Tuesday 23 April 2013

3. Emotional and needy (with a sprinkle of moody)

Hello Lovelies!
How are you all doing?

I've had another crazy busy week at work and whilst I've enjoyed it immensely I was certainly ready for my day off.
By the last show of the week I was a tad over-tired. I was mentally exhausted from all of the things swimming around in my head and physically tired from playing the shows.  These two combined meant I was well and truly ready for a spot of free time.
When I get too tired I usually turn into a bit of a monster! I'm either:

1. Crazy and energetic
2. Moody and irritable
3. Emotional and needy

When I woke up this morning it was obvious to me that I was "number 3", emotional and needy.
I didn't really know where to begin my day. I just knew I had a list of things that I had to get done before my work weeks starts again tomorrow. Washing, food shopping, opticians, clean apartment, prepare schedule for work, blog post, call mum, write to aunty..... It all seemed a little over whelming.

Even though I was shattered I decided to start my day with a trip to the gym. A good long run on the tread mill usually rids my body of any negativity and even though I felt tired, somehow a little workout always manages to fill me with energy.

I left the gym in a somewhat less emotional state and decided to pop into the book store as I passed.
I haven't read anything in a few months and so I thought I would treat myself to new book.
I've missed getting stuck into a good story and recently have been opting out of reading before bed and instead have been aimlessly surfing the internet.

Sometimes It's tricky finding a book to read from the store in Hamburg. There isn't always a huge selection of English books to choose from. Today however, I was more than happy with the choices on offer!!!! So happy in fact, I ended up treating myself to two new books.

The new Sophie Kinsella novel, "Wedding night"! I love Sophie Kinsella books!!! I know they are for girls, but I just adore them.
Dennis and I have read all of her books.  He was super jealous when I told him that I had just bought her brand new one.

The second book I bought was Ellen's book, "Seriously....I'm kidding" My reason for buying.....I just love my funny ladies! I love Ellen! SIMPLE :-)

I headed on home with my new books,  stopping off at the grocery store on my way back to my apartment.
I unpacked the shopping and cleaned the apartment. Stopping every now and then to text Dennis and say how much I was missing him. ( he comes home next week......just so you know). See..... EMOTIONAL and NEEDY!

Mum called. I had a brief chat with her, but was so stressy that I had to end the conversation. It turns out I had a little bit of MOODY floating around in todays emotions. GRRRRR I don't know why I was being like this, I especially hate it when mum sees that I'm in this state of mind.

I continued to clean the apartment and noticed that my orchid had flowered. AAAAAAH! That was nice to see!

I popped the orchid on my kitchen table to admire. I made myself a cup of coffee and opened up a little chocolatey treat I had bought at the grocery store.

With orchid on the table and coffee and chocolates by my side, I sat down and started to read the Sophie Kinsella novel. It was so nice to relax and get lost in somebody else's story for an hour.

So nice in fact that once I was finished munching my chocolates and had drank my coffee, I  realised that I wasn't feeling quite so tired and emotional.
I guess I just needed to stop for a second and enjoy being caught up in another world.

I dont feel like this so often and really hate it when I do. Everybody has their off days.
I called my mum again later in the evening and apologised for being so moody. She knows what I'm like and can read me better than any book. So she wasn't fazed at all. Thanks mum!

I feel much happier now.
I'm off to bed to continue with my book!
I hope you are all well?
Good night xxx

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  1. Nothing to cheer up like a cup of coffee, chocolates and a romantic book by the bed-side! Glad you need to wait for just 1 more week ;) and the orchid look amazing!

  2. Aren't Moms fantastic?!?! I hate when my Mom knows I'm emotional or how much pain I'm in (I have Fibromyalgia) but really Moms know better then anyone, they know how to handle us better then anyone too.

    I'm so glad your day turned out soooooo much better then it started! I'm a bit jealous of your treats too, especially your orchid - beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful Orchid! Mum's are great! I know when one of mine just need to vent.
    Glad you are feeling better too.

  4. Oh, I love Sophie kinsella too! That book is not yet released in the US, so I am jealous also!

  5. Matt, I just started reading your blog and I love your voice and point of view. It seems to me you did just the right thing to help yourself ride through the down place...it happens to all creative, sensitive, loving people...and you are clearly all that. Yes, I'm an aged Mum, and while I try to help my 2 children (well, they're both well grown up, but still my kids)get through the tough places, I learn a lot from them, too. I'm sure your Mum feels the same way. Be kind to yourself, and let the changes happen. Best regards, Kate in Oregon

  6. Hola Matt, bueno a todos nos pasa que tenemos dias malos, por el cansancio y mucho trabajo, lo bueno de todo es que se pasa rapido, me gusta mucho leer todo lo que escribes, increible que pueda tener un amigo virtual tan lejos!
    espero tu semana empiece mucho mejor, cuidate.Paty :)

  7. Good book, good chocolate and a good coffee... Life had to get better. I'm happy you felt more like yourself after those wonderful treats. :)

  8. Hi There, That is exactly why a love a good book!!! You can forget about everything in your world and allow yourself to be transported to another world or place or problem or be someone else completely!!! Add a coffee and a chocolate and it's almost perfect!!! Contain yourself just a little longer, it's not too long now!!!

