Monday 20 August 2012

Nautical Knits & Crochet WIP's

Hey there!!!
How are you all doing? Thank you so much for all of the kind and encouraging comments from our last post. We do love reading them and it's so lovely to hear about the projects you are all busy working on. 

Wow!! We've had such a lovely, bright and sunny day here in Hamburg!! It's been amazing, not at all a day to be locked up inside working on projects! We do however, both have a couple of 'work in progress' projects to share with you.

As you all know I've been working on a Granny Stripe blanket for a friend at work. I started this back in May with the intention of crocheting a stripe a day and having the blanket complete by winter. Things haven't really gone according to plan and I found that my granny stripe stopped growing due to a busy schedule.
This week I finally pulled my Granny stripe out of hibernation with the intention of carrying on with it. I'm not quite sure what happened but after starting another row I realised I had lost my desire to continue with it.

I had noticed that it was starting to look a little wonky and knew that I didn't want to continue with a project that I wasn't fully happy with (especially as it was a gift for somebody else).

After being completely and utterly blown away by a gorgeous granny square blanket I saw on Ravelry, I decided to frog my granny stripe and make a similar granny square blanket instead.
Now I must show you what my inspiration was:

Isn't that the most gorgeous blanket?! It was made by a lady called Sandra, who really has a wonderful eye for colour. Not only does she make gorgeous creations, she takes amazing photographs and shares them all on her lovely blog . You really must stop by and visit her, it will be worth your while.

Obviously my blanket is going to look a little different as I'm using different colours. Here's what I've got so far:

I'm loving how quick and easy it is to make a square and watch the blanket grow at a nice fast rate!

Dennis is still sticking to his knitting needles, and started another project! Being at sea so much for his job, he chose to make a scarf with a Nautical theme! His big inspiration he found on Ravelry as well (where else?). It's quite a popular pattern (Nuvem), but the original version calls for 1 colour (or variegated) of yarn. However, one of the people who made this scarf, decided to make a Nautical version of it with blue and white stripes, and an icord red bind off! Exactly what Dennis wanted to make!

Now, this project is still in the making, but he took some pictures to share with you guys! It's coming along very nice, and it's a very relaxing knit. No purl stitches (seriously, NONE!!!), only plain knitting in the round with some easy increases. 

Actually, the only tricky part of this scarf, was the very beginning. It starts with Judy's Magic Cast On, which is beautiful because it completely disappears after working the first round. In the picture below you can see the thicker blue stripe in the middle of the scarf. The cast on is in the middle of that row, and it's basically invisible! 

We'll keep you posted on the progress of our projects! Meanwhile, happy crocheting and happy knitting :-)

Matt & Dennis xxx
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  1. Good luck with your new project. Thanks for the links. I love Ravelry, don't you?

  2. Both lovely projects!
    Dennis, you should learn Portuguese Knitting - you'd love purl stiches then!
    Keep up the beautiful work and keep us posted!

  3. Such a shame you've had to frog your granny stripe but loving the granny squares you're making instead. I've finally managed to do a few more stripes on my granny stripe after being ill for 2 weeks.

    Love the Nuvem. It's going to look fantastic with the red edging.

  4. hello from milan!

    i started a granny stripe blanket some time ago, but undid it... i like the instant gratification of seeing my squares grow one by one. i personally love solid coloured granny squares (i'm currently weaving in 100 ends of a baby blanket!!)

    they are both very nice projects you're working on.

  5. Both projects looking great boys, keep up the good work.

  6. Oh I love the striped blanket you were working on! Please tell me you will continue to work on this and that you haven't ripped it apart!! Of course the granny square one is fantastic as well but don't scrap the stripes just yet. :)

  7. The whole world has fallen in love with Sandra's blanket, I know I have! Loved your stripe, love your squares, love the clever knitted scarf too. What is there not to love?! But it is good to appreciate the good weather too. Keep inspiring us :D Fiona (KnitKnatKnotUK)

  8. All my granny stripe blankets have ended up as very small cushions. I need INSTANT crochet gratification. That is why I have allowed myself 18yrs to complete a htr stripe blanket for my daughter ;-) I don't think I could even find the energy for all...those...squares so kudos to you! x

  9. When you said you were going to frog your stripes I thought "oh no!!" but the picture of your squares so far looks great! I think it will be lovely! I've been following Sandra's blog for a while and she makes the most amazing things, and presents them so beautifully! Can't wait to see how your blanket comes along - and to see the finished nautical knit!
    Maria x

  10. Muy bonita las colchas de ganchillo y los colores que bonitos tambien un fuerte abrazo.

  11. wow!!! wonderful projects, both of them!!! ;oD
    xxxx Alessandra

  12. Love your new project. The colors you've used are perfect.

  13. Great projects you guys are enjoying.. being a sailing person, I love the nautical look of the navy and white one.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. I dont know how you could bring yourself to rip off the granny stripe blanket!! It would deff have been heart stopping for me :) But, brave lad that you are, your new project is superb and a color riot one.. waiting for the end result!!


