Sunday 1 February 2015

Fibi The Fox

Hey there!! 
Wow we've hit February already!!! My how time flies!!!
January was a good month though. 
For me it was a month of focus, getting back into a routine (after the Christmas season) and a month of rather fun crafty projects. 

Earlier last month I made my first Lalylala doll. Lupo the Lamb was his name and what a fun make he was! (You can read about Lupo here)
Following the fab pattern by designer Lydia Tresselt (, I fell in love with the simple but cute features of these dolls. After making my first, I just HAD to make another one (of course not entirely selfish, as Lupo definitely needed some company).
This time I decided on Fibi, Fibi the fox!!!

I learnt a lesson from my first experience with these dolls and realised that with my first, I had used yarn that was far to thick. This time I went on a hunt to find yarn in appropriate colours and equally appropriate weight. 
I settled for Oslo by Wolle Rödel, in cream, vibrant orange, dark grey and later for the scarf I used a soft merino yarn that was lurking at the bottom of my stash (unfortunately I'm not sure of the details as the label had gone walkabouts). 

I got started with Fibi's head. Nice, round and full, making sure to add the safety eyes along with a nice generous amount of toy stuffing. 
Two little legs were made...
and her long body. I'm loving that rusty orange colour, it has so much warmth to it.

Of course she needed some foxy ears......
and arms so she can wave "hello" to her friends.

With a a little focus and a touch of hard work, she was ready in no time.
I checked  that she was firmly stuffed, to avoid a sagging head. Then stitched her carefully together, making sure to do a nice neat job.

Isn't she looking rather adorable!!

Of course she needs a nice warm scarf, to keep her cosy whilst playing in the forest with her friends.
I made this out of some scrap yarn I had stashed at home. Instead of knitting like the pattern suggested, I actually made this with a simple Tunisian crochet stitch. I made it nice and long, before adding a little bit of fringing to each end. 

All done!!!
Rather FOXY!!!

I'm very happy with how she turned out! The lighter weight yarn worked better than the chunkier yarn I had used for Lupo. She's filled firmly and holds her form perfectly. 

She loves meeting up with her dear friend Lupo, for a spot of fun in the forrest. There favourite thing is to collect leaves together. Big leaves, small leaves, pretty leaves!

I really enjoyed making my second Lalylala. I don't think I'm done though with these cute crocheted characters. I'm sure I'll be making some others throughout the year. 

Happy Sunday my lovelies!!! 

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  1. She is adorable. It makes me want to give it a try. I find amigurumi tedious. Great work!

  2. I definitely have one of her dolls on my to-crochet list! Great job :)

  3. Perfection is all I can say!

  4. Adorable!! Love it!

  5. They are so cute! I must get this pattern soon!

  6. Well done!
    A great collection to be!

  7. These are fab and so nicely done. x

  8. Oh my gosh these are totally adorable! So cute!

  9. Precioso! Te felicito! Vamos por más!
    Cariños, Vicky.

  10. Hi Matt!

    Love your fox and lamb...hope they are friends! LOL You should check out another doll pattern from Zabbez...very similar to the ones you made, only will love them, I promise!

  11. Well done Matt The Fox is very nice!!!

  12. Hi, Matt! you're creating a beautiful collection of amigurumi !!!! I love both! and his way of explaining things in this wonderful blog!
    A big hug from Catalonia!

  13. I too have drooled over these little cuties for ages, and seeing your amazing creations have spurred me on.... I MUST make one ASAP...loving your blog too...I'm hooked!

  14. Hi, Matt
    I have purchased the Fox pattern I wish I can make one just like yours. I like the picture of two together with gray trees and leaves around. Can you kindly tell who you make this picture?
    Thank you very much!

  15. Hi Matt,
    great posts, i love each and every picture in your site. would you please tell how those beautiful pictures were made?
    love you!

  16. It's a super cute doll, prepared for the climate around you.
    Have you seen this ewe? It's also cute cute
    Thanks for sharing,

  17. Hello!
    I just had to comment as I am an avid Laly fan too and have made several of her patterns as well as modifying them and making them a bit different. They are so addictive! :)
    Well done on a beautiful Fibi :)