Wednesday 23 April 2014

Road Trip

Hello Lovelies! 
I hope you're having a fantabulous week and that your Easter weekends were full and fun packed?!
It's been a little while since I last posted! 
I started back at work after having a couple of weeks off. I had a few bits and bobs to catch up on, so my blog was temporarily put on hold. 
I'm back now, coffee at hand and munching on some yummy marmite on toast as I write to you guys. I thought I'd come and share some of those holiday snaps that Dennis I took the week before last, when we went on a little road trip.

We had such a lovely time!! This vacation was very last minute as we had to wait and see how Dennis was feeling after he had surgery to remove some nasty kidney stones. 
Once he was in the all clear, we hired a car, packed our bags and drove south. 
It was amazing to leave Stuttgart and explore some of the areas a little further afield from the city. 
Our first stop was Lake Constance (Bodensee). What a treat this was!! 
Considering we had only driven for a couple of hours, it felt like I was in a totally different country! 

 The sun was shining and the water was crystal clear

It was postcard picturesque and very energising being close to water.

It was lovely spending the day here, walking along the harbour and stopping for some delicious tapas by the waterfront.

Dennis and I spent a long day enjoying Constance before waking up early the next morning and continuing our journey... towards The Alps!
We drove along paths of winding roads, singing along to the radio and taking in the glorious scenery. 
Quite suddenly we could see mountains!! I found this very exciting!  Massive snow capped peaks, towering high above the roads!! How jolly exciting!!

The views were like being in the movie "The Sound of Music". Not so strange considering that were were driving so close to the Austrian border. 

We drove to our next hotel which was in a small town of Grainau, close to the highest mountain in Germany. It was so beautiful. We got to work exploring the surrounding landscapes over the next couple of days. 

It was heavenly being out of the city! Walking for hours and enjoying the fresh air! The perfect place for a little get away.

After spending time in Grainau we started to make out journey back home to Stuttgart.
We drove towards home making a slight detour to visit Neuschwanstein, the home to the castles of King Ludwig.

It was stunning!! I couldn't imagine a more beautiful landscape and the castle were like something straight out of a fairytale.

It was amazing to take the tour inside of the castle and learn all about the life of King Ludwig! He sounded pretty extravagant! 

After the visit to the castle we continued on home feeling energised from our road trip. I really didn't realise how beautiful a landscape Germany had. So many amazing places to visit and so close to Stuttgart. We will definitely be hiring a car more often, to make more of these trips. Next time maybe we will drive to Switzerland or France? That would be nice!!

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  1. Aw my partner promised me a trip to Neuschwanstein someday and now I really want to go! Your pictures of it are beautiful. So are the vieuws of the mountains, looks like you guys had a wonderful vacation!

  2. We keep saying we must go back and enjoy Gernany as a destination, had 3 days in Black Forest on the way back from Italy one year. Gorgeous!! Fabulous pics. Fiona

  3. I have visited Neuschwanstein when I was little, it is awesome. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was recorded there :)

  4. An amazing castle! (Bet you could make it in crochet!!!)


  5. The pictures are pretty amazing! Glad you had such a good time! Hm, I reckon I should explore my home country a bit more and travel a bit futher south to see all these wonderful places!

    Take care,

  6. What a incredible trip! and the scenery...amazing. It is always nice to get away and just spend time together.

  7. Hi Matt. I just discovered your lovely bright shiny blog recently. I have never been to Germany but your photos of it are absolutely beautiful. The castle is amazing!

  8. Matt, I'm so happy you and Dennis ventured out a bit. Germany is indeed a beautiful country. I am fortunate enough to work as a tour director in the spring and summer (similar to Dennis, but I'm on land). One of the tours I do is Alps and Dolomites. If you and Dennis are thinking about visiting Switzerland, I suggest you stop thinking about it and do it. To date it is the most beautiful country I've seen! Your pictures are lovely, thank you for a nice blog post. :) Mary from the Go Crochet Crazy blog.

  9. Thank you so much for your lovely photos. I'm headed to Neuschwanstein in a few weeks and only hope that I'll be able to take some photos that are half as nice as yours.

  10. Your pictures are stunning. I visited the Tirol as a teenager (30 yrs ago) and your photos remind me of that trip. Thank you.

  11. How absolutely lovely! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm green with envy! Chris x

  12. Wow... What a wonderful trip and this castle is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen... Just absolutely astonishing!

  13. Que preciosa entrada!! fotos maravillosas!! en verdad que Alemania es magico un bello lugar, el castillo me encantó
    es tan diferente a Mexico, gracias por compartir!!

  14. What fabulous scenery and that castle ~ WOW. Hope you had a great time.

  15. Gorgeous photo's Matt, almost like being in a fairytale. Australia doesn't have
    that kind of scenery, so it's great to see what they world looks like. We did visit
    Italy last year, and live there!! Dream......Love the photo of the castle,
    too beautiful.
    Cheers, Anita.

  16. Astounding lovely pictures and scenes to see on your holiday. Your part of our world entrances and enthralls those fortunate enough to live or visit there. Thank you and Dennis for sharing your glorious pictures.

  17. Πολυ όμορφες οι φωτογραφίες σου !


  18. Such a great time you had and the pictures are wonderful ♥

  19. Hi Matt, fairly new you your blog. I am a fellow hooker myself (when I'm amongst friends, if my mum is within ear shot then I'm a Yarn Goddess!!!!) as well as a quilter - can't remember how I came across your site but I have recently started attending Photography classes and was amazed at the wonderful 'crafting shot' you take - however these last photos are amazing. I've not looked back far enough in your post to see what your photography back ground is. Are you or Dennis trained - or just both very naturally talented and have the eye! What camera do you use? Very much love the site - love the white - love the colour - love the fact that you hook together!

  20. Τι όμορφες φωτογραφίες !

    Και οι μεταμόρφωση της καρέκλας τέλεια !


  21. Looks like you had an amazing time. I remember a fantastic visit to my Aunt, who lives in Constance, back when I was 15 (28 years ago!!!). Very happy memories of a beautiful part of the world.

  22. When you were in Constance did you see Mainau? There were several trees that had been yarn bombed there. Quite a pretty site. We just got back from Germany a few weeks ago and my two favourite places were Constance and Fussen. That castle is awesome.

  23. Hello Matt, I've been a lurker on your blog for a long time, but now that I see that you consider visiting Switzerland or France, well I have to drop a line. I live in the "3 land area" (Germany, France and Switzerland), near Basel on the French side. So if you ever need a guide or want to take a break, have tea and a piece of cake you are very welcome.

  24. Hi there. Love your blog! Your pics look much like our B.C. landscape (West coast of Canada). Thanks for sharing.

  25. Wow what an amazing place... great photos felt like I was there.. Hope you don't mind me back tracking on your blog.. but I'm intrigued with your blog.. w/love Janice

  26. Wow lovely photos I felt as If I was there.. great place.. I hope you don't mind that I'm back tracking on your blog
    I'm intrigued with it.. w/love Janice