Sunday 9 August 2015

Sewing Progress

Hello there!
How are you all doing, I do hope that you are all having a rather spiffing week?
I'm still up to my eyeballs at work, wandering when it will slow down? I love my job I really do, but it's all I seem to have time for at the moment and I am longing to spend a little more time with you guys.

Even though I haven't been doing a huge amount of crafting at the moment, Dennis has been working up something of a crafting storm.
Over the last year or so he's really been getting into sewing and really has a natural talent when it comes to transforming a piece of fabric into something rather magical.

He's recently invested in some supplies and now has a proper cutting board along with a very handy rotary cutter.

Along with our trusty sewing machine, Dennis has been happily spending some time working on projects.

Making a  mess with a big chaotic mountain of fabric, he's really been going for it on the crafting front. 

I grabbed the camera the other day whilst he was working and took some snaps as he very smoothly maneuvered his was around his mound of organised crafting chaos. It was rather lovely to watch!

The products he's making are gorgeous and the workmanship is top class: 

Not bad eh?! 
This is my personal favourite:

A doggy poop bag dispenser! It's been rather practical now that we have Poppy. 
A great way of holding the little bags in a fun, practical and stylish way. Super cute!!!

Dennis is enjoying working on his new found hobby so much that we have decided that we are going to try and sell some of the items in an online shop. I like the sound of this very much and  thought that I'd join him on the collaboration! 
It's about time I opened a little shop. 
I'm going to be making some crochet projects to sell and Dennis will be working on his sewing products. We are in the process of making a little webpage for our shop and I'm hoping that we can have it up and running within the next month.  It's a rather exciting project for the two of us and nice that we can work on a combined venture once again!
I'll keep you posted over the next weeks giving you more details once we have them finalised!
Until next time!

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  1. Yipee...been longing for a shop!

  2. I love how creative you both are! I am looking forward to seeing your shop. I have an Etsy shop. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh my goodness those puppy bag dispensers are so cute! :-)

  4. They were really lovely projects. Love the bone shaped little bags. Great idea.

    Best of luck with the shop.

  5. What lovely bags, especially the doggy doo ones!

  6. Wow! Sounds so exciting! I always wanted to learn sewing, I even got a sewing machine, but barely touch it these days. It seems like that the only things my hands are carving for are yarn, needles and a crochet hook :)

  7. These are really beautiful projects! Will you be selling the patterns as well?

  8. That sewing looks great, love the little bags and the poo bag is really cute. Would Dennis consider selling patterns I'm in Australia and postage is always rather expensive?

  9. Good luck with your online shop. Dennis' projects are fantastic and from previous blog posts, I know your crochet is beautiful. So how could you go wrong ?? Look forward to hearing about it soon. xox

  10. Those doggy bag dispensers are just too cute! Have you thought of a shop name yet? Shall we contribute suggestions??? xxx

  11. Wow, nice work. Makes me want to put my crochet needle down and get back on my machine. I love the poop bag dispenser too!

  12. How exciting! The little doggy bag carrier is adorable!

  13. Love your new post and can't wait to see what you and Dennis come up with for your shop! I know they will be wonderful!

    Hope we get to see more pictures of Poppy! Hugs!

  14. You both have great quality in your work. I will be checking out your shop.

  15. Fab and good luck with the new venture.
    I'm currently thinking of setting up my own webpage for my crochet blankets

  16. Hi from Norway, I just love You sewing projects, and the little bone bag for the poo bags was just lovely! Hugs, Cathrine :-)

  17. Wow those look so professional!

  18. ooooh the dogpoosackholderthingy!!! I would buy it and then we have to get a dog so we (IIIII) can use it.

  19. Now that is cute! a Dog poo sack dispenser! I never though picking up Dog Poop could be so stylish and cute! Great work!!

  20. That's a super cute doggy poop bag dispenser! You have great stuffs. I love it. Thanks for sharing!