  9. Coffee, chocolates and a book, sounds a good combination to me! Glad you felt better by the end of the day. The orchid is gorgeous, I love them as they last so long - and I'm not good with plants but can manage these :-) Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  10. I too have Ellen's book in my "to read" pile, I have loved her for more years than I care to remember so looking forward to reading her book.

  11. Matt, your blog's clean crisp lines cheer me and bring me a sense of quiet that no other blog does; thank you for your bit of peace and calmness in an otherwise seemingly wild and uncertain cacophony.

  12. Matt I love that you shared how you dealt with the less than perfect day feelings. Well done you. I probably would have crawled back to bed and read both books.

  13. Matt, you are not alone in feeling all kinds of emotions when you're tired and stressed, and I'm glad you can get through those times and come out the other side. There's nothing like a good book, some chocolate and coffee to make anyone feel better! And thank goodness for Mums! Nancy

  14. Thank you for sharing your emotions - even the not so funky ones! It's good to know others go up and down, it makes me feel normal. Tiredness is one of the biggest culprits for down moods. Having a peek into your world via your blog is a mini version of you reading your new book for me, so thank you for letting me escape my world for a little while and be in yours, Sam xx

  15. What a beautiful orchid, I just love the color & with the coffee, chocolate and a good book well I know it would just work out for me to!
    Glad you're feeling better now

  16. God you're cute ! ♥ (not god .. you Matt)

  17. Oh Matt....so nice to know even the great and the good have their off days....hope all is well now....bestest as ever daisy j

  18. I love Sophie Kinsella too, the Shopaholic series was getting a bit too much for me, but I loves the first ones and the unrelated books. The Undomestic Godess is a favourite of mine. Haven't read the more recent ones, though.

    We all can relate to feeling somewhat out or off or down. And are those Mon Cheri chocolates? Those cheer you up in no time :-)

  19. There you go.. antidote to anything bad.. coffee, chocolate and a new book. I'm at the beach and just put up some photos of our Oregon coast.. come on over and visit! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. I do enjoy your blog Matt and appreciate your openness in sharing your emotions whilst feeling in a vulnerable state. Most of us try to hide ourselves at such times, so top marks to you!
    And did you know that chocolate is sometimes referred to as the 'happy food'? It's to do with the serotonin in it, which is a mood balancer/anti-depressant. It works for me but I have to be careful to not overdo it!!!
    Enjoy your book and keep smiling! Joy

  21. chocolate, coffee and a good novel what more could we ask for - maybe a crochet hook! love your blog x

  22. Hi Matt,

    You're only human,...that's all..
    You did well!
    picked yourself up, did all you needed to get done AND you treated yourself in a good way !!! So way to go Matt!!!
    We all have days like that, but you did not just nag nag nag,... you went through it, kept moving and came out, a winner!

    Hope you have a lovely week, and that Dennis hurries home and all will be spiffing again!

    p.s. Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions, chocolate understands...

    Warm regards, Hedwig

  23. I had to pop in after reading the article you wrote for Artful Blogger. I had such a great time reading and enjoying your pictures (that tea cozy made my heart flutter!) Sorry you were having a rough day, but I am sure all will be right in the world soon. Looking at your happy creations I know that they must bring you lots of sunshine. (Chocolate is ALWAYS a good thing!!)

  24. what a lovely post that we can all connect to..I often do a yoga shoulderstand when I am feeling a bit low as it lifts your mood right up..thanks for the book recommendation..think I will look for the Ellen book as I really like her too..hope you and dennis have a lovely weekend

  25. Sounds like you need some chilling out time Matt in prep. for Dennis return (yeah...) he seems to have been away for ages doesn't he.
    Hope you have some 'holiday time' away from work for you both to have fun..
    Tracy SC

  26. Found your blog by accident and I am hooked. Everything about it is perfect. You write so beautifully and your pictures are georgeous. One of the best blogs that I have ever seen.

  27. Dear Matt, I already left you a comment on fb, (and started writing here but it flooped away, so I start again)... but I like blogging more (it's like a diary, sort of). I -and too many others!- love the way you write, it brings a smile to my face. So besides your talent for crocheting, and now also knitting,you have a big talent for writing..... it might come in handy in the future sometimes! So I agree with all the compliments people give you here, and through it all, I wish you happiness and hope your contacts on the web will keep you from feeling lonely, till your friend Dennis is back home again!
    I don't know how I could miss out on your blog all this time, since your work is lovely and I love crocheting and crocheted things. I am now a member and I do invite you to my blog, although it's not a real crochet blog. x Annasoer