  15. Lovely projects! You're both so taleted :)

  16. Hi Guys,

    You are rocking!!! Both projects are really beautiful!!!!
    You Go Guys!!


  17. Both your projects are really beautiful. I love them both and can't wait to see them finished! Loving your bright and colourful version of the grannie patches blanket, I knew it would be a glorious colourfest!

    S x

  18. Oh! I'm so sad you ripped out your granny stripe! All that hard work! But... the new granny square blanket is totally yummy :) My own (small) granny stripe balnket is nearly finished, I'm just working on the border. Problem is, it is a present for a very sweet 4year old, but I love it sooo much I don't want to give it away!!!!!
    Karen x x

  19. What fabulous projects you guys are both working on!

  20. The granny patch blanket is looking lovely, I loved your granny stripe also but I think you did the right thing by frogging if you weren't happy with it. Ooh the nautical scarf looks wonderful. Joanna xx

  21. Hi Guys!
    Saying "Hello" from Argentina!
    I´ve discovered your awesome blog a few days ago, and I can´t stop reading it!
    I looooove your beautiful work!
    You're invited, of course, to visit mine every time you want.

  22. Love the granny patch blanket ! The granny stripe was very nice too !!

  23. Great projects, both! Love especially the blanket's colors.

  24. Oh, how could you frog the granny stripe blanket after so much hard work! But you are right, the new blanket is brilliant. Gorgeous colours. Can't wait to see the finished project. The knitting is so neat and beautiful, makes me want to dig out my knitting needles. Regards.

  25. Brilliant new blanket Matt ..... but really your granny stripe looked great anyway!

    We are all so self critical aren't we???? Once you've put hours of work into something just the slightest imperfection really grates .. though on someone else's project i'd probably not notice it!

    Yes, Sandra's blog is great, I've been a follower for a while, I just love being inspired by colour I always love to visit your blog too.
    Hope you & Dennis have a lovely weekend.
    Fleur xx

  26. Aww, shame you frogged the Granny Stripe. I can understand it, though. I fell in love with the Granny Patches as well and ordered the Stylecraft straight away.

  27. Olá, Matt!
    Seus trabalhos são encantadores!
    Adorei o seu blog e ficarei como seguidora para acompanhar tudo.

    Abraços brasileiros!!

  28. hellooo
    your blanket is looking really lovely, very colourful and cute, congratulation for all your lovely works
    have a nice day

  29. Olá Matt e Dennis eu caí de amores com o blog de vocês já os estou acompanhando. Parabéns. Amor do Brasil.

  30. ¡Hola! Todo el blog es fantastico .Me encantan esos colores tan vivos y alegres que escogeis para vuestras labores.¡Felicidades!.
    Un beso.

  31. Such gorgeous projects. I am a big fan of the granny square :) It's so verstile.

  32. I have read many blogs in the past, but to tell you the truth since i came across this one i found that it really stands out. People need to post more quality content like this.

  33. Hello Matt and Dennis!
    I am a brasilian girl, so I don't speak English very well... I only try! Yours projects are so beautiful! I am enchanted with all beautiful things that I see here! I do some works with crochet and I love it! I see your problem with the Zpagetti yarn, so I invite you to visit my blog to see some works with this yarn, I make rugs with it... and it is so easy... look in my blog and search to FIOS DE MALHA or TRAPILHO, they are the same Zpagetti yarn. Maybe you can have some ideais to use yours...
    Hope helping you.

    Congratulations for your beautiful jobs!

  34. what a beautiful blanket you are working on with such amazing colors! i'm also currently working on a granny stripe blanket and i've clearly bit off more than I can chew but i'm stubborn in my determination to finish.


  35. LOVE this!! I really like the fertilizers! Great job! Anhydrous Ammonia

  36. hello,

    what a lovely protjekt.
    I like it.

    hugs Conny

  37. Me encanta! creo que te quedará preciosa, excelente eleccion de colores saludos desde el norte de Mexico

  38. por fin un !!!!!!chico!!!!!! en el mundo de los blog. Me encanta. Todo es precioso. a partir de ahora me quedo contigo. Besos-.

  39. Thank you for sharing this. I have never actually paid for a pattern unless you count buying a knitting magazine with many patterns in it. I only look at patterns that are on Raverly that are free. You guys have really fabulous work. I admire all the effort you guys did for finishing this blanket.


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