Sunday 31 July 2011

Picture Perfect Sundays!!!

Another week has passed!!! Time is flying by for me at the moment.  I promise to get a full blog entry in the next week. Untill then here are a few of my favourite pictures from my past week.


Rainbow of buttons! Some cute little buttons that are going on my next little hooky project!

 A little glimpse of my current project, based on another delightful pattern by Lucy at Attic24.

I bundled all of my recent projects together for one multicoloured feast for the eyes!

And finally ...... walking to work this morning I spotted these cute little acorns! I took a snapshot of them once I was in the theatre. I love taking pictures of little things I find and I definitely wasn't let down this time by the acorns lovely shade of green! Rather Gorgeous!

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  1. Love love love your hooky work! & hopefully will have a go at the jammy dodgers soon! x


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