Mini Hoop Flowers

These simple and cute flowers are quick and easy to make. They are perfect as embellishments for your projects and/or as stand alone ornaments in their own right.

  • Plastic crochet rings (26mm)
  • Crochet hook (4mm)
  • Aran weight yarn
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle 
  • Buttons (optional)
  • Glue gun (optional)

  • ss = Slip Stitch
  • sc = Single Crochet (UK Double Crochet)
  • hdc = Half Double Crochet (UK Half Treble Crochet)

(From now on, all crochet stitch abbreviations are written in US terminology.)

  • Start with a slip knot on your hook.

  • *Insert your hook through the centre of your plastic ring.
  • Yarn over your hook and pull a loop back through the plastic ring. 
  • You should now have two loops on your hook. 
  • Yarn over and pull through both loops on your hook to create a single crochet (sc)*

  • Repeat between * and * 20 more times. You should have a total of 21 sc stitches going around the circumference of your plastic ring. 

In this round we are going to work through the sc stitches of the previous round.
  • *ss into the first stitch (thats the first sc of the previous round.)
  • 5 hdc into the next stitch.
  • ss into the next stitch.*

  • Go ahead and repeat between * and * 6 more times. You should have a total of 7 petals on your flower.
  • Fasten off and sew in the ends.

All finished!!! Wasn't that simple?!

These little flower look cute just as they are! If you fancy adding a little extra flare, why not add some contrasting buttons?

Here's how I did it:

  • I scrummaged through my button collection to find contrasting buttons to the flowers that I had made. 
  • Once I had made a choice on buttons, I threaded each button with the matching colour of yarn to the flower they were going to be attached to.

  • I placed my flower onto a plastic chopping board (my choice of crafting work surface) and filled up the centre of the flower with a blob of hot glue.
  • I then place my threaded button onto the blob of glue and left the glue to cool and set. 
  • Once cool, I pulled the flower free from my plastic chopping board and my flowers were all finished!

I hope you enjoy making these flowers as much as I did! Any question, please don't hesitate to ask.


  1. This is pretty easy and simple, thank you for that idea ��

  2. Maravilloso como siempre Matt, muy buen trabajo, has convertido una lámpara sosa en un precioso diseño, tienes muy buenas ideas y eres pura inspiración. Saludos desde Spain.
    Olivia ♥

  3. It is great and love it, thanks for sharing, greatings Ria

  4. Lovely pattern! And perfect tutorial as ever, Matt! Thanks a lot!

  5. Thanks Matt. I love your blog. I only learned to crochet on Tuesday and I've managed to make one of your flowers!

  6. Wow! Excellent tute, pics & project!! Happy to have found your blog today, Thank You!!

  7. Muy bonitas, sencillas y elegantes a la vez, gracias por el tutorial, me pondre a practicar.
    Me hare un cojín para el sofá.

  8. It looks beautiful!
    Please tell me, did you glue the flowers to the lamp? Or how did you attach them?
    Thank you

    1. yes I used a hot glue to glue them to the lamp x

  9. I think they are great. I am going to make them, then attach them together and make a bed cover for a child. Back it with sheet material.

  10. These flowers look quick and easy, will have to get some plastic rings asap.

  11. I so love this, and its so easy. cant wait to start, just got to find the crochet Rings. Thank you so much.Much appreciated xx

  12. I love your blog. You are a great teacher. You make sure your readers are able to follow your instruction by examples. Such as placing the needle in the 4thh chain. I wouldn't know where the 4th chain is. Also, when you tell us there is only one chain left at the end. Most instructions don't do that you did. that was great. I was able to follow your directions and not get lost or frustrated. with the project and give up. I actually finished a project with your directions.

  13. Hi Matt.
    Thank you for a lovely idea and a fantastic DIY!
    I took the liberty of sharing your photos on my blog, linking to your blog, off course! At the same time I have translated the pattern into danish.
    I hope it's ok, and thanks again for a lovely idea!!
    (you'll find my blog at

  14. Very pretty, gorgeous colours you've used.

  15. They are fab, first time on your site so I'm going to nosey!!!!

  16. Hi Matt, this is a wonderful tutorial,so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing :) I've just included your tutorial in our latest craft roundup. We are sure our readers will love it. Cheers Emily


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