm always having a good time on the ship! The only hard part of course is when you have a special someone at home! I'm lucky with the length of my contracts though, because I never sail longer than 3 months in a row!

My next contract will start in September and will take me to the USA! I will be in New York and we'll also sail towards the Caribbean! Very exciting!

I've also been knitting on the ship but I don't have anything to show you guys yet! So I will just show you all a lot of pictures of some of the places I've been and some of the shows I've been doing!

There's obviously too much to post, so I've decided to only post pictures from the countries I've been to this contract! Enjoy!

Dennis xxx

Beatles Show

Elton John Show

Me and some of my colleagues

On a Quad to the North Cape - Norway

My roots: Amsterdam!
In Bergen - Norway
Gulfoss - Iceland
Gulfoss - Iceland
A crazy jump in Iceland!
The heat coming from the earth in Iceland!

Geysir - Iceland
Meeting an ex colleague in Oslo!
Canterbury Cathedral

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  1. Hi Marcus - lovely to hear all about your shows onboard the cruise ship and I love the great photos of all the amazing places you have been to. I think I would really love your solo show as Michael Buble and Josh Groban are two of my favourites! I'm pleased you have been managing to get some knitting in and look forward to seeing what you have been making. Have a great weekend xx

  2. Oh you lucky thing- that looks like a dream job. I'd live to see more travel photos and also what you're knitting.
    Great to hear from you xx

  3. Love! Not live! I'm hoping to live either way- d'oh!!!!!!! Xxxx

  4. How great to hear from you, Dennis! I see you have visited my part of Norway. If you ever come back and dock in Harstad, please let me know. I'll come and meet you spot on! Hugs :o)

  5. Amazing pictures! I was fortunate enough to go on a cruise this past February and we all fell in love with the different people working on the ship. It sounds like such a fun job. =)

  6. gosh, wow! absolutely stunning photos! love the crazy jump :)

  7. Nice view of all pictures, a dream for me.Enjoy it !

  8. Hi Dennis! Thanks for filling us in on what you've been up to! I also would love to see/hear your solo show. What about you posting one of your songs on YouTube? Enjoy your travels and your friends. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. WOW, fantastic pics and love hearing about what you have been doing.
    Thanks for sharing and a big hello to you both, wendy

  10. Beautiful photo's from beautiful places. Esp. the one from Amsterdam......I am a Dutch girl living in Thailand.

    Greetings from hot hot Thailand and hope to read mor of your travels.


  11. Such great photos! What a lovely part of the world to travel through. x

  12. How wonderful... It seems like a dream life except, as you said, when you miss a special one at home... Beautiful pictures...wonderful journey!!!

  13. Sounds like an idyllic life. Continue to enjoy !! xoxox from Australia

  14. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Love the pictures....what a wonderful and exciting life!!


  15. Such beautiful photographs what an amazing job you have.

  16. How exciting that is to travel the world, do a job you love and get paid too!Great! I have only been in the Canterbury Cathedral from all the places you mentioned but you were impressed by it too as I was I suppose. When your cruise ship takes a route to Greece and its beauties just tell me!AriadnefromGreece!

  17. Incredible to travel around the world like that, I couldn't believe it was true ! And such beautiful pictures ☁ ☁ ☁

  18. Wow - fabulous pictures! Can't wait to see that knitting...

  19. wow1 i looks so fabulous! I'd love to see you sing! have you got any videos?

    Kate xx

  20. Hello Dennis! It looks like you are having grand adventures! My brother is a singer here in the US and he would love to work a cruise ship at some point. If you wouldn't mind, perhaps I could put you in touch with each other and you could give him some tips? But only if you have a bit of spare time.

  21. Wow! What a wonderful, exciting job! Plus, an excellent way to see the world!

  22. Hi Dennis!

    Wat a way of living a life! It looks that you are doing what you love to do and your going places at the same time!!! Way to go!!!
    Also nice to be able to live such a life, knowing that your love is happy to have you coming home again as well!

    Have a safe and wonderful trip!


  23. I've been following your guys blog for awhile now and I just wanted to ask Dennis, what's your stage performance like with your solo act? I'm in a band with my husband and I'm front "man" and we have our first show this month and I'm super nervous. In rehearsals I don't move at all...I feel like what ever I do will look cheesy or just flat out stupid. It would be really great to get some advise on stage performance from you :)
    Thanks I don't have an account.

  24. Fantabulous pics Dennis! Make the most of your life! Live life evey moment. Very few get to do what they enjoy as a profession. You are lucky to be doing just that. Enjoy. Amazing crochet work Matt and you have done. I enjoy visting this place often :)

    Have a wonderful journey

  25. I've really enjoyed reading your post and looking at all your wonderful pictures. What a fabulous job. I look forward to seeing your finished knitting project.
    Love from Mum

  26. Hi Dennis - what amazing photos. I wish we could hear you singing; Frank Sinatra is one of my favourites. Lily. xxx

  27. I just love your blog
    you don't fail in surprising me ever!
    No cambieis nunca!!

  28. What an adventure! It must be great to have a job that take you to so many beatiful places.
    Your photos are amazing!

  29. Love your blog! Your photos are amazing, especially this from Akureyri my hometown ;)


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