Tuesday 25 February 2014


Hello fellow crafters!!! 
I've been hard at work making bunting for my balcony and "oh my" have I enjoyed making it!

I decided to make it out of felt as I have a big assortment of scrap felt at home, I thought it was about time I used it for something. Not to mention felt comes in such an amazing array of colours....

I started by making a template out of a piece of cardboard from an old cereal box. I figured it was easier (and way faster) to draw around a template, rather than measure and mark out each piece of bunting individually.  

I traced around my bunting template onto each of the felt pieces and cut them out. Leaving me with a lovely collection of colourful flags. 

I then cut long rectangular strips of felt that I folded in half and placed at the top of my little bunting flags. I did my best to make this rectangle piece of felt as contrasting to the main section of the flag as possible. 
With the help of my trusty sewing machine I stitched the rectangular pieces to the main flag section to secure it in place, giving the bunting a rather lovely upper edge.

Finally I threaded each of the bunting flags on to some twine I had bought from the local hardware store.

My felt bunting  was all ready to hang!!

Now I hate to get all "deep" on you but I have to bring up a question that a friend of mine asked...... "What is the point of bunting? What do you do with it? Why would you bother?" and at the time I didn't know the answer.

I've thought about this for a few days and even held off from hanging my bunting as I thought that maybe it was a little stupid. 
Up until yesterday my bunting sat in a pile on the dining room table with absolutely no purpose. 

It was yesterday afternoon when the sun was shining that I finally went out on to the balcony and started to hang the bunting from the balcony that hangs above.
Once I had completed the stringing of my bunting, I sat back and enjoyed the shadows that it cast upon the wall.

I loved how my bunting looked hanging in the late afternoon sun.

I realised that there was a point to bunting.
The point of bunting is JOY. Making the bunting bought my JOY, the shadows from the bunting bought me JOY. The colour of the bunting brings me JOY.
Sure it doesn't have an obvious function, but this little mass of felt scarabs that is connected to some simple twine makes me happy every time I look at it.
Isn't it strange how something so simple can bring so much JOY.  Pointless? Um....Definitely NOT!

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  1. Matt - that's lovely, and such a good idea to make it out of pieces of felt. The shadows are especially nice too, BUT........no pictures of the actual bunting 'in situ'??.....looking like a bunting? We need to see it!!! :)
    B x

    1. popped an extra picture up just for you!! :-)

    2. Thank you....it was worth the wait! Looks fab and really cheers up the balcony. You'll be able to say 'oh, mine's the apartment with the bunting!' :) x

  2. bunting... just to bring some colour in the otherwise very white surrounding. Think of how great it would look if more people had such colourful balconies.


  3. so bright and festive, and it makes you smile to look at it. Best reason of all!

  4. Joy is definitely one of the best reasons for doing anything! xxx

  5. YES. my answer exactly, and i sort of high fived the screen like a dork when i saw your answer.

  6. Your bunting is beautiful and that IS the point, I think. I have stacks and stacks of felt, now I know what to do with some of it... :)

  7. Oh, the point of bunting is to look pretty and make you happy! What a great point it has! You could ask what the point of a vase of flowers is really, or anything else which is decorative. The point is to make the place cheery and put a smile on your face!! Great bunting, love the idea of the contrasting top.
    Maria x

  8. Matt, I totally agree, bunting does indeed bring joy, could not have put it better myself. Looks grand on your balcony and adds just the right amount of splash of colour to remain stylish and elegant. Well done, brilliant!

  9. It looks fabulous and don't you let anyone tell you otherwise!

  10. Hello Matt,
    I have crochet bunting hanging on my fireplace, I smile everytime I look at it. Anything that brings joy in your life is a good thing :) You inspired me, tomorrow I am going to hang the crochet flower buting I made in my hallway to make it more festive and springlike. Greetings from the Netherlands,

  11. It looks lovely, never EVER question bunting... there is no space or occasion which bunting cannot improve! I also favour the cereal box template approach, I have been making personalised bunting in recent weeks and made an alphabet template set out of a cereal box- that was a lot of fiddly cutting. You have inspired me to use felt for bunting in the near future! thankyou xx

  12. It's fun isn't it! If it makes you smile when you see it then I think that's the whole point :-) Invite your friend over & they'll understand because it looks fab!

  13. It looks wonderful and I love bunting in all it's pointless glory...anything that raises a smile is good in my book xx ;) x

  14. And how many people will look at it and wish they had some? Lots!

  15. What is the point? - you could ask this on most things we do or have around us. Are balloons pointless?, I mean they usually end up bursting and don't last that long anyway. What about candles... we have electricity now so aren't they pretty useless now in this day and age? I love my candles and so I have just designed a crochet votive cosy which some people may find pointless, but I really enjoyed the process of designing and creating these to share with other like minded folk - it's what makes me a happy me. I love lighting my candles and watching the light dance around and create pretty colourful patterns on the wall. Does it serve a purpose - you betcha!
    We surround ourselves with 'stuff' that make us happy, and YES all these things have a purpose in our lives. It's the process of creating these things which gives us so much joy, which in turn is good for the soul. It's what makes us creative folk tick!
    You're bunting rocks... I bet you'll be experiencing bunting envy from all your neighbours.
    Keep on with the Happy Crafting Matt ;-D

  16. Definitely NOT pointless. It looks amazing. Why settle for plain white, when you can have gorgeous color?! Your friend might need a gift of bunting to "get" it.

  17. Cuteness as always! Now I need a balcony! *sighs

  18. You are the best on everything....crochet and all kind of crafts.Admiring you !

  19. The point of bunting IS joy! You are so right! It is lovely to see it blowing in the breezy. It cheers you up when it is grey and cloudy out. It makes everything look festive. Bunting is amazing! I have learned that if what you create can make others happy, it will make you happy, too! Thank you for your lovely pictures of your balcony. It is really gorgeous and was a wonderful pick-me-up, as it is snowing here once again with more below zero temps. So, thank you tons!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  20. HEY! I have to tell you that I'm your HUGE fan! I live in Mexico and I just created my own blog inspiring by you! Hope someday be just like you! Thanks a lot!

  21. Yes, yes, yes! Your bunting is slimply delightful indeed. I am glad you hung it. ~Kelly

  22. A great idea, i love it.. I just bought a bunch of felt the other day at Beverly's.. w/love Janice