Wednesday 26 March 2014


Hello Lovelies!
Last post I gave you all a glimpse at the current project i'm working on, along side the yarn I recently bought. I told you how I've been finding it difficult to find a good variety of yarn here in Stuttgart. Well I hate to say it....... It looks like I spoke too soon!!! EEEEEEK!

On monday Dennis and I payed a visit to the yarn shop where Dennis had purchased the  gorgeous Noro yarn he is currently knitting with.  
Dennis had told me about this cute knit cafe.  I had yet to pay it a visit, as it is a bit of a journey from where we live. 
Monday was my day off from work and the weather was yucky, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to travel across the city and go see if this shop really was the treasure that Dennis claimed it was.

Das Wollecafe (The Woolcafe) was the name of the shop and it certainly was a gem!!!

A clean, bright shop that just oozed happiness!

This is what I'd been looking for in Stuttgart city centre, luxurious yarns in shades to die for!

Yarn that was the little bit "different" to make an extra special project.

Vibrant colours throughout the whole shop!

It makes me feel giddy just looking back at the pictures I took.

The shop also stocked a great range of accessories!
Felted hearts, balls and buttons to add those final touches to a project. 
A nice selection of craft books, filled with ideas and patterns

Of course there were also project about the shop. Made by the lovely owner Susanne, who also offered classes in knitting and crochet.
I could spot many shawls, felted shoes, a blooming flower cushion:

and some cheery crocheted ornaments hanging from the budding twigs near the entrance:

Of course this was no ordinary yarn store. It was a cafe as well!

Dennis and I were able to sit and drink coffee after we had worked up a thirst from all of the yarn browsing. 
We sat and worked on our projects chatting with Susanne and her very lovely customers. It was nice to meet people with the same enthusiasm that Dennis and I have towards all things yarny.
It was also good for me to practise some conversational German! :-)

A real treasure and definitely my go to place for yarn in Stuttgart. I'm so happy that we found this store. I was beginning to think that I would have to quit my job and move cities to be closer to a well stocked yarn shop! Thank God it didn't have to come to that!!!
Thank you DAS WOLLCAFÉ  for making Dennis and I feel so welcome. We will definitely be visiting again soon!!

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  1. OH WOW!!! So jealous! What a colour hit! That is a fabulous shop and you are going to spend so much money, but get so much happiness in return.
    B x

  2. I am so happy for you! I wish we had a yarn shop where I live. The one we had closed down 2 years ago. I just order on-line, but it is so nice to go in a yarn shop and get that amazing rush from the colours! I'm not sure if I would ever go home if I found a yarn shop inside a cafe! I'm looking forward to seeing your new project. You are so very talented! Have a great day!

  3. Giddy, giddy, giddy... thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Cozy place, gorgeous yarn, coffee, plus like-minded people - what more could one ask for? Wish we had a place like that around here!

  4. That shop looks soooo yummy :3 I want to live there!

    xx MaDonna

  5. Why oh why don't we have such a brilliant shop in Brussels?? Speaking of Woolhalla, wow! Do you by any chance remember what that gorgeous multicoloured yarn in the basket was (fourth pic)? And a café too... Perfect! x

  6. ALL. THAT. COLOR. !! Yay for Dennis finding such an amazing place. Crochet, chatting and sounds wonderful.

  7. Whoa !!! Lovely store

  8. Those pictures! The colour! You're making me want to get on the next plane to Germany!

  9. Not a crocheter - but I LOVELOVELOVE that blooming cushion!

  10. That is a wonderful place. I have a super yarn store here in Portland, Oregon USA - but it doesn't have a cafe attached.. that takes it to an all new level of coolness! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. A very warm welcome to you, Matt,
    you are right, you found the best yarn shop in town,
    see you maybe in the Wollcafé one day,
    one of the customer,

  12. Hello Matt
    How lucky you are - great shop! Beautiful photos too, I am enjoying your blog on my crochet journey...thank you :)

  13. Pues vaya que has encontrado la cueva de ali baba!! pero de los hilos!! que maravilla de colores!!
    una belleza de lanas sin duda!! felicidades a ti ya Denis, un fuerte abrazo.

  14. Oh Matt...I'm so happy for you and so jealous! I'm also an expat living in Germany, the Dusseldorf area. I just returned from a six-week visit to family in the Chicago area and brought back 25 skeins of yarn in my suitcase. Eek, is right! I've found only two places to get yarn nearby and neither option is great. Das Wollcafe looks LOVELY!! Your blog is wonderful, by the way. Keep up the good work! Hugs, from Mary at

  15. That does looks like a great shop. So colorful!

  16. OH WOW is such an understatement - however were you able to walk out? Yarn Love.

  17. Hey Matt. Just want to say I'm a huge fan of your blog. And I have to say more than a little influenced by your amazing style. I love your clean, elegant aesthetic and the rainbow of colour that abounds. I don't knit (oh how I wish my right handed mother had been able to teach her left handed boy). But I do love to craft & DIY. I love bold patterns and vibrant colours and want to start finding my own voice on my blog and begin showing my style there. And I'm writing this more to stop me over copying your joyous blog design lol. Please, please, please virtually slap me if "being influenced by your blog" tips over into flat out imitation. And keep writing your marvellous posts and sharing your world of colour. Love to you and Dennis. Px

  18. Loving your blog, have just found it. Know what you mean about yarn. Living in a small Mexican City at present with few yarn choices. My Mil was quite shocked when a parcel of 30 balls of yarn arrived at her flat in London a few weeks ago for her to bring out to me at Easter, she doesn't craft at all.

  19. A yarn store and a café has been my dream for so long! To own such a place, or co-own such a place. Love the idea of sitting with a steaming hot cup of frothy coffee, chatting with friends and working on a yarny project. So much inspiration and perfect for a cold rainy day.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Birgitta x

  20. What amazing yarns! I can't wait to see what glorious colourful projects you come with to use them for... I hope you go shopping again soon! ;)