Sunday 18 September 2011

Picture Perfect Sundays!!!

Good morning everybody!!!!A little glimpse into my life over the past week...
I hope you enjoy looking at the 'pics' as much as I enjoy taking them. :-)

The first picture is actually one that wasn't taken this week. However, it is one that brings me a lot of happiness and comfort. So I thought I would share it anyway.
It is a shot I took the last time I went to visit my family in my home town of Malmesbury, England. Sometimes I miss home and just want to leave Hamburg for a little while. When it's not possible, these pictures cheer me up endlessly.
I love Malmesbury with its old town and surrounding countryside. I really must arrange a visit soon!!

I love walking to work and taking pictures of the things I find. Here is a 'conker' shell that was one of many lining the streets.
It been a crazy year for weather and there really hasn't been much of a summer. When the leaves are falling and there are 'conkers' to be found, you kind of know that summer has been and gone without realising.

Another one of my 'walk to work finds'. I LOVE acorns! Don't really know why, but I think they are so cute! They are always such a lovely shade of green! 

A little something that I started working on this week. I've been working on it every free moment I have and it's growing very fast! I am so in love with these bright colours and I just can't get enough of the ripple pattern. Its a never ending rainbow of gorgeousness!

A moment of pure indulgence!!!! I was pretty tired out last Sunday and still had a double show day to play. So on the way to work I stopped off at the cupcake store and bought myself a little something to have in between shows. Something to REALLY look forward to! An Oreo Cupcake. Its a chocolate cake filled with broken up Oreo cookies and chocolate sauce. Then it is frosted with chocolate fudge icing, with an Oreo cookie on top. In case there is not enough sugar in there for your liking, there is even  a candy heart for good measure, ! Boy! Did I enjoy this!!!!

Have a HAPPY SUNDAY and a lovely start to the new week!

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  1. Lovely pictures Matt, for me autumn is here when the conkers start to fall from the tree near where I work. If I see a lovely shiny conker I just have to pick it up and take to put on my desk - got my first one this week! Your ripple blanket is lovely and that chocolate cake looks absolutely yummy. Have a good week Joanna xx

  2. That cupcake looks yummy! I know Malmesbury well, just in the next county. It's a bit damp in these parts right now.

  3. Oh loving the pictures as always.

    My blog this week is of blackberry picking in the same county as Clicky Needles and cake making, but yours does look very very tasty.

    Yeah to lovely autumn weather of fresh days and autumnal colours.

  4. oooh Matt! I love your blog! Please show us more pretty pictures! The rainbow riplle is absolutely gorgeous and lovely and wow!! :) What kind of yarn did you use?


  5. What a gorgeous home town you have. I can see why that picture brings you so much comfort :)

  6. That is a lovely photo.

    Your rainbow ripple looks fantastic. The way you've put the colours together is great. Is it a throw?

    I love your jammy dodger biscuit. Looks perfect that jam and that lovely heart shaped centre! Made me want to eat one. I'm making some cakes & biscuits for my granddaughter's school fair so these jammies would go down a treat I'm sure. Mind you not sure where I'll get the stuff to make them. Not many good wool shops around here might have to go online & order some!


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