Thursday 3 January 2013

Spoiled Rotten!

I'm slowly getting myself back into a routine after indulging way too much over the past weeks.
For me, food has got to be one of the biggest and most enjoyable things about the Christmas festivities (along with spending time with loved ones). However,  I do find I get to a point when I just can't do it anymore. No more sweets and chocolate but a trip to the gym instead to lift my spirits.
It's been quite hard to break the cycle of eating too much junk food, especially as my family (very kindly) sent me a great deal of chocolate over from England.
Sometimes I think that maybe my mum doesn't realise that they also sell chocolate here in Germany :-)

Well I've finally got myself back to the gym and I am feeling good for it. The Christmas decorations are coming down and life is returning back to a somewhat normal pace. I do hate taking down the decorations, everything looks so empty and bare. I can hardly believe that for 95% of the year the decorations were not there anyway.
To fill the void that removing the Christmas decorations had left, I had to splash out on something a little cheery for the apartment. Some lovely bright roses. They make my heart feel all fluttery!!

I could stare at them for hours! Gorgeous, bright colours and everyday they open up a little more spreading bucket loads of light.

Tidying up the apartment and removing the tree gave me a moment to go through all of the lovely gifts I received. I really am very lucky!
Along with the mountains of chocolate my lovely family sent, I also received some clothes, candles and of course socks!! I've learned to appreciate receiving socks for Christmas, I used to hate it as a kid. I have to say, thanks to my mum I have a rather splendid sock collection for 2013.
Along with all of these lovely gifts I also received some rather amazing crafting goodies.

An adorable selection of buttons and ribbons from my amazing sister and my lovely friend Tracy.

Aren't those buttons crazy and I really can't get over how cute the ribbons are.!
I will definitely be putting these to good use, although part of me doesn't want to sew or cut the ribbons up as they seem practically perfect just the way they are.

I believe my sister purchased them at the cute little craft store in Bath. (The Makery Emporium)

You may have also spotted the cute little owl? it was also from Tracy, she sent me this as a 'thank you' present for the yarn I had sent her earlier in the year. She really didn't have to as she was actually doing me a favour by giving my unwanted yarn a new home. Nonetheless, I was chuffed to bits to receive this cute little needle holder. Thank you Tracy!!!

So sweet! I love his googly eyes, not to mention how organised my little needles are!

 My final crafty present, was a brand spanking pair of new handmade slippers! Ok I know it sounds a little crazy to get so excited about new slippers, and what's so crafty about them? Well...let me explain :-) These were my old ones:

Dennis made them for me. I loved them so very much and wore them all of the time, which very sadly meant this happened:

Soo sad! They were well passed retirement and sadly needed to be sent to slipper heaven.
But, imagine my utter delight when I received a new pair on Christmas day!! WOOP!!

Aren't they just lovely! Dennis did a great job making these and picking out a lovely set of new colours. I love them even more than my last pair.
I'd wear these on the street if I could, just to show them off to passers by :-)

I'm so very lucky and extremely grateful for my new gifts. I can't wait to play around with those crafty goodies whilst wearing my new slippers!!
Not sure what I'm going to conjure up yet. First i want to finish my current projects! Here's a little snippet of something I've been working on over the Christmas period.

It's my first time trying out some entrelac crochet and I'm enjoying the feeling of playing with this technique. I'll keep you posted with how it progresses!

What "new year projects" are you all working on? Something amazing, I'm sure!!!

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  1. Love the slippers!! Your crochet is looking great too! I have lots of things that I want to make this year, sooo many! But, I AM going to finish a few things first!! x

  2. Welcome back (sure is wet here in UK) - lovely slippers - they look felted? Today I visited first day of John Lewis sale for yarn and bought far too much. I couldn't resist it at half price (can't resist it at full price either)!
    Happy times ahead for us all?

  3. I am jealous of those buttons, they look like so much fun!

  4. Hi matt, what lovely gifts, I know what you mean about the chocolate, but what do you do with it all it seems a shame to throw it away, that's my next dilemma, see my post about the first ha ha, I can't wait to start back to zumba classes next week. I love your slippers, Dennis has done a great job. I'm doing a similar project as you right now using Tunisian crochet, but mine is made in strips yours looks more complicated I hope you will share how you made it when it's all done. Take care xx

  5. Matt, I am in love with your blog. I found it through a link about a certain crocheted clock (the next project in line after I get out of my doily phase), and was wondering if you would share if there was a pattern that Dennis used for your slippers. As far as my clock is concerned, I had this idea for a solid cover with a thread filet overlay, but that could just be the crazy doily maker talking.

