Tuesday 3 April 2012

Chocolate Nests.

Dennis left this morning on his next cruise ship contract, so I'm home alone once again.
All is fine and dandy though, as we will be able to speak most days and I'll get see him in a months time. 
He has promised to keep in touch with all of you, by writing blog post and updates when possible.
Until then, I'm afraid your stuck with me! :-)
What with it being Easter week, I couldn't help but get caught up in the happy Spring time feel and make something a little Easter flare!

In the parcel mum sent me a couple of weeks ago, was a scrummy packet of chocolate mini eggs.
I thought I would put the chocolate eggs to use by recreating the corn flake cakes, that would so often make an appearance at school bake sales.

They are so easy to make, it literally took 2 minutes! I just needed some cornflakes:
Cooking Chocolate:
And the 'oh so' bright and festive chocolate mini eggs!

I think these eggs are so cute, all speckly and perfect.
All that was required was to melt the chocolate and mix in the cornflakes. SIMPLE!
I then spooned the chocolate cornflake mixture into some cupcake cases, then added the mini eggs for decoration.
I popped the cakes in the refrigerator. Ten minutes later the were all set and ready to devour!

I can so see why these little treats were so popular at school. Not only are they inexpensive and extremely quick to make, the are also completely and utterly adorable!

Perfect Easter nests! YUMYUMYUM!!!

I have a night off from work and these chocolate nests are just the start of the many mighty plans I have for my free evening.
First I'm going to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with one of these yummy chocolate nests.
My ipad is at the ready, so I can reread some of your fabulous entries for our Y.A.R.N giveaway.  (If you haven't already entered there's still plenty of time, just follow this link for instructions). I can already tell you that Dennis and I are going to have a pretty hard time choosing winners! Your entries are so INSANELY GOOD!!!!

I'm then going to work on my German school work. I'm making the most of the quiet apartment, plus the fact that I'm not feeling so tired today.

I'm hoping to end the evening by finishing off the pegs I started last month. I really cant wait to share what I've done with them!!
I'll leave you with a little sneak peak of my mini pegs! I'm awfully proud of them!!!
I hope you are all having a lovely evening and a great start to the week!
Matt xxx
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  1. As you are on your own I could hop on a ferry tonight! Those cornflake cakes with mini eggs are a calling! Love the pretty little pegs too. :)

  2. I have a chocolate craving now yum yum! I'm having a quiet night in front of the fire this evening - from the heatwave last week we now have a snow blizzard and I can't see out of the window for snow!!

  3. Oh my I think I may have to pop into the kitchen and make some of those lush chocolate nests myself!!
    Enjoy them. Ur pegs look so sweet too x

  4. MMmm I love cornflake cakes. Some of the recipes have syrup and butter in them but I tried them and they weren't as nice as the simple ones. I like rice crispie ones too!

  5. the corn flake Easter nests look just yummi! i'll have to make some too! Tanks for sharing!
    Laura xxx

  6. Now I definitely know that you are the Brit Matt..! Lovely nests and you get to eat them all yourself!!! :-)

  7. How's your German homework coming along? You just made the right food for a 'Strohwitwer'. ;-) I haven't made those in years. Love cornflakes and chocolate. hmmmm...
    Btw, love the pegs. I got some great idea's for them too but I have no clue where I can buy the old fashion once around here. I guess a good excuse for a Saturday city/market trip to Amsterdam or Utrecht. Like anyone use an excuse to do that, haha

    Have a great Easter weekend!
    Anja xxxx

  8. Hi Matt.. those are just adorable.. my 4 little grandsons would love them! We're going to their house for Easter dinner, I might make some up for them! Tell me.. are you using the pegs for hanging laundry, or something else? They're adorable!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hey Teresa! Hope your well? I'm sure your grandsons would love them! They are so simple to make and DELICIOUS!! :-)
      I'm just making the pegs for fun. There really tiny, so no good for laundry! Im thinking of using them to hang postcards and little notes to a homemade notice board. It's still being conjured up in my head, so not 100% sure yet.
      Matt xxx

    2. Hey Matt, I can use such peg for my calendar at school!!! I have for each day a colour, every day I move my stupid peg to another day, I can;t forget, because the children start to shout that I have to move the peg!!! hahaha!!!!I love your blog, I look many times and I also like te read the comments!!! I hope you are not bored without Dennis! Much Love XXXXXX Loes

  9. Those nest look so yummy will have to make some for Easter, your pegs are so cute :)

  10. Your 'sold skool' choccy flake cakes look scrummy indeed! I love the little pegs too, so cute. I was thinking of some kind of peg sprucing up idea and I never thought of crochet - silly me!

    S x

  11. Hi Matt
    You can't eat all those love choc cornflake easter egg goodness!! You will get Fat! Let me have them! I'm fat already! Heeheee. Don't worry we will keep you buzy will Dennis is away! heehee again... Have a great easter!
    Love to Dennis and You!

  12. Hi Matt

    Funny to see your chocolate cornflake nests! I made some for the kids today (with bran flakes instead) and I've already eaten

    Your pegs are super cute.

  13. Lol! We have enough probs in the UK with pasties and petrol at the moment. I can feel the panic buying of cornflakes and mini eggs is about to start after this!!!

    B x

  14. Ooh I remember these... So fun of you to share. I know what I will be making in the next few days :)

  15. I have given you a blogging award! Come check out the details at my blog: http://tecrin.blogspot.com/2012/04/i-received-blogging-award.html

  16. Hi Matt,

    This was just lovely, this Easterfest!!! And doesn't chocolat "cure" just about anything?? (No ofcourse you are gonna mis Matt!)... but he,.. it does at least soften the blow....maybe a little...

    I wish you and Matt a great easter even when you are apart for the month to come!
    (I am an (ex) Navy Officers wife so I know how it feels)...

    I love what your creative little pegs!!!


  17. LOVE your blog!and I'm off round to the shop right now for patty cases and mini eggs (have the chocolate and cornflakes) my grandaughters will LOVE these.

  18. We too have been making the chocolate nests - for about 3 weeks actually and they are a good addition to my little boys packed lunch for school x x Enjoy your quiet time - wish I had some but with school holidays my house is a riot - looking forward to your pegs. I would love to enter the YARN giveaway but I am really not that creative and can't think of anything! x Happy Easter

  19. waoh i love your blog, nice colours and a very friendly picture of you ;)

  20. I love your blog and all your crafts. I enjoy your Ravelry entries but this blog is AWESOME! The photography and writing is so much fun. Keep up the good work.


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