Saturday 15 October 2011

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!!!

What a beautiful sunny Saturday morning!
I have a fresh cup of coffee at hand as I sit down at my computer, I do love my coffee!!

I thought that this morning  I would show you a couple of little projects I've been working on over the past week.

Both of these projects were such a pleasure to make! They were nice and fast and I'm so happy with how both of them turned out!
I picked up the yarn for both of these projects at a local store. The store stocks a lot of different brands and varieties of yarn. I do have to say it is a little pricey. So I didn't buy very much, hence the small projects!

The first project was made with "Lang Yarns' Tosca Light. I just bought one skein of 100g. I loved the colour of it and how it gently changes colour as you work through the skein.

 It is very soft and easy it was to work with. I ended up making a gorgeously light "Japanese Flower Scarf' for my mum. The scarf is two flowers wide and twelve long, I just kept making it as big as I could with the one skein I had. Hopefully it will be long enough!
Once it was finished I blocked it and sprayed it with a little starch so the flowers stay nice and open. I'm really happy with it and can't wait to send it home to my mum, I think she will love it!

The second project was one that I made for myself! I'm not usually keen on making things for myself to wear. I find it hard to find nice patterns for guys, as most either look too feminine or are just plain DISCUSTING! So usually I make things for woman and end up giving them as gifts to friends and family. However, this one is a keeper and I'm so happy with how it looks when it's on!
It is a small cowl perfect for the cold winter here in Hamburg. It goes nicely with my new coat, I love wearing different shades of grey together.

It was made using two skeins of "Rowan, Alpaca Chunky" in a deep charcoal/grey.

It works up very thick and will be super warm around my neck!
I improvised with the pattern and simply made a chain long enough to fit around my neck, follwed by lines of double crochet. Very simple huh!
Here it is, I love it so much!

Well there we have it two quick and easy projects!
I love buying different yarn and seeing how it is to work with. I was really impressed with both of these and would recommend them to anybody and everybody!

Finally a little explosion of colour!  I bought this deliciously soft merino wool at the craft store. It was a tad expensive, but I couldn't resist!

Isn't it 'truly Scrumptious! (ooh look at that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reference! :-))

The colours are deeper and darker than normal,  not as in your face as some of my previous coloured projects!
I am already working these yummy colours into a little something. I will most probably share with you very very soon!

Well that's all from me for now!!!
Have a lovely weekend everybody!!!

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  1. Hi Matt! Your projects are fab! I love the cowl! I am sure it will keep you snuggly warm. The warm colors you are currently working with are absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see what you work up!!!

  2. Hi Matt,

    I love the flower scarf and the chunky Alpaca. You are so talented and like Attic 24 have such a great eye for colour.


  3. Gorgeous scarf, love the colour of it.

    That cowl is a great idea. I totally agree that there are very few nice patterns for guys out there.

    The merino is lovely, some stunning colours in there. What brand is it?


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