  6. Those slippers look insanely warm!! I love the rose pictures - those are my favorite. Flowers can brighten ANY room. :)

    1. haha i love that you want to wear your slippers outside.
      they are pretty fab tho!

  7. I'm loving the way that entrelac is looking! Is that Tunisian, or linked stitches or what?

  8. Hi !

    LOVE the flowers and yes i will do the same as i need to put away al the x-mas stuff and get the tree out as well....
    I am going to buy me some flowers tooo, thanks for the idea!

    And what lovely friends and family you have! LOVE the buttens, ribbons and the warm slippers!!! DENNIS if you need to do some slippers-making therapy, please let me know, I could really use some and would love to have those kind of slippers !!! ;-) LOL !!!

    Guys, wishing you a lovely week!

    Warm regards Hedwig

  9. Nice flowers!!! I am working on hearts and flowers already. Nothing like a bit of romantic craft to get you through the long months! x

  10. Gorgeous flowers, and what fabby presents. Those buttons look brilliant, and I love your slippers.

  11. Love the new crochet and the slippers ( the new ones!) great colours! Your blog is a happy rainbow of colour!

  12. Lovely stash of goodies you have there.
    I'm nosy, what kind of choccy did your family send from here?
    After saying that I was all blanketed out last year (made 4) I've started on guess what?!

  13. Happy New Year Matt! I'd intrigued by your new project, I've never heard of entrelac crochet before but it's looking good!

  14. Your posts are full with warmth and cosyness...I love that!!
    I'm working on a cushion cover myself...and there's a babyboy due in april so I want to get started with a gift for him as well...just don't exactly know what...

  15. Happy New Year, you are great, love your posts!

    Check out my new giveaway! :)

  16. Tracy is wonderful, isn't she? We were swap buddies last year and became good friends. She sends me lovely gifts too. I love the blogging world and all the people I have met through it. Your posts always make me smile. Happy New Year.

  17. Wow, your new slippers are a rainbow of happiness, aren't they? We took down our decs and now it looks so spare.. I guess I need some flowers! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little owl!! Oh it is so sweet. I love your rainbow felted slippers too...I've been meaning to make some for myself one of these days.

    I am trying to finish up a sock that was supposed to have been done for Christmas...oops :o Just working up the toe now, and then I am going to start a pair for myself, tosh sock in Violas:

    Then (after I get home from vacaation) it's time to start working on my brother's wedding quilt! :o

  19. Hola Matt me encanta tu blog! preciosos regalos el buho guarda agujas, las cintas preciosas estoy esperando ver que cosa linda haras con ellas por no decir de los botones una chulada!! sus colores son maravillosos y tus zapatillas? solo puedo decir quiero unas iguales!! no sabia que vivias en Alemania siempre pensé que eras gringo! bueno dá lo mismo tejes como los angeles!

  20. Happy New Year ... I can't wait to see the entrelac crochet thing (I never heard of it so of to google I go)

  21. Hi Matt, HNY to you! I love your beautiful flower photos, they look soooo professional, and yes your buttons are gorgeous too. I'm also intrigued about entrelac crochet???? As Giggles above, I must ask Mr Google what it is :-)

  22. Love your buttons,but also the little owl,your new slippers, JUST EVERYTHING!Lucky you!;-)

  23. I'm a first time commenter and a new reader.

    Your presents are swoon-worthy and I'm very jealous. And those roses are so pretty! Your flat must be a very cheerful place full of pretty things and colour :)

    Happy new year to you

  24. Happy New Year! The slippers look great and that crochet project looks wonderful.

  25. Happy New Year! Love the ribbon and buttons and the slippers are wonderful. Loving the new project - its something I've never done, entrelac crochet, it looks very neat. This year I want to get a few long outstanding WIPS finished but couldn't resist starting to knit a pair of socks for my husband with some sock yarn I got in the sales. I'm doing them at lunchtime at work so they will be a surprise for him :-) Hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you Matt Love Joanna xx

  26. Happy New the buttons, owl and especially those slippers..well apart from my newly found love of granny squares I shall be attempting quilting this year and more painting

  27. Happy New Year to you Matt. Love the flowers , the sleepers, the crafts. Lovely presents ... To a lovely person!

  28. Dearest matt, what a lovely pile of goodies for the Holidays. Youa re blessed with friends, family and lots of loved ones to help you enjoy the winter with warmth, color and creativity.

    I have a big pile of baby blanket yarn and an infant joining me next month so I will be crocheting him some love over these next few weeks.

  29. I love the Making Emporium I discovered it on a shopping trip to Bath before Christmas and it felt like I was in Heaven ... !! xxx