Wednesday 26 October 2011

Happy Birthday Tarzan!

Hello lovely people! It's really nice of you to drop by and take the time to read my blog! I see that we have a few more members to the group :-) A big warm welcome to you all!!!

Things have been busy, busy, busy since returning to work from my visit home, hence the lack of posts! I have had a little change around with my job which means I am once again busy rehearsing and learning new material.
Normally in the show I play my one ensemble track eight shows a week.  However, due to a colleague at work being away for a little while, I have been asked to become a 'swing'. This means that I am learning the parts of all 9 ensemble men. Once I know all of the tracks I'll be able to cover the parts of other cast members if they are away due to illness, injury or vacation.
It's been really great rehearsing and my brain is definitely being challenged. I'm frantically trying to remember all of the changes with the flying material and choreography. It's a great way to make the show "fresh' for me once again! I will be kept on my toes until the new year, then I'll go back to my own ensemble track.

Over the past couple of weeks we have also had some exciting guests pay us a visit!
As you all know last weekend Leona Lewis came to watch the show and I got a sneaky picture with her, which was stupidly exciting!!!
Then this week, even bigger than Leona Lewis!! We had Mr Phil Collins pop by and hang out with us! It was in honour of our third anniversary playing Tarzan in Hamburg. We had a Birthday party with Phil Collins as guest of honour.  It was great that he could be there with us,  after all he did write all of the music for the show so it was just as much a celebration for him as it was for us.
We got to have a group picture taken and he also very kindly signed a poster for me.


 Me and Phil.

Tarzan cast having a big group picture! I'm the monkey in the front on the very right of the picture.

It was a really great show! He even came up on stage at the end of the show, much to the delight of the cast and the audience! I'll leave you with a little video from the end of the show when he came on stage and pressed his hand into a piece of clay "Hollywood walk of fame" style!

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  1. Wow how exciting to meet Phil Collins! xx

  2. Oh Wow Matt how exciting.

    Hope the extra parts go ok.

  3. Awesome Matt, Phil Collins! You don't get that everyday:)


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