Wednesday 25 April 2012

A Walk In The Park.

Today I had the enormous pleasure of going for a nice long walk in the park!
Boy, was it a pleasure! The park was buzzing with the sound of Spring! Birds were singing and bees a buzzin'. Not to mention the park was glowing with so many gorgeous colours!

My walk was made that much more special, as I was joined by the cutest little dog I have ever met! Hayley! I was looking after her for a couple of hours, we sure had a lovely time together!
Isn't she adorable?!

We walked around the lake admiring the flowers and trees! We listened to each others thoughts and both seemed to agree that chasing the ducks seemed like a fun thing to do!

We took many many pictures together! Some of the beautiful flowers, trees and bright blue sky. It really was a stunning afternoon!

Isn't that blossom gorgeous!

Sky favourite colour!

Bright red Tulips! LOVE THEM!!!

It was sooo nice to get some fresh air! To mull a few future project ideas over in my head and of course spend some time with this gorgeous ball of FLUFF!

Make it a SUNNY WEEK!!!
Matt xxx
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  1. A nice place to dream and relax.

  2. The ball of fluff is adorable! I wonder if her fur could be spun..... Hmmmmmm..... :) samm

  3. Beautiful photos and what a cutie is Hayley. Sounds like you both had a lovely day.

  4. I'm totally having park envy right now!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful....just breath taking! I want to sit on that bench and knit!!! And what a cutie pa tootie puppy! My favorite compination....parks and puppies!


  5. Love the post on two fronts. A) the lovely spring fresh colours and b) I adore dogs they are so amazing company. I was sat out listening to the dawn corus with my beautiful puppy (all 5+stone of him!) and we were listening to the chorus and watching the world at 6 this morning, bliss x

  6. You are so lucky to have such a pretty park nearby. That dog is adorable! We love our dog, they bring a lot of joy to our lives. Thanks for the birthday wishes! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. What a beautiful little dog. I bet you found it hard to give her back! xxx

  8. She's gorgeous! Looks like you both had a lovely time - beautiful photos. I envy you your sunshine at the moment - we've got rain, and a very muddy dog!
    Jane x
    PS Your crochet clock is AMAZING!!! I love it :)

  9. What a gorgeous doggie, I think she had a great time with you in the park :)
    We have 3 dogs, I love to take them for a walk in the woods nearby :)


  10. I would have enjoyed that walk too, what a beautiful Park and Hayley is soo cute, it always makes a difference to share your walk with someone or a little ball of fluff like Hayley :)

  11. Hayley is such a cutie! Love your photos of the park and the blue skies. It has been wet for days here - the office where I work backs onto the local park and the river had flooded the park and our gardens today and its still raining. No walks in the park for me so I enjoyed sharing yours :-) xx

  12. I just found this blog and i can't stop to surprise me how lovely it is!!!! Congrats!! and u have in me a new and big fan!

  13. Beautiful park! Hamburg seems like the place to visit one day.

  14. Wow! I love these photos! Seems like some wonderful hours outside. And awww.. how sweet is Hayley?? :)
    xxx Laura

  15. Looks like you have just the right eyes to enjoy the world around you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  16. Sounds like a perfect afternoon!

  17. The park looks beautiful and Hayley is very very cute!

  18. It's great to have a dog to take to the park isn't it! Spring has definitely arrived in Hamburg :)

    B x


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