Friday 18 October 2013

Holiday At Home. Part 2: Bath!

After we had spent a few lovely days in London it was time for Dennis and I to continue our journey and make a quick stop off at my parents house in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.
Mum and Dad were working during the day so we would spend the evening with them and occupy ourselves throughout the morning . It was a perfect balance of our time versus parent time.

Dennis (who is originally from The Netherlands) had already visited my parents home before and had seen the delights my little town had to offer. So we decided to take a day trip to one of the close by cities that Dennis had not yet visited. We ended up visiting the rather charming city of Bath.

As you can see from the pictures it's a pretty magical looking place. It is very picturesque indeed with its beautiful Abbey, Roman baths and historical streets. 

Dennis enjoyed it very much!

Whilst we were there Dennis wanted to try something typically English to eat. We found a bench in the city and sat and ate piping hot Cornish pasties that we had bought from one of the many bakeries. I thought they were DELICIOUS, but they were clearly not Dennis' cup of tea. Oh well....all the more for me :-)

I showed Dennis around the shops and took him to this little street that was hidden just off of the main High Street. It held two lovely little shops that were right up our alley.

Wool was the very appropriately named yarn store, it was cute and held a really good selections of yarn. The shop was bright and comfortable with a sofa very conveniently placed in the middle of the room. As soon as we walked in we were greeted with a very pleasant smile from the lady working there and she kindly asked if we needed any help. She really was super friendly and made browsing the yarn so much more enjoyable.

Country Threads was situated just across the road from Wool and was also a little treasure of a shop. If you're looking for fabric, threads and buttons this is really your place. We were browsing around in the shop front area only to be pointed out by the owner that there was also a massive back room stocked full of fabrics. it was really quite amazing just how much fabric they had!

Naturally after a spot of craft shop browsing it was time for another yummy treat. We thought we'd go and sample the delights of the fudge shop. As we walked up to the fudge shop we noticed that they were making fudge, so it was nice to be able to watch part of the making process. It smelt so delicious!

After sampling the home made treats that Bath had to offer we got back to our craft shopping.

I was excited to take Dennis to the cute little shop ´The Makery Emporium`. I had told him about this lovely little shop after my last trip to Bath (and blogged about it here), so he was keen to take a look at the lovely crafting products they stocked.

Of course we didn't leave empty handed! We decided to by some rather cool fabric with the intention of making some fun new cushions for our sofa in our new apartment.

I'm rather smitten with the glasses fabric and can't wait to make something with it!

That was our day out in Bath.
Denis and I both enjoyed it very much and loved walking around and talking about one day owning a shop like the Makery Emporium in a city just like Bath. We can dream for now but one day wouldn't it be lovely if that could become a reality! Of course we would also have a cafe in our craft shop and invite you all in for coffee, tea and a big slice of cake :-)

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  1. I'm there!!! Cafe...then shop then cafe!!!! Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  2. Those are some lovely echino fabrics that you picked :)
    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Bath!

  3. What a wonderfull trip you two had! I makes me smile that Dennis is from the Netherlands, thats where i live. Have you ever been to Holland Matt?

    Lovely greets, Tessa

  4. I grew up in Bath and miss it so much (I live in Aberdeenshire now). It was lovely to see your pics and hearing what you favourite haunts!!!

  5. Oh wow then I'm you first time customer and I bring a large pot with Dutch liquorice for Dennis. What a beautiful town and shops are so cute. I love it ♥


  6. What a great town! Fabric, yarn, and fudge, all within a hop of each other :)

  7. Can't wait!

    But could you open it in France, please...


  8. I was lucky enough to visit England with a group of graduating seniors from our high school here in the states. Bath was one of my favorite stops . . LOVE the ladders and climbers on the cathedral and the Roman bath was so awesome! Your pictures brought back great memories.

  9. Lovely that you took us with you on this adventure. I love the shops and you had me with the word FUDGE !~!

  10. So lovely to revisit Bath. I love that town!! :) Now I want to fly directly back to England hop in a car and drive off to the old Roman city.

    Tanne, Denmark :)

  11. Shock! How could Dennis not like Cornish Pasties? Lovely pics, sounds like you had a great time. I'm looking forward to you setting up shop as I bet you would stock it with Fab-U-Lous things!
    One-oh-four xx

  12. The photos were wonderful. Sounds like such fun! I always wondered what Cornish Pasties taste like and what is in them. Maybe someday, I will get to visit your little corner of the world. In the meantime, I can visit your blog, and the many others that take me round the world. Thank you. xxoo

  13. Wow! That sounds like a fabulous plan. Ooh, I'll have to put Bath on the schedule for a re-visit when next we're over. Thanks for the shops info.

  14. Bath looks a beautiful place, I would love to visit. Thank you for showing the great photo's

  15. Hi Matt, just found your blog when i was browsing for new crochet patterns. I'm dutch but i also went to Bath, really loved id. We had a afternoon tea in the shop above the Jane Austen museum, the scones were awesom, greetz, Simone

  16. Que maravillosas fotos de tu viaje!! lugares fantasticos llenos de historia!
    las tiendas de lanas son geniales!! y las fotos de las comidas me despertaron el apetito ja,ja,ja,ja
    todo maravilloso un gran saludo ahora desde el centro del Pais San Luis Potosi Mexico.

  17. Heeeeeeeee, Matt! I am new here, read your blog via Pinterest. I like the things you make, especially the stuff you crochet according to Attic 24. But it is November 10 and your blog is from October 18???!!!
    Keep on the good crochet-work!
    Love from me!
    Liesbeth Houtman,
    The Netherlands

  18. I haven't read you for a while so it was nice to catch up on a few posts. Sorry to read that you got sick a few weeks back, I'm glad you're better now and have had a lovely relaxing holiday. You and Dennis look a lovely couple! Hope you're settling in to the new place and new job. Best wishes.

    ps - I'm with Dennis - pasties are minging!

  19. I've never been to Bath, but it's seems to be very nice ! I must admit Cronish pastries are not my cup of tea either. I understand Dennis !

  20. Oh my! I never knew these shops existed in Bath!! I have been to Wool but not the other two.. obviously wasn't paying attention when I left wool either!! I must go when I do my Christmas shopping next month! As I only live a few miles from there so goodness knows how I missed these! x

  21. Dear Matt,
    where are you ????
    Are you allright? No posts for a long time..... and I enjoy reading them so much.....
    Love from me!
    Liesbeth, The Netherlands

  22. What a wonderful vacation and a beautiful town. Such a fun way to spend part of your vacation.

  23. You've got a very nice blog, which I have found through Isa,'s blog: Colores y Ganchos. I have loved the posts I have read here and I have loved your beautiful photos in London, which is my favourite city, so I will come again. Kindest regards!

  24. Fab tour! Pinned:) Merry Christmas

  25. Happy Holidays!...Thank you for sharing so much inspiration "thru "out the 2013.....wish you happiness,health and love.Happy Crocheting !