Monday 6 August 2012


We're back!!! What an amazing week we've had!!!
Dennis and I had such a lovely time away in Barcelona! It was a perfect balance of busy city break mixed with relaxing beach holiday! We got to spend some time together (It's been a while as Dennis has only just got back from his latest cruise ship contract), we were able to forget about work and any stresses we may of had, and......... we got to eat a lot (and I mean A LOT!!!!!!)

Now I know it can be a little boring when somebody gets back from holiday and they insist on showing you the 'holiday snaps'. I'm Sorry..... I simply can not resist!!! :-) 
I won't give you a day by day account, just a selection of some of my favourite memories.

So pretend to be mesmerized, nod and acknowledged in the correct places and I'll take it as a sure sign that your enthralled by the pics! :-)

The first thing I noticed (apart from the heat) when we arrived in the city, was just how lively it was. Soooo many people, street artists, musicians and painters It was really quite exciting!

We stayed in a hotel on  'Las Ramblas' probably the busiest street I had ever seen. It was a tourists haven. Packed full with souvenir stands, artists, market stalls and restaurants.

 It also held some lovely looking shops.

and a great big fresh produce market:

I personally found 'Las Ramblas' a little too touristy and overwhelming at times. What I did love about it though was the little side streets that led from it. 

It was amazing to me how you could be on a jam packed street one moment, then in a quiet and secluded side street leading to some amazing local shops and architecture. 

Of course hidden away in one of these beautiful streets we found the yarn store. They had a great selection of colourful yarns and was the cutest shop ever! It was called 'All You Knit Is Love', so true :-)

Now you've probably noticed already just how beautiful and artistic the buildings and monuments are. Really....some of them were truly breathtaking.
Here are some of my favourite places that were were lucky enough to visit.

Guadi House.

La Sagrada Familia Cathedral
The thing I loved about the city's architecture was the little details you would spot every now and then.

Intricate designed floor tiles:

or gorgeousness hiding underneath a balcony:

We were also lucky enough to visit the Olympic Stadium. It seemed very appropriate, what with the Olympics taking place right now. 

We had a lovely day in the city's park. What a beautiful park it was!

We walked around the lake.

Watched a group of tap dancers.

And had some fun taking pictures of each other.

We spent lovely days at the coastal town of Sitges. Enjoying the beach and the lovely friendly atmosphere that the town had to offer.


The beach was lovely, the park was lovely, the architecture was lovely, the food was amazing!!!
My favourite thing about the whole holiday was dinner! (is that bad)
Each night Dennis and I would find a cute little traditional Spanish tapas bar. We would spend hours eating a variety of tapas whilst sipping on yummiest cocktails. It really was heaven!!!

We both had such a fantastic time! 
A city I would definately love to visit again! It was a very delicious city!

I do hope all you lovely, gorgeous people are well? Dennis and I missed you whilst we were away! 

Matt xxx
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  1. Barcelona is still in mio corazon!!!! love this city and Gaudi'!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. ¡Felicidades! me alegro de que os haya gustado una de las ciudades más bonitas de mi país.
    Un besazo

  3. I love Barcelona, only been there once but it truely got me.....That yarn shop looks so amazing! It seems you had a lovely trip, I'm glad! :)Hugs...Andrea

  4. ¡Me alegro! Que vuestra visita a mi pais os haya gustado y su gastronomia, un montón de besos hasta pronto.

  5. I'm glad you had a great time! I went to Barcelona nearly 2 years ago and also loved it! It was nice to recognise some of the places from your pictures. I also recognise the cafe bonbon at the end - the espresso with condensed milk in - I fell in love with them when I was there and had to have one every day!

    Those fun pictures of the two of you are great too - you supple creatures!!! ;o)

    Nice to have you back! Maria x

  6. Barcelona looks amazing! My Sister is there at the moment - hope she has a nice a time as you did!

  7. Not boring at all, I love seeing where other people live and also where they go on holiday, Barcelona is now on my list of places I want to visit, my list is a mile long! Those tiles are quite inspiring for crochet motifs too. Great photos, and the food, oh my, love it. Fiona (KnitKnatKnotUK)

  8. On my to do list. Great photos you oh so flexible pair!

  9. I am glad you liked the city. is really wonderful. and Sitges is lovely! some pictures that are as Barcelona is! thanks for this beautiful vision you've been to Barcelona and Sitges! GRÀCIES!

  10. Wonderful pics and I love seeing others holiday snaps so excellent!!
    There is always a lot of eating on holidays lol.

    wendy ☺

  11. Thank you for this lovely post. I'm from Barcelona and I'm so happy to read that you relly enjoy our city. Thank's for coming, and I hope you'll come back soon.

  12. Did you know that the floor tiles were also designed by Gaudi? Fab shots of a great holiday (and YUMMY yarn)!

  13. wow, nice pictures! And what a city! I love Barcelona!!

  14. That was a WONDERFUL dream to go there some day ( maybe when my children finish High School). Thanks for sharing such great pictures... What a nice way to welcome Dennis back home :)

  15. We looooove Barcelona!! Visited in april this year!
    And the best thing for us was also the tapas... ;-)

  16. what a great and happy post!!!!
    thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday!!!!

  17. and we missed you guys! I am so glad you both had a fantastic time!!

    I hope to visit Barcelona one day!


  18. Oh wow, you've had a wonderful time! I go twice a year to Spain, but I've never been to Barcelona, shame on me! I think you guys have convinced me to make a stop there next time I go :-) xxxx

  19. Muito lindo seu blog.
    Lindas fotos e tricô.
    Um abraço.

  20. Dear Matt

    Thanks for sharing us the amazing photographs and including us in your memories during your spare time I fell in love of the tiny yarn store call All you knit is love !!!.
    Hugs a xxx to you and Dennis

    Mónica Grattarola

  21. What a lovely break you had - such lovely photos. Barcelona is my most favourite city to visit - vibrant, artistic beautiful and always makes me smile. Looks like you fell a little bit in love with it too?! Thanks for bringing back some great memories :) x

  22. great photos..we are returning to Barcelona in October and visited Sitges in june..lovely place

  23. Lindo blog, lindos trabalhos, digno de um artista!! Belíssimo!
    Beijos e bom final de semana!

  24. I have never been but would love to go. I love your photos, its nice to see places that are different from the usual tourist shots. What a lovely couple you are and I love your blog x

  25. It sounds like you have had a wonderful time and a well deserved break for you both. Wonderful photos! x

  26. Thanks for the photos, I go to Barcelona in 3 weeks and I can't wait to be there ! I hope I will find this cute yarn shop ...

  27. The Spanish Patchwork Association holds its annual festival of quilts at Sitges each March. So if you feel like another trip...

  28. Nice pictures! Around that time I also visited barcelona and about the same place but without the acrobatic stunts ;-)

  29. Wow, that looks like a wonderful trip! I have not been to Barcelona but really want to go!

    holiday rentals sitges


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